A brand-new controller that is a perfect match for the PS4 Dual Shock 4 and the Xbox One’s pad. Considering the price of the controller, we think its features make it totally worth.


The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is pretty simple in design and looks a lot like the traditional Xbox-style Asymmetric design for the analog positioning. The controller has four face buttons and four shoulder buttons. The Nintendo  Switch Pro Controller also comes with a “Share” button. The share button lets you save screenshots and video clips while playing. The feature is in the new Xbox Controller that came with the new Xbox Series X and S. Other than that, the Joy-Con’s home, plus and minus buttons are all present on the controller. The Share button and the Home buttons are not raised at all. Check out, How to Hard Reset iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max | Best Guide to Fix iOS Bugs A row of LEDs on the bottom of the controller indicates the number of players, the controller is currently assigned to. It feels a lot like an Xbox 360 controller, just a little less curvy in the hand. The base of the controller is a translucent print which is very attractive. Contents in the box include a USB-C. The USB-C slot for charging is on the top side of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. The best thing about the USB-C slot is that you can even charge the controller with your phone charger cable too. if you get irritated with the constant noise of those hollow plastic noises, then the new Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is just made for you. The hold of the Controller feels very solid and good material. the handles of the controller are also a little textured which makes the grip stronger too. this means no more squirming around your hands during the final laps of Mario Kart 8.


The Motion-controls helps you perform better in the games and make those clever spin move attacks more smooth when you jerk your controller sideways while playing Super Mario Odyssey. This is the best thing about the new controller, it comes with motion- control. The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller comes with the Rumble vibration effects as well as the NFC- functionality. NFC-functionality is not really an important part of games or a controller. But if you are looking for a complete-featured set of the controller, then the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is on the top of the list for you. This controller is definitely cheaper than many other super-expensive controllers in the market. There are no extra buttons at the back of the Nintendo Controller, which helps in managing the weight of the controller. this also makes the controller light-weighted and easy to handle. Also, Read How to Add Friends on Nintendo Switch | 5 Easy Ways – 2021

What is New About the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller?

This can be very evidently said that the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a refined model of the Xbox One and the Nintendo Wii U Pro. Both these Controllers were made way earlier than the recent Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. No matter if the Nintendo Controller seems to be a copy or an upgraded version of any other controller. The feeling of holding this super-soft controller is beyond its worth. The experience of playing games with such a soft grip of the textured handle is the cherry on the cake. If you believe that fun in playing games should be equal to comfort while playing, then do consider the new Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. So many good things in a single controller will make your experience of playing better. The translucent texture on the controllers is flawless and on-point. The battery life on the controller is commendable and worth the price. The controllers runs closely to 40 hours of playtime on one time charging. Even the charging process is no hassle. you get a USB-C cord with the controller or even charge it with your own mobile charger. Talking about the good things about the controller will take days and it might get a little difficult to get some bad things about the controller. Featured Image Credits: In Third Person


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