Recently, the pokemon company has announced the arrival of a new deck of cards in the upcoming TCG set, and just as we hoped, it did reveal some intriguing choices. But what is stealing the show is one of the hidden card that could be our next new Pokemon. Who is this mysterious Pokemon? Are we finally having a new Pokemon, or is this another name in the long list of Fakemons? There is so much to discover, so let’s get on with exploring this newly spotted Spiritiny- The mysterious Pokemon!

Who is the Newly Spotted Pokemon in TCG?

TCG or CCG is a new-era Pokemon card game that infuses the elements of strategic deck building and interesting trading options. Fans from all over the world have been obsessed with TCG and its super-amazing Pokemon Cards. Any new set of intriguing cards is enough to make people crazy. And this is exactly what happened 1 day ago.  The Pokemon Company has revealed a new deck of Pokemon cards that are all set to launch in the upcoming TCG set. And hidden among them, fans have spotted a new Pokemon card that has become the talk of the pokemon world. The Newly Spotted Pokemon in TCG is Spiritiny- The Wisps of SpiritBomb. Pokemon Fans have seen a glimpse of the Spiritbomb card, which has a couple of wisps floating away from its body. Fans have named this Pokemon Card as Spiritiny- the wisps of Spiritbomb Card. With the Scarlet and Violet’s release set in December, fans were not expecting the launch of any new Pokemon. But when fans started tweeting about a new possible Pokemon- Spiritiny, everyone became excited. Also, read Pokemon Go Promo Codes For May 2022 | Updated Promo Code List

Pokemon SPIRITINY- The Wisps of Spiritbomb

The newly launched TCG set contains some of the interesting Pokemons depicted in the Pokemon Legends: Arceus. But one rare card that created its own fanbase was- The Spiritomb, which has a couple of wisps floating away from its body. In this, one of the wisps is placed behind two Dark Energy orbs that look like two big googly eyes. Though this could just be an accident ( which it probably is) but fans are already loving this shapeless twisty Pokemon.  There has not been an official announcement declaring the release of new pokemon. But Pokemon fans have decided to get their hopes high while making this little figure a possible future Pokemon. And it can turn out to be true! No one actually knows.  When Serebii’s Joe Merrick tweeted the accidental picture with the possible Future Pokemon, all the fans got crazy and started retweeting and replying to the specific tweet. While everyone accepted this accidental Pokemon in their Pokemon family- they decided on the name- Spiritiny, a little wisp of Spiritbomb. This started a wildfire of comments and predictions. While some consider Spiritiny the baby energy orbs, others have declared Spiritiny as the baby form of Spiritomb, making a prediction that if enough Spiritinies are collected, they can evolve into their mythic predecessor. Also, read Best Places To Catch Pokemon In NYC In An Augmented World

Is Spiritiny Pokemon or Fakemon?

Is Spiritiny a real Pokemon or a Fakemon? This is the question everyone is asking about. To be honest, there are more chances that Spiritiny would be a Fakemon.  No matter how much we want to have this adorable Pokemon Spiritiny joining our list of Rare Pokemons, we all know there is a possibility that this image was just an oversight in the card’s design. But there is a chance that this was the subtle launch of a new mysterious Pokemon that would be further revealed at the time of new TCG launch cards. Or maybe creators, after seeing the hyped accidental Pokemon, may decide to include Spiritiny in their actual Pokemon Deck. What would happen and what are the future plans are still a mystery. No one actually knows that Spiritiny is a Pokemon or a Fakemon? Though we could hope as per our wish. Also, read Where to Find Cyndaquil (2022) | Locate Cyndaquil in Pokemon Legend: Arceus So, let’s wait and keep our fingers crossed. 

Wrapping Up

This is all the information we had on the newly spotted Pokemon Spiritiny- the Wisps of Spiritbomb. But what was the creators’ idea, and what are the developers’ future plans are yet to be revealed? So let’s wait to see what lies in the future of Spiritiny- a bright future or an oblivion doom?  Till then, stay connected to Path of EX for any more surprising updates. We will update the information as soon as there is any further confirmation.  Au Revoir!!


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