I know a lot of people, including myself, who are running the RTX 3000 series, but despite already having the best GPUs in the market, there is always a need for speed and more performance. That is why in this article, we break down everything we know about the RTX 4000 series.

Nvidia RTX 4000 Series Specifications

As far as the specs are concerned, we are looking at some really impressive charts so far. Sure, everything is still based on the leaks, but they have given us enough to base our assumptions on. These are just speculations that apply to all the cards in the RTX 4000 series. Of course, each of the GPU in the series is going to bring a different set of specifications but judging by what we are looking at, things are indeed interesting. Still, we have to wait until July, later this year, to see what the whole fuss is all about and what exactly Nvidia is planning to do. After all, after nearly two years, we should be getting something of a treat, no?

Nvidia RTX 4000 Series: What I Know So Far!

I have been working in the industry for as long as I can remember, and a lot of times, people have been asking about the RTX 4000 series. However, the funny bit here is that these questions have been repeated in the past when it came to the GPUs from other series, too. So, in one way, you really cannot escape these questions. With that said, I do know that the RTX 4000 cards are posed to be much, much faster than the RTX 3000 series and, in some cases, even twice as powerful in terms of the performance. There is also information that the RTX 4070 will be faster than the RTX 3090, which will effectively mean that the RTX 4070 will be faster than the entire RTX 3000 series of GPUs, and that is impressive result, to say the least. Moving further, another thing that has been making the rounds on the internet is that the RTX 4000 series is not going to require lesser power. However, the cards will draw the same amount of power but, at the same time, will deliver better performance for the same power draw. They are also likely to use the same 12-pin connectors that Nvidia has made popular. Another thing that I know is that Nvidia is also planning to go all out as far as the performance is concerned in terms of raytracing, as the RTX 4000 series is said to feature a lot more RT and tensor cores than before, and of course, we can expect to have a better and more improved DLSS. At this point, it is safe to say that expecting the Nvidia RTX 4000 series to be an absolute powerhouse is something that one should not be overlooked; the GPUs are going to be amazing, and that is one thing that everyone knows. Related news: Nvidia RTX 4090: price, specs, date, and news

RTX 4000 Series Release Date

I am fully aware of the fact that there are a lot of people waiting for the release of the RTX 4000 series, and based on the news and information that I have heard so far, Nvidia is expected to reveal these GPUs sometime in July, later this year. Again, this can change based on the market situation. More importantly, you should also keep in mind that this could just be a soft launch with the actual availability happening later this year. Whatever the case might be, there is still enough time for people to go ahead and upgrade their PSUs or other components should they wish to go ahead with. All the GPUs are so far looking excellent, to say the least, and we cannot wait to have more information on them.

RTX 4000 Series Leaks So Far?

It is safe to assume that all eyes are on the RTX 4000 series, and for all the right reasons. Nvidia took almost 2 years to perfect the GPUs, and while the RTX 3000 series is a smashing hit, a lot of people are still looking forward to the RTX 4000 GPUs. Honestly, there have been countless leaks so far, and if you decide to piece the information together, you will come to the conclusion that there is a lot that you already know about the GPUs. Moving forward, I would highly suggest that you are looking at all the relevant only from trusted sources because going for anything other than the trusted sources is just going to put you in more confusion. Now, coming to the leaks. We can expect a lot in reality. We have heard that the new RTX 4000 GPUs will be fabricated using the TSMC’s 5nm process instead of Samsung, and if this is true, you can expect the GPUs to deliver better overall power efficiency. Speaking of the power, we can also expect the GPUs to draw more, if not the same, power as their counterparts while delivering a higher number in performance. So, if an RTX 3080 is hypothetically drawing 500 power and delivering 100% performance, we can expect the RTX 4080 to draw the same amount of power and deliver 200% performance in relativity. However, I would highly suggest that you take this with a grain of salt because this can always change during the final release. Furthermore, we do know that as far as the power connector is concerned, you might be looking at the same 12-pin power connector, and that is something that should not really come as a surprise to anyone. The connector is more than capable of delivering more and more power. However, with the release of the ATX 3.0 specification by Intel, there is a chance that the new GPUs might end up needing the 16-pin power connector. However, that is not confirmed because this news only broke out a couple of months ago, and we are not sure if GPU manufacturers and power supply manufacturers are going to follow suit. Furthermore, the rumors that I have heard so far point towards all the GPUs being really, really powerful in almost every aspect. You can expect to get some really solid power across the board, and nothing really is going to come in the way, either. However, I would highly suggest that you are not just changing your power supply yet and wait for the official specs sheet to come out. Overall, the RTX 4000 series GPUs are going to be among the best there is, and you can expect some really great performance, too.

Nvidia’s RTX 4000 Series: Pricing

I still remember the day when Nvidia announced the RTX 3000 series along with the pricing. It more or less shook the world because the GPUs were so much more affordable than the RTX 2000 series. While it is true that most of us were never able to get our hands on the GPUs at MSRP because of scalpers and a chip shortage, but the pricing was amazing, to say the least. With the RTX 4000 series, I do expect a premium to be there, but that is not for sure because there is a chance that you might end up getting something that is priced the same way. As of now, I do not have any accurate information on how the GPUs might be priced, but I would highly suggest that you are not expecting something cheap to come from Nvidia as that is very important.

RTX 4000 Series Cards Performance & Benchmarks

Moving on, this is perhaps the most important aspect about the upcoming RTX 4000 series, and I do understand that a lot of people are going to be not a fan of this but hear me out, the GPUs that you are getting your hands on will be excellent in almost every regard. After all, if you have been searching for something that is going to deliver excellent performance overall, you are looking at great GPUs, to say the least. As far as the performance and benchmarks are concerned, based on the information that I have heard, the RTX 4000 series is going to deliver exceptional performance across the board. For starters, the introductory RTX 4070 is said to be more powerful than the RTX 3090, which will make it more powerful than the rest of the GPUs in the RTX 3000 series. Again, I am going to reiterate it, but at the time of writing, it is too soon to say anything about the RTX 4000 series and how it performs, but I am keeping a close eye on it. For anyone waiting for the new GPUs to hit the market, I can already tell you that it is going to be fun as the performance numbers are excellent across the board. However, we are still not aware of what Nvidia is planning aside from the obvious release of these GPUs. Which means that it is more than safe to assume that there might be some surprises, but we will all have to wait and see.

#1 – Should I wait for RTX 4000 cards?

If you are someone who is still running an RTX 2000 or older series of GPUs, I would highly suggest waiting for the RTX 4000 GPUs because the performance you are going to get will be amazing.

#2 – Does RTX 4000 exist?

Yes, Nvidia is actively working on the RTX 4000 GPUs, and they are speculated to release some time in July, later this year.

#3 – Is the RTX 4000 series worth it?

Yes, based on the early leaks and speculations, the RTX 3000 series is definitely something that is worth the hassle.

#4 – How many cards are in the RTX 4000 series?

At launch, Nvidia is expected to launch three cards in the RTX 4000 series; you could end up getting the RTX 4070, 4080, and 4090. However, as tradition goes, you would be getting more GPUs as we move forward.

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