TikTok has grown to a multi-purpose platform other than a short video sharing platform. With the introduction of TikTok Business, it has entered the big games. Since everyone is creating a brand nowadays, it is good to have a free platform to promote it. However, more users mean more guidelines. TikTok pranks like ‘Old grannies’ might deliver a TikTok shadowban if you are crossing the limit. What is this old grannies TikTok prank? Let’s see!

What is Old Grannies TikTok Meme

Old grannies TikTok meme is a kind of prank on social media. People are instructed to search ‘Old Grannies’ or ‘Ancient Grannies’ on Google- the outcome doesn’t look aesthetic but is also intriguing. The trend originated back in 2020 but somehow surfaced again lately. Since the search results look bizarre, many warned others not to fall for that prank. Also, read How Long Do Short People Live TikTok Trend | Here is the Origin!

Why is Old Grannies TikTok Meme Bad?

Do you like your granny? Then don’t search for it! No one likes to watch grannies with explicit content. Some Google search results are completely normal, but still, the overall picture looks kind of sus! Even though the meme originated on TikTok, the response had spread to other social media platforms. One user on Twitter said about old grannies’ TikTok meme: I got screwed by watching this with my younger cousins.’ Also, read What Does Art of the Zoo Mean on TikTok? The Most Viral Trend To Watch

Is Old Grannies TikTok Meme Worth a Try?

It is a big ‘NO’ for me! The concept of body positivity is cool when you are 19 or 90, but it is not about the picturization here in this meme. People are offended by the sexualization and exploitation of old grannie’s grace. In short, the ‘Old grannies TikTok meme’ is an unnecessary prank, and I do not recommend it. Also, read How to Hack the TikTok Algorithm | 13 Hacks to Test TikTok Algorithm

Wrapping Up

Trends and challenges are fun until it affects personal. Old grannies TikTok meme is fun to some and cringe to others. People prank others by instructing them to search ‘Old grannies’ or ‘ancient grannies’ on web results- the results are disturbing! I have covered everything you need to know about the ‘Old grannies TikTok meme.’ Share the article with your friends who are scared to step into this prank. In the comments, let me know what you think about the ‘Old grannies TikTok prank.’ Adios!


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