Create your Account

Create an account with your email to play the game. There are various referral codes available in the game that you can use to get free credits. You have to use a code before creating your Star Citizen account. After using the code, it is time to confirm your email address. Log in to the game to select a pledge package from the available options. For single-player lovers, the Squadron 42 pledge package is the best option, and it costs fifteen US dollars extra. When you purchase Star Citizen, you also get access to the famous Star Marine, which is a first-person shooter module. 

Controls & Game-modes

Whether you are a veteran or a new player, the first thing most players do when they login to the game for the very first time is that they change the graphics settings according to their needs. Most modern-day games can automatically detect the graphics settings of your computer and set the settings accordingly, but you have to do some extra work for crisp resolution.  Everything from settings of the joystick to face tracking and TrackIR is available in the settings section. There are some rules of the game that most players have to learn. They can start with game-advanced game controls such as pressing “F” to interact with the door or pressing “Y” to get up from the pilot chair, etc.  Pressing the “F” key for some time while looking at an object will open a new options menu where you will get more advanced options. You can try this yourself by pressing the “F” key while looking at a can, and you will see that a new menu with options to throw it, drink it, put it away, put it down, etc., appears on the screen.  “Persistent Universe” or PU is the main mode of the game, and it is a complete solar system with four different planets along with their moons and various space stations scattered across the galaxy. Star Marine and Arena commander are the quick-match modes in Star Citizen, where you can put your combat skills as well as the combat skills of your ship to a test. Pro players suggest that you should start with the PU mode and start at the New Babbage on Microtech location. Star Citizen auec are more important than you can think because they are required to purchase new ships or upgrade existing ones as well as buy new weapons. 


At the start of the game, you will be in your bed, and you can press the “Y” Key to get out of it. Get out of the building where your apartment is located and reach any nearby spaceport. At the start of the game, you don’t have any gear at all but don’t worry, as you won’t be fighting anyone.  Press the “F1” key to use the MobiGlas, which is a holographic PDA in the game, and you can control everything. Below are the most common controls of MobiGlas in Star Citizen.  Commlink With Commlink, manage text messages and voice chats, add new contacts and accept invitations all from one place.  Vehicle Loadout Manager Take control of the vehicle loadout, such as jump drives, weapons, power plants, coolers, etc.  Equipment Manager You can manage your equipment such as armor, weapons, clothing, and utility items directly from MobiGlas.  Skyline View the game map to plan routes for your next trip and add new destinations to the map effortlessly.  MO.Trader Trade aUEC with other players to get items from them in return. MobiGlas controls

Open mobiGlas home screen: F1Open starmap: F2Open contacts: F11Show/hide chat: F12

Space Flight

spawn your ship from the ASOP terminals at a spaceport to start your space adventure. It automatically shows you the location of the hanger where your ship is parked. Find the ship and go inside it. Set on the pilot’s seat and get it flight-ready by tapping the “F” key. It will take a few minutes to let the engine, shields, and other systems of the ship become functional.   To take off from a spaceport, go to the friend’s section and tap on the spaceport option. You have to do the same to land on a spaceport. There is an automatic speed limiter, and you can control it by using the scroll button on your mouse. If you don’t want to increase or decrease it manually, reach the desired speed and set the ship on cruise control. Pull up the landing gear and start your first flight in Star Citizen.  Point the nose of your ship in the upward direction to climb into space. You can’t master the whole ship flying thing in the game, so practice and practice to become better with every flight. Press mouse buttons to use guns on your ship. The ship can move in six different directions if you combine movement buttons accordingly. Making Money The next step is to make money in the game. There is a whole economy in the game, and you can make money through various options. You can mine resources and trade them in the market or Buy Star Citizen aUec from one marketplace and sell it to others at a good price. When making money, missions are the best option, and there are various missions, such as delivery missions, bounty missions, investigation missions, etc., available in the game. is a secure and reliable platform to purchase in-game currency items for a large number of popular games. 


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