It did spark controversy for the gore and blood it featured to an extent nobody has ever witnessed in gaming, especially in the arcade fighting games. This helped Mortal Kombat to grow into the colossal media franchise we know today. It helped the ever-rising fighting game genre bloom into one of the most popular game genres in the 90 and helped the genre thrive throughout the 2000s and until today. The first game in the series became an instant hit despite getting a mixed reception. People started to remember the game as “the game where you can cut limbs, heads,” and from that point onward, the Mortal Kombat series was known for its extreme violence, gore, and blood and chopping different body parts. Unlike other fight games like the arcade sensation street fighter, Mortal Kombat did not feature a combination of attacks, but players will have to make their own combos after learning the specific button combinations. A perfect game for people to get into but hard to master. Mortal Kombat 11 is the latest iteration in the Mortal Kombat series developed by NetherRealm Studios. After acquiring the rights for Mortal Kombat and other assets from Midway Games, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment started to publish the series across multiple platforms. Mortal Kombat 11 is the eleventh main game in the series and the third Mortal Kombat game developed by Netherealm Studios. After release, the game has several patches and updates, bringing significant changes to the game’s formula, including updates to characters. Like other competitive games, these updates bought a notable change to the meta, which is why we have this carefully compiled tier list of Mortal Kombat 11. You will find many Mortal Kombat 11 tier lists. Several of them will have relevance up to a varying degree. NOTE: Please take note that this tier list is entirely subjective and will differ from most people’s opinions, but I am pretty sure that the majority of the people will agree with the most characters in the tier lists, except for a few exceptions. Without any further ado, let us get to the tier lists.

Mortal Kombat 11 Tier List

Be it a fighting game or a competitive game with different characters, tier lists add more spice to the game’s community, and a controversial list can even cause drama. Mortal Kombat 11 is not any different. There are tens of hundreds of tier lists that you can find on the internet related to the game. These tier lists help the players and gaming community to create a specific meta or define already existing meta to the community. Where players decide and discover high damage combos, attacks, defense, and other important characteristics by picking the strongest and viable characters that will win them online matches or even tournaments. Tier lists also help the newcomers to focus on specific characters and gain a competitive edge in their online matches, and to understand the newly created meta after a new gameplay patch in a better way. To help out the newbies and people who have freshly started the game, I present you with the Mortal Kombat tier list. I have put a lot of time into researching the internet and professional players’ opinions about characters to compile this list.

Mortal Kombat 11 (MK11) Tier List: How We Ranked The Fighters

The list is categorized into five different tiers; S – tier being the best and the highest in the tiers, then A – tier, B – tier, C – tier, and the D – tier. There is no F-tier or worse for this list because there is not a single character belong to that tier. After putting a specific amount of time and practice into any character, I believe even the D-tier can climb up to the C-tier list. The game is fresh than its competitors, and people are still exploring ways to bring flexibility to characters that can easily change a tier of characters if put enough practice and time researching the combinations, not to mention patches and updates that can make a less played character climb to B-tier. The list contains every playable fighter, even the recently released fighters like Rambo, Rain, and Mileena. It is also up-to-date with the recently released MK11 Ultimate balance update, which bought several gameplay updates, including changes to characters’ abilities, health, and frame changes. Gamers with enough dedication and practice can surprise the majority of the community with a lowly ranked character in most tier lists, it is possible. With that in mind, here are the details of the tiers that I have categorized the entire Mortal Kombat 11 roster: NOTE: In the list, I have referred to some characters in Mortal Kombat 11 as fighters. S – Tier: S-Tier is the highest tier in the list. Some lists even contain the “+” and “–” along with the tier due to the list of characters being too huge to contain in a single S-tier category. Any general tier list that you will find on the internet starts with S – tier where the S refers to “Superb” or “Special” or even “Super”. The word may change from person to person or website to website, but the meaning does not. Like other tier lists, the S – tier in our list refers to the best characters available in the game that you can use to annihilate your opponents in an online match or even a tournament. A – Tier: A – Tier is the second most powerful tier, right below S – Tier, the boundary line between two tiers is not defined particularly. The fighters in this list are fairly popular and one of the most picked heroes in official Mortal Kombat 11 tournaments. These fighters have a fair amount of abilities for closing the gap between both fighters, which can turn the tides of a match and can catch your enemies off guard. B – Tier: B – Tier category is for characters that have a moderate amount of damage and can be pretty decent but requires a decent knowledge of these characters. The count of fighters that falls in this category is the highest. These fighters will provide a decent shot at winning in a match against your opponents if you know what you are doing and knows deadly combos. C – Tier: C – Tier is for fighters that are decent but requires a lot of knowledge about the game mechanics and specific fights that you would like to play to achieve desirable results. Such fighters require skill, perfect combo execution to achieve victory. Fighters in C – Tier list often have more disadvantages than advantages in most matchups, but with perfect executions, users can overcome these disadvantages and be victorious in their matches, be it online or in a tournament. D – Tier: Characters in the D – Tier list is the most hardest and frustrating to play. These fighters are the least picked in matches due to their underwhelming strength. There are times when one or more characters rapidly climb lower tier to higher tier. This happens when someone suddenly finds a deadly combo either by accident or by sheer practice. The fighters in the D – tier list have the potential to become viable in matches due to the least time invested in such characters, and there might be combos that can change the tide of battles. NOTE: The fighters in each category are not ranked by numbers. Moreover, I will later explain what zoner, rushdown/mobile, and rushdown terminologies mean in the later section of this article.

Mortal Kombat 11 S–Tier

After the MK11 Ultimate update, several heroes were tweaked; some received nerfs, and some fighters got buffed. Below is the list of fighters out of the thirty-seven playable fighters, which I believe to be in the S–tier category after the MK11 Ultimate update. Liu Kang Liu Kang is considered as one of the “top 3” characters in the game. He has several moves that can leave Liu Kang’s opponents guessing his next moves, which can open several options for offense. He has one of the best zoning moves in the game, with other decent stats like mobility and grappling. He has not the best range compared to other fighters in S and A–tier fighters, but that can be compensated by his sufficient projectiles. One of the reasons he is considered to be strong is because of his staggers, which are nearly impossible to react to, which leads to guessing. Erron Black Some people believe Erron Black is to be in the top 10 list due to his high damage output. He is not one of the mobile fighters in the game but has other balanced stats that negate his low mobility weakness. Some people will argue that Error Black does not deserve to be in the S – tier, but I believe he is a really decent fighter. Sure he is hard to master, but when executed properly, he will give you the desired results. One of his strengths is his ability to poke his opponents. Due to his low range, his string attacks are best performed at closer range, like At The Door and Keep’em Honest. Cetrion Cetrion is inarguably one of the strongest fighters in the game. Out of the most lists that I have seen, almost every list puts Cetrion at the top, and it is due to good reasons. She has one of the best Zoning and mobile/rushdown character in the game. Some people believe that Cetrion does not have a single, bad match-up in the game. When a player puts enough effort into the fighter, she can be a serious threat to face against. Combining her high mobility, zoning, and range skills, it is nearly impossible to predict her next move. Some people even rate her as the best zoner in the game. Cassie Cage Cassie Cage is one of the best characters in Mortal Kombat that is S–tier because of her decent, well-rounded stats. She offers excellent mobility and has one of the best ranges in the game. She has a decent arsenal of zoning tools, that when combined with her fast advancing attacks, can prove to be deadly. If mastered correctly, she can control the space between her opponents and zone out her enemies in no time using her gunshots and drone projectiles. Her staggers are very strong and can whiff punish every move, which makes the fighter very popular and high on the list. Jacqui Briggs Jacqui Briggs is the last character in the S–tier list and undoubtedly “top 3” fighters due to her hard-hitting rushdown fighters that can pressure her opponents vigorously. Not only she has extremely high mobility, but her range is also amazing and has high damage output. She offers high offense that can lead to high damage, including unbreakable damage as well. She also has great staggers. Due to her range and mobility, she can throw highly fast mids, which are harder to see and evade. This becomes worse if you are in an online lobby where factors like ping can delay the opponent’s moves. She offers 9 frames mid, and in Mortal Kombat 11, 9 frame mids are pretty damn strong. She has several follow-ups using her unbreakable attacks that can deal massive damage.

Mortal Kombat 11 A–Tier

Now that we are done with filtering the best of the best fighters in the game, it is time to discuss the A–tier list. Below are the characters I believe that belong to this category: Rain Rain is one of the most recent fighters that made their debut in Mortal Kombat 11’s “Kombat Pack 2” update. He is a rushdown character and is hands down one of the fastest characters in the game; some might even consider him to be the fastest. He features fast normals that can be followed by different attacks to create good pressure. He has an acceptable range but is the most effective at close-range attacks. His abilities can also be put to zone out enemies but again at a close range. One of the best characteristics of Rain is his ability to grab at unreactable speeds, which are so hard to see, making his grab attacks almost unbreakable, making him scary at close-ranged combat. Geras Geras is a character that used to be so good that many people put him in the S – tier category, but after some nerfs to his abilities, he is still a hard-hitting fighter in the Mortal Kombat roster. He is one of the best grapplers in the game with high zoning ability and decent mobility. His grapples are pretty hard to avoid and his “Krushing Blows” deals extremely high damage. He combines several attacks with his quick movement, decent pokes, jump attacks, and much more to generate scary mix-ups at a close range. Sonya Sonya is another extremely popular fighter and one of the best characters in the game when it was released. She has received some nerfs in the past, which pushed her down from being “one of the best” to the “decent/good” category. She is one of the highest damage dealers in the games, which are deadly when they get closer to their opponents. She can also keep her enemies at a distance from her due to her zoning abilities, making her a flexible character. Some of her attacks are really hard to avoid, which can be abused to launch combos on her opponents often. Shang Tsung Shang Tsung is a zoning fighter and is one of the best at it in the entire game. He has a lot of mids, which are crucial for the game and are extremely fast. He is great at controlling the distance between himself and his opponents due to his zoning abilities and high range. One of the best things about Shang Tsung is the unique abilities that can cause his enemies to think twice to get closer to him, like his ability to transform into his enemies for a shorter period. He also offers great combo potential, making him a character easier to master. During the period, he can gain the entire move set of his enemy, which is extremely deadly but requires the knowledge about every character in the game to utilize him to his maximum potential. Scorpion Scorpion is one of the most memorable and iconic characters in the Mortal Kombal universe. In MK11, he is pretty mobile and can close the distance between his opponents rapidly, which can open up the combo potential that can deal decent chunks of damage to your opponent’s health bar. He is also new player friendly and can be mastered easily, but it does not make him any less than A–tier. He has an impressive range and is a deadly combination with his quick movement. He can teleport at any moment, which can ruin his opponent’s combo attacks. Johnny Cage Jhonny Cage is a rushdown character, with one of the best overall statistics of any character. Cage offers decent range, which is his biggest advantage over other fighters, and when combined with his mobility and zoning abilities, he undoubtedly belongs to A–tier, and a great player can push him to even a higher tier than A. He excels at throwing long ranged normals and is equally deadly at closer range. That makes him a very fighter that can put a decent amount of pressure. He has good projectiles that buff his zoning stats. Jade Jade is another decent character, which due to her range that can put a lot of pressure on her enemies, opening a lot of options. She has a lot of long-ranged attacks, some of which have the longest-reaching attacks in the game. Due to her amazing range, she is a great counter to characters that would like to stay in the air for their attacks. She also launches tracking projectiles that are almost impossible to dodge and require great skills to avoid. Her weakness is her low damage, but her other strengths almost nullify her weakness, making her a fun character to play. She also causes her enemies to come to her and negates the zoning attacks of most characters. Joker Joker is a mind-blowing character with highly impressive all-rounded stats. He has one of the highest ranged attacks in the game, possibly due to his theme. He made his debut in the fighting game for the first time with the release of “Kombat Pack 1”. The reason why Joker is so strong is that he has no weaknesses, except for his some of his slow projectiles. He has an arsenal of ranged and normal attacks that can be used to cause fun combos. He also has decent zoning tools up his sleeves, which can be combined with his tricks to lock down his opponents and deal massive damage. Skarlet Scarlet is a great fighter, known for her absurd ranged and zoning attacks. She is also a natural heavy fighter. She is a natural counter to fighters that are best at closer range. One of the issues with Skarlet is her low damage output and slow normals that can be countered easily, due to which some people do not place her in higher tiers. Her extremely high zoning attacks keeping her opponents at bay, making her a decent character overall. She can regenerate her health after certain attacks, which cannot be only prevented if the opponents will block such attacks. Sub-Zero Sub-Zero is another fantastic character capable of dealing massive amounts of damage. He is a rushdown fighter who is great with movement and some of the best attacks in the game like, his reversal, arguably the best in the game. If you are looking to climb ranks in the game, Sub-Zero will not let you down because of his ease of execution. Except for his grappling attacks, he has decent all-rounded stats, which makes him a strong, viable fighter for online and tournament matches.

Mortal Kombat 11 B – Tier

The B – tier list contains fighters that are generally considered good between the Mortal Kombal community, professional players, and game reviewers. These characters are almost as good as in the above tiers, but they have few weaknesses which place them in a lower tier. Here is the list of characters that I believe belong to the B – tier category. Noob Saibot Noob Saibot is another potentially great character with amazing attacks and zoning skills, as of his current status, sadly, he is not any higher than B–tier, but if executed perfectly, due to his damage, he can make his way up to the A–tier with ease. He is a zoning fighter that uses his shadow to control the space between him and his opponent. He has one of the highest damage in the game and can be deadly at a closer range. He has a 9 frame mid-attack, one of the best moves in the game. His biggest weakness is his slow movement speed which can be countered by high mobility heroes. His low mobility makes him a bad matchup against high mobility characters like Cetrion. Kabal Kabal is one of the underrated characters in the game, mostly because of his slow movement speed, but he has some amazing decent stats like range and mobility. He has long-reaching normals, which are fast, not to mention. He is one of the best-punishing characters in the game due to his strong “Krushing Blows,” which can put his opponents in a world of hurt if they throw their attacks carelessly at Kabal. What makes him pretty strong is his ability to stay safe after almost every attack he makes. He can also launch his enemies into combos if they are not fast enough. Fujin Fujin is one the hardest fighters to play in the game, and he is nowhere a new player-friendly character, and even skilled players have a hard time executing his combos with pinpoint accuracy. He is more of an advanced fighter. He can easily climb up to A or even S – tier if played accurately. He features normals with a decent reach that keeps his opponents at bay. He can easily catch his enemies off-guard from anywhere on the screen, restraining his enemy’s movements against him. He is more of a flexible character that has strong mobility with fast aerial and ground movements. Due to his complex nature, I have placed him in B – tier. Sindel Sindel is also a potentially great character to master due to her ability for mix-ups and super quick mobility. She has an epic range of her attacks that she can hit her enemies with. Her ability to performs attacks from a range allows strong mix-ups. Her staggers are also nice. She also has decent cancels that can easily put the enemy into thinking about her next moves, opening room for mix-ups. She has one of the best “Krushing Blows” in the game. She takes a hit on her slowpokes and normals. Other than that, she is a great character. Sheeva Sheeva is an okay character, nothing too special. She has excellent zoning and grappling abilities, one of the highest-rated in the game. She has rushdown nature and has fast normals. Her movement speed is also quick. One of her weaknesses is her range. Her short-ranged attacks take a tool at her placing in the tier lists. Her mix-ups are pretty bonkers, but she needs to be at her foes’ face to be able to perform mix-ups and damage-dealing combos. If played carelessly, she can be punished hard for her mistakes. Rambo Rambo is one of the hyped characters that were released in MK11. He is an all-rounder with pretty mediocre stats except for his ability to grapple his opponents. His damage is not to joke about. He is capable of dealing with high damage. His offensive power is generally high, but for some reason, his punishes are rather underwhelming. He is also one of the characters the need to be in their opponent’s face to deal damage. He has impressive anti-zoning tools and has the potential of creating some nice damage-dealing mix-ups. His normals are nothing special, and due to their short range, his normals are probably one of the worst in the game. Nightwolf Nightwolf is an impressive and a great fighter. His nature is rushdown and can deal lots of damage by his strong normals. His normals are not only fast, but he can also throw them at a decent range. His duck attacks are great, which if not dodged or avoided, he stuns and launches his opponents into deadly combos. He also has one of the fastest and best projectiles in the game. The projectile is a mid, meaning it cannot be avoided by ducking. The projectile can be held and canceled, which can cause his opponents into an unwanted position. RoboCop RoboCop is another hype character, released in the “Aftermath Expansion”. He is a zoning fighter with pretty slow movement speed. His zoning is extremely good, one of the best unarguably. He hits hard with these projectile attacks, and his grapples are also laud-worthy. His combo starters are not the best but are mediocre to weak. When in closed range, he hits with pretty fast normals that are pretty hard to avoid or dodge. But these normals will only work at short range, which makes it his weakness. Spawn Spawn is an antihero who appeared in comics of the same name. He is one of the few characters to make an appearance in a video game that is not from Marvel or DC. He has great range attacks and has several mid-range attacks. His normals can reach his opponents from a distance. He is a character that is best played from a distance; he is not suitable for closed ranged combat. His damage is insane, easily in the top 10 or even top 5. One of his combos deals extreme amounts of damage and is easy to execute. Not many fighters offer this luxury. Due to the nature and range of his normals, he can put strong pressure on his opponents and opens a chance for mix-ups. Though, he is easy to punish on whiff attacks. Terminator Despite his old age, The Terminator is a rushdown character (sorry, I know it was a bad joke) with a strong overhead attack, and he is probably one of the best at 50/50 attacks. He also offers a solid mid, which can be used as a start, but the range is small. As one of the best grapplers, making him a real threat at close range. He has a lot of attacks that can open up his enemies into combos, mix-ups, and the damage will not be liked by his opponents. Terminator normals are very fast, making him good at poking. Other than that, he is pretty unsafe and has many openings that can be punished by decent players. He also has weak zoning attacks. Baraka Baraka is the last character in our B-tier list and can deal so much damage, which is on par or even better than the majority of the fighters in the list. He suffers from one big problem, which is his slow movement and short-ranged. Except for his movement, Baraka is a pretty solid, viable fighter popular for his high damage, quick and fast normal, that is hard to react to. He also has a decent range on normals. He has a super quick sweep attack and also has a fast-paced projectile that allows him to take control of space between his enemies.

Mortal Kombat 11 C – Tier

Now we have finished discussing the B – tier list, it is time to separate the characters which are good, but their weaknesses take a hit on their ranking in the tier lists. Below are some of the characters which if executed with extremely high accuracy, can even best fighters from the tier above: Kung Lao Kung Lao is a well, all-rounded fighter in Mortal Kombat 11 with some serious damage dealing moves and combos. The beauty of Kung Lao is his ability to switch between offensive and defensive stances. He is one of the difficult characters to master. His hat is one of his best moves. When switched to offensive, he can create high pressure and can inflict havoc on his opponent’s health in no time. He has fast normals but can be useless due to their short range. Overall a decent fighter who can bear fruit if put enough time, practice. Kitana Kitana was one of the decent characters in the game when it was launched. She got nerfed in the future updates, which eventually dropped her to this category. She can throw normals from a great distance, but the damage is quite underwhelming. Any fighter that cannot make up for its bad damage will be ignored by the community and pros, thus dropping them at the bottom of the tier list, such as the case of Kitana. She has unarguably decent zoning, and the whiff punishes are strong. The issue with Kitana is her strings. The players will have to complete a full string of attacks, which, if evaded, can punish Kitana hard. She also has a decent air launcher that can open her opponents into combos. Jax Jax, like his appearance suggests, is a rundown type of fighter that would prefer to pummel his opponents. His close-range combat is strong and can be used to cause pressure and force his enemies into mix-ups and high damage combos. His mobility is also pretty decent for a C – tier character. His ability to punish is not something to look forward to. He leaves wide open after performing a “Flawless Blockable” action. With that exception, he has decent damage, good throws, and his “Krushing Blows” are pretty strong. He can also throw fast normals, and his normal attack is 9 frames, which is bonkers. His staggers are also considered to be one of the best in the game. Frost Frost is one of the ranged preferring fighters with decent neutrals. Her projectiles and long-reach normals are one of the liked attacks in the game. She can attack with multiple ice attacks irrespective of the range. However, the speeds of these projectiles are slow. This is why she is best played at a medium-ranged distance. She offers one of the best solutions to anti-air attacks with a poke which lowers her hitbox that she uses to full advantage to counter airborne enemies. She has an opening after performing the “Flawless Blockable” actions. Raiden There are several characters in Mortal Kombat that uses their high mobility to close or put some distance between their opponents. Raiden is one of such fighters and prefers to have a mid-range distance between him and his foes. He has excellent range and probably one of the most mobile characters in the MK11 roster. He can confuse his enemies by using zoning attacks which makes him a decent fighter for creating mix-ups, especially at closer range. Interestingly, Raiden started as a weak character, but now he is buffed and is strong if executed exceptionally. He is still unsafe while performing certain attacks, which can lead him into destructible combos, one of the few reasons he still at lower tiers. Mileena Mileena has recently got a spot in the Mortal Kombat 11 roster. She was released alongside Rain and Rambo in the “Kombat Pack 1” update. She is a well-rounded fighter with crazy good mix-up opportunities. She is one of the best at the neutral game. She is a good zoner, along with her quick mobility and grappling attacks. She is currently being discovered by several players in the MK community and by professional players. She still has a lot of issues in terms of special canceling. She also suffers from short-ranged normals, which is one of the core mechanics of the game. On the bright side, she offers great zoning tools and is good at countering her opponent’s good with zoning.

Mortal Kombat 11 D–Tier

The fighters in the D–tier lists are not necessarily good and need improvement in future updates. We might see fighters in this category move up in the tier list after a decent balance update, which will make them viable. Here is the list of character which I believe, belong to the D–tier: Kollector Kollector is a decently rounded character with mediocre statistics. He can deal impressive amounts of damage due to his decent ranged attacks. He can throw long-ranged normal and a strong close-up game. He has amazing staggering attacks when he is up close. He can put good pressure on his opponents, which can create an opportunity for mix-ups. He can nullify zoning enemies using this teleport or bola, but due to his slow moment and pokes, he is okay at best. Kano Kano is another potentially high-tier character that can deal huge chunks of damage to his opponents with his offensive power and pressure. He features several lows that can open to powerful mixups. His closeup game is very scary and one of the scariest characters to play against if he comes to his opponent’s face. The reason he is placed in such a low tier is due to his slow normal, and his attacks are unsafe to use during the fight, which can be punished if his opponent is experienced with the matchup. D’Vorah D’Vorah is another ridiculously ranged character with one of the highest ranged attacks in the game, which makes it one of her biggest strengths. She is also capable of putting her opponents in disadvantageous positions. She can create decent setups and has a projectile attack which can be used during the battle to create tricky setups while being offensive at the same time. She is also a great anti-air character. She has one of the best anti-airs in the game. She can counter the majority of the aerial attacks with her “Krushing Blow”. She takes a toll at her slow normal and pokes and is not a great punisher. Shao Kahn Shao Kahn is a lethal fighter, one of the first bosses in the Mortal Kombat series. Shao Kahn features decent ranged attacks and can launch his opponents into high damaging combos. He also hits long-ranged normal, and despite his huge body, he is fast. He has “Flawless Blockable” gaps everywhere around the screen, which makes him one of the worst in the game right now. He has also great anti-airs in the game and can punish such characters hard. Kotal Kahn Kotal Kahn is the last fighter to rank, at the time of writing, on our tier list. He is not a bad character, but he is still weaker than fighters that are in the tiers above him. He is a swift fighter that can move in and out of his enemy’s attack range with ease. His damage is nuts and, when combined with his long-ranged normals, which are again one of the best in the game. He has a great mix-up potential and can adjust his combos during the fight, so it is pretty hard to avoid his combos. He can summon totems to buff his attacks but is a slow summon, which is punishable. His “Krushin Blows“ are also pretty weak.

Best Zoning Characters In Mortal Kombat 11

Earlier in the article, before starting our tier list, I have mentioned that I will be discussing the terms “zoning”, “rushdown” and “grappler” in the later section of the article. The term zoning in fighting games refers to tactics to keep the opponents at a distance using long-range attacks, projectiles, and other means of gameplay. In Mortal Kombat, several attacks can be used to control the space between the two characters called zoning. Some fighters are good at zoning, some are better at counter zoning, while some are just mediocre at zoning. This varies on the character’s ability to throw projectiles and long-range attacks. In Mortal Kombat 11, the fighters mostly use their projectiles to zone their opponents, and like any tier list, we can create a tier of zoning characters in Mortal Kombat 11. I will divide these sections into three parts; best zoners, best anti-zoners, and bad zoners. Let us get started: Best Zoners in Mortal Kombat 11 Out of the thirty-seven playable fighters in the game, only a handful of fighters are considered good zoners due to their ability to deal damage from a distance and several projectiles up their arsenals. Below are some of the best zoners in the game:

Cetrion Shang Tsung Cassie Cage Kitana Liu Kang Jax Briggs Fujin Frost Joker Skarlet Robocop Kabal Jade Noob Saibot

Worst zoners in the game Below is the list of characters that are zoners and have zoning abilities but are not the best at it:

Geras Jacqui Briggs Erron Black Shao Kahn Scorpion Sindel Sub Zero

Best Counterzoners in the game Below is the list of fighters that counters fighters having strong zoning skills:

Scorpion Nightwolf Noob Siabot Raiden Sub Zero Liu Kang Jade Erron Black Rambo Mileena

Best Rushdown Characters In Mortal Kombat 11

The term Rushdown refers to such characters in fighting games that have great offensive power and has super-fast attacks that leave no room for the defense. Such characters are pretty lethal at closer range and often force their opponents to come to them. Often they do not have huge damage attacks, but their ability to throw several attacks in a combo makes them equally lethal. Like other specific characters of each character, several fighters are good rushdown characters, while some are just mediocre or poor at the role. These rushdown characters have often time’s high mobility and decent movement speed that helps them in closing the distance between their opponents. Due to these reasons, some characters are even better at zoning as well as rushdown characteristics. Such characters would rush down to close the gap between their opponents to deal damage and are extremely lethal at closer range. They are best countered by maintaining a distance from their attacks and looking out for their projectiles, which is easier said than done. Here is the list of fighters who I believe to be the best rushdown characters currently in the game:

Liu Kang Jacqui Briggs Sonya Geras Scorpion Jax Briggs Kung Lao Nightwolf Johnny Cage Baraka Erron Black Sheeva Rambo The Terminator Rain

Best Grappler Characters In Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat is known for its violence, and most of the violence is shown by grappling attacks. The term Grappler refers to such individuals which use grab and throw attacks to deal damage to their opponent. These characters are usually slow and are huge. They also have decent to strong defense and are usually hard to deal damage to, but are balanced by their slow mobility and movement speeds which offer characters with high mobility to catch them by surprise. If the grapplers are quick to move around the stage, they will have some sort of weakness to balance the characters. For example, in Geras’s case, he is one of the best grapplers in the game and has decent movement speed. He has short ranged normals and has to be closer to his opponents to deal damage. In such cases, a decent zoning character will keep him at bay. Below is the list of characters who I think are the best grapplers in the game:

Geras Sheeva Jax Briggs Kano Kabal Kotal Kahn

Mortal Kombat 11 gameplay mostly favors high damage dealers and fighters that have several projectile attacks. Most characters will either be good at the rushdown style, while some would like to maintain their distance from the opponents. Every character does have grapple attacks, but there are not grapple-specific characters except for one or two. More guides:

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Mortal Kombat 11 is a perfect package offering a complex yet insanely fun gameplay. Mortal Kombat 11 did not follow the similar route of having specific combos to master the characters, but it is more of a “make your own combo” game, given that the players will have extensive knowledge about the game and characters included. The game borrowed the formula of making it an excellent fighting game from its predecessor and took the game to a next level. It has an impressive set of roster compared to the previous game and featured guest characters from action movies and other games. The game suffers from one big issue is the amount of grinding required to unlock the customizability, which is highly frustrating and gimmicky, locked behind the doors of Krypt and Towers of Time. Mortal Kombat 11 proved that is more of a fighting game than a gore-themed, button-mashing combat.

#1 – Who’s the best character in Mortal Kombat 11?

It is hard to tell which fighter is the best in Mortal Kombat 11. Several characters are considered the best in the game. The best character nominee may change from person to person. If I were to select the best character from the MK11 roster, it would be Jacqui Briggs. The reason is because of her high damage and is safe on almost every attack she throws at her opponents.

#2 – Is Jade good in Mk 11?

Jade is a pretty high-tier character. Some people put her in the S–tier while some say she belongs to the A–tier, overall speaking. She has many attacks, including long-range attacks that can put a great amount of pressure on her opponents. She also offers crazy staggers. She is a pretty solid character with little to no openings.

#3 – Who is the easiest character to play in MK11?

Mortal Kombat 11 is a complex game that requires a lot of practice and decent knowledge about every character to be good at the game. Some characters are not only good at the game but are also easier to learn and master. One of the easiest characters to play and master is Scorpion. He is a noob-friendly character that can deal crazy amounts of damage.

#4 – Is Rambo good in MK11?

Rambo is a decent fighter in the MK11 roster. He is a well-rounded fighter with impressive offensive power and his ability to open his enemies into good mix-ups. He is also great against character good at zoning. He also has several tools to evade his enemy’s attacks.

#5 – Who is stronger Sub-Zero or Scorpion?

It varies from person to person’s opinions. Some think Sub-Zero is better than Scorpion, while some think Scorpion is better than Sub-Zero. Sonicfox, who is one of the best Mortal Kombat 11 players in the world, think Sub-Zero is better than Scorpion, and I no reason to argue.

#6 – Who is the strongest character in MK?

Cetrion is believed to be the strongest character in Mortal Kombat 11 due to her crazy ranged attacks and zoning abilities. Not to mention she is safe in most of her attacks. She can also put high pressure on her opponents. She also has one of the best-ranged normals in the game.

#7 – Is Arnold Schwarzenegger in Mortal Kombat?

Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger is in Mortal Kombat 11, he plays the role of The Terminator, T-800. He is an unstoppable cyborg that is designed to lay waste to his enemies in the game. This is obvious by his highly offensive power and ability to create mix-ups.

#8 – Who does the most damage in MK11?

Scorpion can deal a hefty amount of damage in game one of his combos vanishes over 50% damage of his opponent’s health bar in a single combo. Other than combos, Spawn is known for his crazy damage. He is, inarguable, one of the highest damage dealers in the game.

#9 – Why is Erron Black so good?

Erron Black is one of the most popular, picked, and flexible characters in the MK roster. He has a strong counter-zoning presence and also a great neutral game. He also has fast normals, which help in controlling the battle to his liking. One of is launch combos can deal up to 40% damage to the health bar.

#10 – Who is the best DLC character in MK11?

The Joker is unarguably one of the best DLC characters, released in the “Kombat Pack 1” update. He has no vulnerability and has an excellent zoning game that can trick people into his traps which are straight-up lethal. He also has long-reaching normal and a plethora of projectile attacks. He also has one of the best traps in the game, which, if not blocked after getting up, guarantees a hit.

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