The AI used in Midjourney is the latest one, where you get an art accurate to the command you have given. You can even use commands like realistic or detailed adjectives to help the AI work better. And there are so many cool Midjourney commands to choose from! So, let’s read the article and learn everything about Midjourney Subscription and Pricing and how you can use it. Don’t forget to comment about your experience with Midjourney!

Is Midjourney Free?

You can use Midjourney AI for free only for the first 25 prompts and for queries like variations and upscale. Remember that a variation or an upscale is also considered as one prompt.

Midjourney Subscription And Pricing

There are three different Midjourney Subscription and Pricing plans available, ranging from 10 to 50 USD per month. You have the option to join the Mijourney bot from the Midjourney discord server. After using its free prompts, you must buy a subscription to continue using the AI. When you use 25 prompts, you get a message to buy the subscription. After that, you may visit your discord account and buy the subscription for Midjourney. Also read, What Are Discord Commands & How to Use Them | All Dyno Bot Commands

Subscriptions and Pricing | All Midjourney Plans

Below is the table with all the Midjourney Subscription and Pricing details you need to know. Basic membership is USD 10 per month, and in this, you can use 200 images per month and access the member gallery. After the limit exceeds, you have incremental billings. And lastly, you also get the general commercial terms. You get a standard membership of 30 USD each month. With this subscription, you get unlimited personal use and general commercial terms and can access the member gallery.

How to Purchase a midjourney Plan?

When you wish to purchase a Midjourney plan, follow the steps below. Also read, How to Hide Channels in Discord | Text, Voice, Mute Channels

How to Cancel Midjourney Subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime, but it would be most effective at the end of the billing cycle. You can even change your subscriptions anytime, and they are effective immediately. Only corporate plans can not be downgraded. Steps to Cancel Midjourney Subscription: OR If you couldn’t see the option to cancel your Midjourney Subscription, follow the steps below:

Wrapping Up

Midjourney introduces many new subscription plans which help you to change or cancel them anytime you like. Hence, you get a lot of facilities while using the bot. I hope all the Midjourney Subscription and Pricing information helped you understand more about this excellent AI. For more information on Midjourney, visit our website, Path of EX.


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