It is impressive to see how the MultiVersus has developed in just six months of its official release. MultiVersus still needs work on new features, characters, and other things, though, as it is still in the open beta stage. Thanks to the game director Tony who is active on social media and gave us the update on New Characters Of MultiVersus; Gizmo, Stripe, and Black Adam. Multiversus isn’t even close to finished with its roster; it keeps growing in surprising ways. Gizmo & Stripe from the movie Gremlins and Black Adams are the latest familiar faces getting tossed into the fight in Warner Bros.’ Surprisingly MultiVersus, which is currently adding as many legendary characters as possible with weekly updates. In this article, we will discuss Gizmo, Stripe and Black Adam as the MultiVersus new characters.

New Characters Of MultiVersus -Gizmo, Stripe & Black Adam | Latest Update

Let’s learn some of the latest information regarding these new MultiVersus characters i.e, Gizmo, Stripe, and Black Adam. 

1. Gizmo


Gizmo, sometimes known as “Giz” by Billy Peltzer, is the lead character in the Gremlins film series. He is a Mogwai whom Billy keeps as his pet. He appears to be an Eternal or a Mogwai who loathes evil, as he appears to be devoid of all maliciousness. Mr Wing used to own him, but after the old man passed away, Gizmo escaped from his shop as it was being destroyed. Gizmo, who resides with Billy and Kate Peltzer in New York, is a sociable and caring character who is now a part of MultiVersus. The news of Gizmo being in the MultiVersus is officially announced by Tony the game director on Twitter. Also, read Is MultiVersus On Switch | 5 Platforms To Play For Free


Reproduction through waterTransform after eating after midnightArcheryDriving skills


StripeThe Gremlins

Type of Hero: Heroic Monster

2. Stripe


The primary enemy of the Gremlins film series is Stripe, sometimes known as Mohawk. In addition to serving as the primary antagonist in several gaming adaptations, he also appears as the secondary antagonist in Gremlins 2: The New Batch and the main antagonist in Gremlins. He is Gizmo’s eternal foe. And by no doubt, he is a perfect fit for MultiVersus.


IntelligenceUse of various weapons and guns


Wreaking havoc.Torturing Gizmo.

3. Black Adam


One could anticipate that this  Black Adam character would be added to MultiVersus around the same time the Black Adam movie was released in order to profit from the enthusiasm around the film. This news of Black Adam and Stripe being a new MultiVersus character is official and confirmed by a Tweet from the game director. Full name: Teth-Adam Also, read Is Breaking Bad Walter White in MultiVersus | New Characters In Twitch Open Beta




Magical VulnerabilityLightning

Gizmo, Stripe and Black Adam have been confirmed as New Characters Of MultiVersus. 

Wrapping Up

So this was everything you should be knowing about this new update of Characters Of MultiVersus which are Gizmo, Stripe and Black Adam. Hope you enjoyed your little read and got all your questions answered. Visit Path of EX for more latest updates of MultiVersus. Happy Gaming!


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