A person cannot possibly go through all the millions of apps available on The Play store in one go. In such a situation you might be unable to find the best apps that exist. Some apps come with an entertainment quotient, while others motivate you to remain healthy and more productive. All the apps are distinct but have their use and importance. The most popular apps for Android 2021 that we recommend you try are : With the highest customer ratings and details about the app features, pros, and Cons, our curated list will help you remain updated and will help you use only the absolute best apps in the online market.

You can welcome the year 2021 by using and trying out the most popular apps for Android available for free. These apps cater to a different field and the use of all these will help you remain updated at all times while taking care of all your digital assortment. 

1. Google Find My Device

Google Find my device app comes in handy when you lose your android device. The app is extremely easy to use and does not need a thoughtful careful interpretation. 


The app can be downloaded on any android device.You just need a Gmail ID to access it. 


In case your phone gets lost in the way, you can delete the data on your lost device.You can get geolocation of your device and track the live location of the device.You can log in to multiple devices and track all of them at the same time.The app comes with a play sound so even if your phone is on silent, you can hear it.


The app is of no use if the wifi/Cellular data and location is turned off on the phone.

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2. Spotify

Ever since the world-wide lockdown was announced, people were confined to their homes and everyone started looking for places to entertain themselves. At such a time, Spotify came to be of great help. 


The app has a collection of almost all the new and old songsYou can also listen to podcasts on Spotify.


The app lets you create a custom playlist for yourself.Spotify gives you song and podcast suggestions based on your interests and previous hearing experiences.The songs are available in the highest quality.You can switch to different playlists on the app.


The app has an extremely high frequency of ADs.A lot of new advanced features can only be accessed if you have a premium account of Spotify.

3. Instasize

With the majority of the people having an Instagram account, people are now looking for tools to make their most engaging and appealing. A lot of celebrities, influences, etc. are making use of Instasize to create their posts and stories.


Instasize is a photo editing app that offers features used by a professional.The app is extremely easy to use and does not require the user to have advanced photo editing skills. 


The app has more than 100 free filters to choose from.The app has color adjustment tools, background edit, inserting text, beauty tools, etc. to create appealing pictures on-the-go.Instasize has customized templates for Instagram, Tiktok, etc.


You need to buy a monthly or annual subscription to make use of many premium filters and features available on the app.

4. Airbnb

When traveling, Airbnb can be the biggest asset to you. Airbnb finds for you the best hotels, houses, and other accommodation options. The app catches your location and shows you multiple options and lets you choose which one works the best for you.


This app is most useful if you do not want to go for a high-charging traditional hotel.It can be used for both short-term and long-term trips.


If you shift to a new place and are looking for accommodation for several months, Airbnb connects you to your kind of accommodation.The app also offers restaurant bookings.You can use Airbnb to look for workshops near you, tours, classes, etc.


Your accommodation can have more charges than what you see on the app.There have been cases of the customers complaining of the property not being the same as shown in the pictures.

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5. CamScanner

Cam Scanner is another app that you should surely try when using an Android device. The app lets you scan your document, ID Cards, etc and helps you create it in the form of a .jpg or a Pdf. It scans your documents to the highest quality.


The app lets you sync your documents across various android devices.You can scan the document and crop it according to your requirements.


The app along with cropping also lets you increase the quality of the document scanned.For students, the app lets you write an essay and gives you the provision to proofread and edit it anywhere.


The app was detected with malware and excessive ads.Camscanner also requires you to buy a premium version, to get access to advanced features. 

While the number of apps on the Google Play Store are many, these basic everyday apps will help you remain updated. These most popular apps for Android of 2021 should be tried.


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