Recently, the official Apex Legends website launched a new trailer announcing the arrival of its season 13, and to everyone’s surprise, they introduced a new Legends- Newcastle, playing as Bangalore’s brother. The character Jackson Williams, playing as Bangalore’s brother, who was earlier thought to be dead, has magically spawned back to life. But what’s the story behind it? What is the aim and the reason for Newcastle’s arrival? And most importantly, What powers and abilities does Newcastle have up his sleeves? Intrigued? So, let’s find out Who is Newcastle and What powers Newcastle has to offer?

Newcastle- Launch of a New Legends in Apex Legends

According to the background story of Outlands, Newcastle is Banglore’s brother, Lieutenant Jackson Williams. Inspired by a superhero and a medieval knight, Newcastle is modeled around an amalgamation of two. He wears an insignia of a castle wall that highlights 2 colors signifying his contrasting double life roles. Newcastle is an actual Aggressive Defensive Legends who is very protective of his family and friends.  From the flashbacks, we get to know that Jackson, who is now a father, has started a new life on a different planet. However, due to a change of events, a certain group known as Forgotten families is now threatening Jackson and his family to pay a certain amount of money. To pay the due amount and make his family secure, Jackson ultimately has to re-accept his role of Newcastle and join the Apex Legends world. So, Jackson, the brother of Banglore who was earlier thought to be dead, is respawning back to life in the outlands in the guise of Newcastle- a savior defensive legend! Also, read All New Apex Codes of May 2022 | Updated Apex Legends Codes

Who is Newcastle in Apex Legend | Newcastle’s Past Story

The Newcastle, who is now known by the name Lamont Craig is unlike any other character of the Apex Legends. In the first appearance, Lamont appears as a decent father who is living a peaceful life in Harris Valley. But after a quick flashback, we get to know how the circumstances made him step up as a superhero Newcastle in the peaceful town of Harriss Valley.  Leading a double life of a normal father and a legend, Newcastle was itself a secret remained to be unveiled but little did everyone know that Lamont itself has loads of secrets hidden in his past. *Flashback: Jackson Williams was a top soldier for the IMC in the great war. But soon, he realized that his side was actually the “Bad Side”. This triggered him to make a life-changing decision and move to another place, abandoning his name ‘Jackson Williams’ and his sister Anita. On moving to Harris valley, he changed his name to Lamont Craig and fell in love with a woman. After settling there, Lamont realized the need of a knight and soon disguised himself as a legendary superhero -Newcastle. Als0, read How to Appear Offline on Steam in Apex Legends? 1-Minute Solution Now, To pay his debts, he is again forced to return back to the public eyes. Jackson, aka Lamont, has decided to enter to Apex Games as Newcastle and win the prize money. But this comes of with the risk of being discovered- not only as Lamont Craig but as Jackson Williams by his little sister Bangalore.

Newcastles’ Attributes

Real Name:                Jackson Williams Disguised Name:       Lamont Craig Superhero Name:      Newcastle Age:                            40 Home World:              Gridiron Tactical Ability:          Mobile Shield Passive Ability:          Retrieve the Wounded Ultimate Ability:         Castle Wall

What are Newcastle Abilities in Apex Legends?

Newcastle, aka Jackson Williams, is a legendary knight who has set foot in the apex Games World and is unlike all the previous heroes. He is unique and different on the basis that-

Newcastle is a defensive legend acting as a Heroic Defender.Newcastle’s defense is less regarding his personal protection and more oriented towards keeping his team safe. 

Let’s take a look at all the major abilities and powers Newcastle is offering in Apex Legends-

1. Passive: Retrieve The Wounded

Newcastle in Apex Legends can use his knockdown shield to drag downed allies to safety.

2. Tactical: Mobile Shield

Newcastle of Apex Legends can throw a controllable drone shield that can be redirected once it’s deployed.

3. Ultimate: Castle Wall  

Newcastle from Apex Legends can leap and slam to a target ally or area and create a fortified stronghold that provides cover for allies. Also, read Roblox Hero’s Destiny Codes (May 2022) | Updated Roblox Code List

Who is Newcastle’s Voice Actor in Apex Legends?

Many Apex Legends fans are curious to know about the voice behind this legendary hero- Newcastle. And to satisfy these intriguing thoughts, we have finally spotted the Newcastle’s voice actor in Apex Legends.  Jackson Williams, aka Newcastle’s, will be voiced by FPS-veteran Gabe Kunda. Best known as the voice of KAY/O, Valorant’s resident war machine, Gabe has played a voice actor for many amazing shows like- Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia.

When will Newcastle be Available in Apex Legends?

Newcastle’s launch has been officially announced. Newcastle will be added to Apex Legends on 10 May 2022, simultaneous to the release of Apex legends’ season 13. 

What is the Cost to Unlock Newcastle in Apex Legends?

Newcastle in Apex Legends can be unlocked with the digital currency of-

12,000 Legend Tokens, or750 Apex Coins

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Watch the Trailer of Newcastle’s Launch- A New Legend in Apex Legends

Still curious to know more about Newcastle? Take a look at this first exclusive launch announcement of Newcastle in Apex Legends. 

Wrapping Up

Newcastle of Apex Legends has already gained so much popularity and fame even before his official launch. All Apex Legends fans are curiously waiting for this amazing superhero to set foot in the Apex Gaming world officially. While some are intrigued about Newcastles’ powers, others are impatiently waiting to know more about his story. Whatever the reason may be, we all know his launch will send a wave of excitement to the Apex world. I hope all your doubts regarding the Newcastle and his story in Apex Legends have been resolved. To know the further updates, stay connected to Path of EX. 


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