Play the best Nintendo games of 2022 every day and collect rewards as you go. Considering advent calendars are popular during the holiday season, here’s your chance to get a special gift from your favorite gaming brand–Nintendo. So let’s go ahead and find out more about the Nintendo advent calendar 2022–what it is and what you can expect. Read till the end to learn about more such upcoming events!

Nintendo Advent Calendar 2022 | Features and Price

Are you looking forward to Christmas morning so you can open your presents all at once? Now imagine waking up to a special new surprise every morning! A surprise that you can play all day, every day, for free. Sounds exciting? Well, that’s what Nintendo is gifting you this Christmas! The Nintendo Advent Calendar 2022 is priced at USD 24.99. The almost $25 price suits the 25-day event. The Advent Calendar is sent to your system straight from the purchase site. In the Nintendo Advent Calendar 2022, each day for 25 days, you receive exciting & exhilarating surprises. All you have to do is log in every day. It sounds like the perfect holiday season experience, doesn’t it? Also. read How To Get Roblox On The Nintendo Switch | Play Roblox on Switch

How to Get Nintendo Advent Calendar Free Games in 2022 | 12 Free Nintendo Games 

No Gravity Games is handing out 12 free Nintendo games for Switch in 2022 to add to the Christmas spirit this year. All Switch users that own No Gravity games can claim a new game free of cost from December 5 to December 16, every day for 12 whole days! But you need to claim the free game every day to claim the next one without breaking the chain. But if by chance you miss a day on the Nintendo Advent Calendar, you can purchase it at a discounted sale price the next day to pass for the next game. Games revealed so far include Exorder, Graviter, and Creepy Tale. Also. read Can a Nintendo Switch Lite Connect to a TV 2022 | Play Switch on TV

Upcoming Advent Calendars of 2023

If you want some more neat treats after the Nintendo Advent Calendar, Buldak Ramen has unveiled its upcoming 2022 Advent Calendar too. Although it costs a massive $825, it’s just the thing for a little extra heat this winter. Meanwhile, surprisingly, LEGO has also launched its advent calendar to build excitement before Christmas. The best part is that it costs just $31.49. It will give you cool collectibles for your display and VIP points! Also. read How to Add Friends on Nintendo Switch | 5 Easy and Simple Ways

Wrapping Up

Your Christmas season will be filled with surprises because tomorrow, with the Nintendo advent calendar, you’ll get a different surprise every day. So stay alert and keep playing, fellas!


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