Mini ITX allows for motherboards with only 1331 or 1536 sockets. Micro ATX boards give users more expansion room by allowing the use of up to six expansion slots alongside their standard ATX motherboards. ITX (ITX) systems are the smallest system boards, the most common size is 8x8cm. This is usually installed in normal office PC cases or 5.25″ drive bay cases typically used for server systems. However, Micro ATX and Mini ITX have both been appearing on the market as well. In this article, I will explain exactly what Micro ATX vs Mini ITX is and how it works for your PC. Check out the difference between the  Micro ATX and Mini ITX so you can choose better for you.

Micro ATX vs Mini ITX 

Are Micro ATX and Mini ITX the same thing? Or are they two different items on a scale of what is considered to be an ATX case? The answer to both questions is no. As with many other variations in PC cases, both Micro ATX and Mini ITX can be used interchangeably.  Some manufacturers even went so far as to design these cases so that they can be compatible with both types of motherboards. That being said, there are differences between them both. To understand the real comparison of both motherboards I have explained the pros and cons of both motherboards so you can choose better for you. Also, read RAM vs SSD What is the Difference | Upgrade Your PC Now (Updated 2022)

What are the Pros and Cons of Each Form-Factor?

If you are considering buying an ATX motherboard and case, you may think, Why would I want anything else? Does bigger mean better?  And, the answer is each and every motherboard has its own time and place, and especially both motherboards have form factors which I have mentioned below.  I have created one pros and cons comparison table of Micro ATX and Mini ITX. So, you can decide which motherboard is better for you. You can clear all your doubts related to ATX vs Micro ATX. Also, read 7 Best 120mm AIO Liquid CPU Coolers in 2022 | Use New 120mm AIO Now

1. You Want to Build a Budget-Friendly Gaming PC

It’s important that your gaming PC performs well, even if it’s on a budget. The most cost-effective way to achieve this is by building a Micro ATX or Mini ITX gaming PC. That is why it is important to know about Mini ITX vs Micro ATX. Micro ATX and Mini ITX are the two main types of motherboards for small form factor (SFF) PCs. SFF PCs are designed to be small enough to fit in a case with a volume of less than 0.6 cubic feet, which means that they can’t support larger than standard ATX motherboard dimensions. You’ll find that Micro ATX is the preferred type of motherboard for building budget-friendly gaming PCs because it’s smaller and has fewer ports than standard ATX motherboards. It also costs less because there is less demand for it, which means that you can get more for your money when buying one. Also, read 7 Best 240mm AIO CPU Coolers in 2022 | Cheapest Rates Available

2. You Want to Build a High-end Gaming PC

When we build a gaming PC, we need to keep it at a certain size. We don’t want to spend too much on our graphics card and CPU just so that the rest of the build is within manageable proportions.  We also have other priorities that have to be taken into consideration such as costs, performance, and storage for example. So I have explained some differences between Micro ATX and Mini ITX. All the standard motherboards have fewer features than high-end motherboards but still many times we get forced to choose the standard motherboards. Also, read 7 Best FPS Counter Apps for Windows in 2022

3. You Want to Build a Small Form-Factor PC

If you are planning to build a PC with smaller components and minimal designs then  Micro ATX and Mini ITX motherboards are the perfect options.  And, of course, if you want the most minor design then Mini ITX motherboards are a perfect choice. Smaller PCs are usually intended for gamers who need a portable system (for LAN parties,) or for HTPC users.

Choose the Right Motherboard for You

Hopefully,  this guide on motherboards has helped you to decide best for you. Go through once from all the factors of Micro ATX and Mini ITX so that you can choose your motherboard according to your PC needs. Both the motherboards perform so well but if you still want more details, then you can check out our motherboard pros and cons guide above. Also, read Acer vs ASUS Laptops | Which is Better ( Updated 2022 )

Micro ATX and Mini ITX: Which Should I Buy?

Wrapping Up

In this article, I have mentioned everything about  Micro ATX and Mini ITX. As all know, the motherboard is a very important part of the PC, so choose between these two mini motherboards to improve your PC performance. Follow Path of EX for more tech articles and step-by-step guides.


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