Tony Huynh, the game’s director, has given us some insight on what we could expect from the Season 1 MultiVersus Battle Pass and MultiVersus battle price in the days leading up to the debut of MultiVersus. We will also disclose some information about the MultiVersus battle pass price release date. The MultiVersus Open Beta launched in some aspects, but it hasn’t yet started its first season and is now selling a pre-season Battle Pass that may have less content for a more affordable price. Fans have been curious about the Battle Pass Price because the first games have never provided any information on it or its cost. So let’s find out more about MultiVersus battle pass price.

MultiVersus Battle Pass Price | Season 1

MultiVersus Battle Pass Price varies depending on different Multiversis Battle Passes. MultiVersus has two separate battle pass options, just as the bulk of other games. There are two options: a free path that every player can access and a premium version that costs money to unlock but offers extra benefits that are only available in that model. The MultiVersus Battle Pass Price for Season One would reportedly cost 950 Gleamium, according to game director Tony Huynh. Gleamium is a supplementary in-game currency that, for those who don’t know, can only be bought with real money through the online stores for PlayStation, Microsoft, and PC (Steam and Epic Games Store). Additionally, depending on your location and the packs you may now purchase, the MultiVersus Battle Pass Price for Season One will be $9.99 / £7.99. Also, read How To Get Gleamium In MultiVersus | 2 Best Ways To Get!

How Many Tiers Will Be Released In MultiVersus Battle Pass Season 1?

So now that we know the MultiVersus battle pass price, now let us see how many tiers will be released. Because 50 Tiers are anticipated to be announced for the new MultiVersus Battle Pass later this month, it will be up to players to determine if it is worth the money. The fact that things obtained from a MultiVersus Battle Pass are not exclusive should also be mentioned. This implies that at a later time, they may be made unlocked via various strategies that are free of charge. Also, read MultiVersus Tier List 2022 | Best & Worst Characters Ranked

Release Date of  MultiVersus Battle Pass

This weekend at Evo 2022, further information about the MultiVersus battle pass price is anticipated to be disclosed; however, the development team may wait until the following week to make their plans public. There has been no news on whether a fresh Battle Pass update will be published the following week, but we already know that a number of characters will be boosted and nerfed after August 6.

How Does the MultiVersus Battle Pass Work | Advantages of Battle Pass

Before deciding whether to buy MultiVersus battle pass price, you should know its uses. Players may browse all of the available daily and seasonal tasks in MultiVersus under the battle pass page. Players who complete these assignments will receive tokens that advance them toward the next battle pass tier. Additionally, as you go through both battle pass versions, if you obtain the premium battle pass, your tokens will count toward both of them. Players will receive a wide variety of gifts from the free battle pass tiers, including Character Variants like Samurai Batman. There won’t be a prize at every tier, and not all of them will be as good as the premium goods for that tier because they will jump around a lot. Only six daily tasks are available to perform each day, and they reset every 24 hours. Daily assignments can be rerolled. Seasonal objectives, also known as milestones, give more rewards for harder activities, including defeating a set number of opponents with a particular class of character. Also, read How To Play MultiVersus In Ranked Mode | Unlock Ranked Mode

Wrapping Up

So this was all you had to know about the  MultiVersus battle pass price season 1. Hope this article was useful, do share it with your friends who are in need. Stay connected with Path of EX for more updates. And of course, we will meet up again with a new query. Till then, happy gaming!


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