The series came into being after Capcom decided to redesign the graphics and controls, as the Rockman series moved from NES to SNES. The series features a more conscious, advanced robot titled “Mega Man X” or even a simple “X”. The plot is set in an unspecified period (during the 22nd century i.e, 21XX) focuses on X, a successor of Mega Man. X is an intelligent robot that has human-level intelligence and even has its own free will. He was put into suspended animation and was discovered by Dr. Cain. Dr. Cain discovered X to be the invention of Dr. Light. As the story progresses, the player encounters many characters from other series by Capcom, Maverick Hunter Zero of the classic Mega Man series. Mega Man X series did not have a proper conclusion with the latest title in the series ended with a cliffhanger. What made the game interesting? Everything, from the world, enemies, and storytelling to the bosses. The fun thing about the game is that players could encounter the eight bosses of the game, but what is the best order? You might ask. This is what this guide is for. The game was released in 1993 for Nintendo’s Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and was re-released for SNES in a limited edition physical cartridge on the 30th anniversary of the Mega Man series. The series also received a remake by the name of Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. It is crazy, the first title in the series was released almost three decades ago, and if you decide to play it again, it still feels as fresh as ever. In this article, I will list down the boss order that you can follow to have the best possible experience.

Mega Man X Boss Order

The players have the freedom to select their choice of levels in any order, making your playthrough a new experience, every time you start the game from the start. This makes the player interested in the game even after completing the game two or more times. If you have played Dark Souls, you know patience and learning the boss attack patterns will bring you the most joyous victory in a video game. The same principle can be applied to Mega Man X. Without any further ado, let us jump into the article and check which is the best order to play the bosses that will maximize the playtime.

1- Chill Penguin

This little guy is the first one that you can face in your play-through. Do not let his small size fool you into thinking that he is an easy target. Chill Penguin has a variety of attacks under his belt; he can charge attacks, shoot projectiles, jump, and can do other stuff, which can bring down your HP quite quickly. In almost every guide, walkthrough that you can find on the web, Chill Penguin is the first boss that everyone recommends. It is because he is easy to kill, but that is not the only reason that people choose to face him as their first boss. One of the biggest reasons people choose Chill Penguin as their first boss is because his stage provides the player with a new skill which is a dash. Dash is a pretty useful mechanic that makes bosses’ attacks dodging a piece of cake. Dashing helps in crossing obstacles with ease, but they are also important for accessing every secret in the game. Other than that, Chill Penguin is indeed an easy target to defeat, but do not get greedy and always be patient and wait for an opening to attack. Look out for the fast, little projectiles that he shoots.


The main weakness of this boss is the Fire Wave, and it’s going to take down the boss in no time. Playing against Chill Penguin as the first boss is not necessary but, you will have an easy time defeating him with your basic X-Buster weapon. He takes little to no damage with basic projectiles from X-Buster. Getting into the final boss with their weaknesses in mind will make the game a pleasure to play. With the right weapon and knowledge, even the hardest encounter will become a piece of cake. Make sure you are not too far from Chill Penguin, as Fire Wave has a shorter range and cannot be spammed after every second, use the openings to your advantage.


Chill Penguin has a total of five attacks: Slide Attack: Avoid attacking the boss as he decides to charge at you while sliding. During the slide attack, he is invulnerable. Be ready to get on a wall to avoid this attack. When he stands back up, you will have room to land a Fire Wave. Ice Projectiles: Shoots small ice projectiles at X at a very fast speed. These can be easily avoided by climbing the wear or just by jumping. Jump Attack: The boss makes a big jump in the air and lands towards the current position of the player; the jump is quite fast and harder to dodge through jumping, you can stay on the ground and run in the other direction of his jump. Snow Blizzard: The boss jumps to the hoof on the top of the ceiling and summons a snowstorm. The storm does not deal any damage but pushes the player towards the wall. You can climb up the walls and hit the boss with a Fire Wave attack to knock him back to the ground. Ice Breath: The boss blows an ice breath with a decent range. You can easily avoid the breath by quickly running away from the breath’s hit range. Ice Sculptures: During ice breath, the boss summons two ice sculptures that do nothing but acts as an obstacle that absorbs the gun’s projectiles. These sculptures can take a few shots to break but do not deal any damage.


After defeating Chill Penguin, the player gets the “Shotgun Ice” weapon. It is an ice attributed weapon. The details of its attacks are mentioned below: Normal Attack: Fires an ice shard onto the enemies that freezes or damages enemies after contact. After the collision, the ice shard breaks into smaller pieces of ice that travel to the opposite direction of the ice shard. Charged Attack: The charged attack of Shotgun Ice creates a slab of ice like Chill Penguin that X can ride for a shorter time. The charged attack of Shotgun Ice is useful if you are planning to finish the level quickly without investing too much time on each level. It is only decent for traveling and is not for offensive purposes.

2- Spark Mandrill

The second boss that most people recommend facing right after Chill Penguin is Spark Mandrill. He is one of the huge-sized bosses in Mega Man X in size and is a lot agile than he looks. He is the electric attributed boss in the game. He is the only boss who is weaker to Shotgun Ice. The weapon can be obtained by defeating Chill Penguin. He has many fast-moving projectiles that he can shoot at the player, which are pretty hard to dodge. Due to this reason, some people advice facing the mechanical mandrill after defeating at least three or four bosses. Shotgun’s Ice normal attack will freeze him in his location, and you can use this tactic to stun-lock him in one place. If you are cornered, you can shoot the ice shard from the Shotgun Ice onto the wall, which will create small ice particles that bounce in opposite directions. Just like after hitting by an ice shard from Shotgun Ice, Spark Mandrill will freeze into his place for a few seconds, also damaging his HP on the way. Make sure to maintain your distance during the fight. The projectiles shot by the boss are fast, and if you will not have enough distance, you will get hit by the attacks and the damage; you will not like it if the Spark Mandrill is your second encounter. Below are the complete details of the boss:


The boss is hard to deal with if you have no clue about its weakness. His only weakness is the attacks shot from “Shotgun Ice” dropped by Chill Penguin. Due to these reasons, many people recommend going after Spark Mandrill. Shotgun Ice normal attack is all you need, as the charged attack is pretty much useless in the fight. In case you forgot, Shotgun Ice’s charge attacks summons an ice slab that resembles Chill Penguin, which X can ride to travel the stages quickly. The ice shard fired by the gun and the mini particles that are summoned after hitting a wall will freeze the boss in his place. Maintain your distance and keep hitting him with a normal attack, and the boss fight will be a piece of cake.


You can easily make short work of the boss if you already know his attacks. Even if, after knowing them, they are hard to dodge. Here are the complete attacks that you will face during your fight with Spark Mandrill: Charged Punch: Charges the player with a punch dealing considerable amounts of damage. The punch is hard to avoid, but after hitting the boss with the normal attack of Shotgun ice, it will freeze the boss in one place. Use this to your advantage and re-position yourself. Jump Attack: The boss jumps into the air and aims to slam the player’s character. The jump is easy to evade. Just run away in the other direction or use the dash to escape the jump damage as the boss lands. You can also hit him with smaller ice shards to freeze the boss. Spark Ball Attack: Launches two balls of sparks behind and in front of Spark Mandrill, which travels in opposite directions. They also travel across the walls. The speed of the spark balls is quick and hard to dodge. When the boss uses this attack, head to the corner of the stage and wait for the ball to come, jump on the wall, and back to the stage as the spark ball climbs the walls. These are the only attacks that he uses. If you are not using the Shotgun Ice, beating him will take a lot of time and patience.


Spark Mandrill drops the “Electric Spark” weapon upon dying. The details of the attacks of the weapon are explained below: Normal Attack: Shots small electric spheres, which only dissipate after getting into contact with the enemies. If the spheres do not hit any enemy, they keep traveling and even travel along vertical walls in both upwards and downwards directions. Charged Attack: Shoots two walls of electric energy in front and behind X, travels at a very fast speed hitting enemies along the way. Each weapon is a weakness of a particular boss. Electric Spark is no different. Keep reading to find out which boss has Electric Spark as his weakness.

3- Launch Octopus

Launch Octopus is one of the hardest bosses in the game. Some people even say this is probably the most difficult boss that you will have to defeat. If you are facing him after Spark Mandrill, this fight will even be going to become a lot more challenging. The fight happens on an underwater stage. It does not necessarily make the fight difficult. But it can surely hinder the player’s vision, and the chances of getting hit by the obnoxious rocket torpedoes by the boss increase a lot. He has a couple of attacks and has projectiles that are almost unpredictable and are takes real skill to dodge. You will likely get hit by the attacks launched by the boss. Like in every boss battle and this one, in particular, maintaining the distance is the key. There is one specific attack of Launch Octopus that jumps towards the sky and rotates to create a whirl of water in which you do not want to get caught. Due to its unpredictability, try to be patient and only attack when you will find an opening. Below are the full details of the boss that will make this fight a breeze. Expect to take damage and get hit by the boss’s attacks, do not get greedy. The optional thing that you can get during this stage is the Heart Tank at the bottom of the sea. To get that, during mid-game, destroy the battleship and swim down to the bottom, and there you will find the Heart Tank. Prior to this fight, if you have obtained the Boomerang Cutter from Boomer Kuwanger, you can cut the Launch Octopus’s tentacles making the fight way more easier than before.


Launch Octopus is weak to Rolling Shield weapon that is dropped by Armored Armadillo. To defeat the boss, be agile and keep moving around on the stage. If you decide to stay and wait for an opportunity to land a hit on the mechanical octopus, you will take more damage than dealing. Move, attack, and dodge his attacks. Sounds simple and obvious but is a lot harder to execute as the boss himself is equally quick, fast, and most importantly, unpredictable. The fight can take longer to finish than you might anticipate. I repeat, whatever you do, do not get greedy. Keep spamming him with Rolling Shield, and you will defeat him in no time.


Evading attacks of Launch Octopus is one the most challenging things to do in Mega Man X, and most of the time, you will likely get hit by his attacks. Here is the list of attacks that the Launch Octopus has: Leap Attack: The boss leaps through the water and lands towards the player; not too fast can be dodged by moving to the other side of the stage. Easy to tell when the boss is going to perform the leap attack. Homing Fish Torpedo Attack: Launches fish torpedo that moves around the boss like living fish, the player will get damage after getting hit. Single fish does not deal much damage but can be deadly if most of them hit the player. Maintain your distance by dashing and evading when the boss leaps through the water. Missile Torpedo Attack: Launches a barrage of small missiles, which are not hard to deal with, but the problem is the boss launches them in a pair of three which increases the vertical distance as they travel. The missiles are not the issue; Launch Octopus also moves with them, which puts the player in a difficult situation in which you have no option but to either eat one of the missiles or get hit by the octopus. The missiles can be destroyed by launching a charged attack, especially from the Rolling Shield. Whirpool: Creates a whirlpool in the water that sucks the player inside. Does not deal damage but hinders the player from moving swiftly, creating a movement obstacle, which makes the battle a little tricky.


After dying, the Launch Octopus drops the “Horming Torpedo”. The weapon has pretty decent attacks. The details are listed below: Normal Attack: Fires small rockets in a straight path. The rockets detonate after getting hit by foes in their way. The rockets gain speed after they are shot from the weapon. Charged Attack: After getting charged, Homing Torpedo fires a barrage of fish-shaped torpedoes in a fanned out manner. The weapon fires a total of six torpedoes after charging. The missiles gain speed, damage, and tracking from the point of firing.

4- Boomer Kuwanger

The next boss is, as per most people, is the hardest boss in the game, and it makes sense. This pesky boss is not only fast but also becomes invisible, which can be hard to deal with until you know the weakness of the boss. He is a hard boss if you use an incompatible weapon against him. If you know his weakness, he is the easiest boss in the game. Using the right weapon for this fight will make short work of Boomer Kuwanger. He is swift and can use this to teleport behind or in front of X in the hope of catching the player off-guard. He often throws a boomerang cutter and tries to grab X to deal damage. You can predict his positioning when he goes invisible. If you are on the right side of the stage and he is on the left, after he disappears, he will most likely come closer to X in the same direction. If your back is against the wall and there is no room to move, he will transport behind X and throw a boomerang cutter to deal damage. If you get caught by Boomer Kuwanger, he will grapple, which deals damage to X’s HP and throws him in the air, which also deals damage. Whatever you do, try not to get grappled. Easier said than done. Maintaining enough distance will help in evading his grapple attack. Below are the complete details of the boss attacks, weaknesses, and the weapon that you will get as a reward after defeating the boss. The boss is not as difficult as people think he is. He is a piece of cake if you know what to do and how to execute your strategy. If you head into the battle with an incompatible weapon, it will take a lot of time to bring him down, and the fun will turn into frustration.


I have already mentioned that Boomer Kuwanger is a walk in a park boss if you know his weakness. After defeating Launch Octopus, you will get the “Homing Torpedo” weapon as a drop, and this weapon is this boss’s biggest weakness. This fight is very similar to Spark Mandrill, just like you can stun lock the mandrill shooting electric stuff at you similarly, you can also stun-lock this boss with the help of Homing Torpedo. The weapon has an excellent normal and charged attacked. Just throw normal attacks of the weapon at the boss, and you might not even give him a single chance of launching any attacks. He will be dead before he could do anything.


The boss does not have a big arsenal of attacks under his belt. He has the following attacks that you can easily evade by using the Homing Torpedo weapon’s normal attack: Forward Charge Attack: Boomer Kuwanger will rush towards the player dealing damage upon contact. The attack can be easily recognized and evaded by jumping over Boomer. Boomerang Cutter: Throws his horns towards the player that are made out of sharp metal. These blades return to Boomer Kuwarnger like a boomerang. Teleport: Teleports and becomes invisible for a short period. Nearly impossible to predict the direction of Boomer Kuwanger. He then tried to grab the player and grapples him, after grappling, he throws the player to the ground dealing more damage. Constantly jumping and moving will make it harder to him to perform a teleport grab.


After beating Boomer Kuwanger successfully, the player obtains the “Boomerang Cutter” as a weapon. Which looks similar to Boomer Kuwanger’s horns. Below is the complete information about the weapon: Normal Attack: Fires a blade resembling Boomer Kuwanger’s horns. After firing, they can cut several things like Launch Octopus’s tentacles and Flame Mammoth’s trunk. The normal attack can also be used to reach items that are impossible to get otherwise from trees. The cutter blades return to X, and if unscathed, the energy used to fire the weapon restores. Charged Attack: Fires a total of eight larger cutter blades around X that surrounds him for a while and dissipates quickly.

5- Armored Armadillo

The Armored Armadillo fight is easily the most fun fight in the series as the boss has a fast-rolling move that is fun to dodge, adding an extra challenge to the gameplay. He is only difficult to hurt until you remove the extra armor of his body. Yes, you can do that, but with the right weapon. At this point, you already have four different weapons, one of which is the weakness of this boss. There are two collectible items at this stage. The first item can be found at the beginning of the stage when a tank chases X. Behind that tank, you will be able to find a Sub Tank. In the later parts of the stage, there is another tank, which the players can either destroy quickly or get ahead of it to get the Heart Tank. The strength of this boss is its armor which can be easily removed by using Spark Mandrill’s Electric Spark weapon. Below are the complete details of the boss that you should know before hopping in and trying to defeat him:


Armored Armadillo is weak to Electric Spark dropped by Spark Mandrill. Keep moving as you do in other boss battles, and hit him with a normal or charged attack from Electric Spark. Hit him a couple of times, and you will see armor falling off his body. After this point, this boss is a joke to beat as any weapon can deal damage to him. Even during his crazing rolling attacks, he is a piece of cake, thanks to Electric Spark. Although, you might think that after his armor, you can greed and spam your attacks to defeat Armored Armadillo. It sounds easy, but it is not. The boss moves quickly during rolling, which, if you want to attack, you will have to evade the majority of the times. His rolling attack deals a huge amount of damage, which is not going to be pretty. After removing his armor, you can deal damage in rolling form, but I suggest not to and wait for it to stand to successfully land a blow. Landing an attack during rolling is not possible when he has his armor on.


Below are the complete attacks that you will experience in your fight against Armored Armadillo: Rolling Attack: Just like a rolled armadillo in real life, Armored Armadillo rolls itself like a ball and spins with quick speeds towards the player to deal a huge chunk of damage. The attack can be evaded easily by using dash and jump with a decent distance between the boss and the player character. Ricochet: Right after rolling, Armored Armadillo performs ricochet and bounces off a wall and moves around the stage. This attack causes damage but can be easily avoided. Just dash towards the opposite corner from the initial bounce-off. Energy Projectiles: Fires energy projectiles from its head in a straight line towards X, causing mediocre damage. You can avoid getting hit by these energy balls by jumping over or by performing a dash at the right moment.


Armored Armadillo drops the “Rolling Shield” after defeat. The weapon creates huge projectiles that bounce of walls. Below are the complete details of the weapon: Normal Attack: X fires a spherical ball of energy towards the enemies. The projectile rolls along the ground until it hits an enemy and dissipates after getting hit. If there is no enemy, the shot just bounces off the walls. Charged Attack: Creates a shield of energy around X that causes damage to enemies upon contact. The shield dissipates by heavy contact. If you are looking to just speed run any stage without getting much damage, this is the perfect charged attack that you can use.

6- Sting Chameleon

Sting Chameleon is the next boss on our list. If you decide to defeat Launch Octopus first, it will cause the Sting Chameleon stage to get flooded. You can access a Heart Tank by this strategy. During the stage, after following the forest, you will come across a cave. Do not enter the cave, look around for a death pit and jump inside the pit, to get the Heart Tank. Make sure that you have defeated Launch Octopus before trying to get the collectible. Right after getting the tank, you can head towards the boss fight. There is another collectible that you can get before entering the cave. Right above the cave, there is a mini-boss that can be defeated to get X armor. When done, head towards the end of the stage to fight against Sting Chameleon. The boss is a bit tricky to defeat as he can move across the map very swiftly and can hang himself in the middle of the stage with his tongue. He can also use camouflage to make himself invulnerable for a few seconds and reposition himself during the invincibility. He can be a difficult boss due to his agility and ability to around on the stage. He can make attacks in quick successions, making him a pain to deal with, and when you think you can deal some damage, he gets into position again, ready to throw his attacks on you. Keep moving and maintain a distance. With this strategy, you will not only have time to avoid the attack projectiles that Sting Chameleon fires but in the man, while you can deal damage to him with ease. You can use a dash for quickly repositioning yourself for attacking. He is a piece of cake if you know Sting Chameleon’s weakness. Check out the complete details of this below down below:


Sting Chameleon is hard to deal with due to his ability to stick on the walls making it harder for normal weapons to land successful attacks on the boss. He can be taken down swiftly by using “Boomerang Cutter” dropped by “Boomer Kuwanger”. Most people decide to face him as the last boss for no particular reason. One of the main reasons for using the Boomerang Cutter is due to its ability to come back to X instead of dissipating, which makes it a lot easier to hit Sting Chameleon as he sticks to the wall. To hit him when he is on the wall, jump and run towards the boss, and when you are in the air, use the normal attack of Boomerang Cutter. If this fight is to be summed up in two words, the two words would be: jump and shoot.


Sting Chameleon does not have a lot of attacks in general. He can only make two or three attacks, but what makes him a harder boss is his ability to combine these attacks, making it a lot harder for the player to guess which attack Sting Chameleon will perform next. Here are the complete details of his attacks that you should be wary of: Spikes Attacks: Sting Chameleon hangs onto the wall and throws spikes like an attack from his tail towards the player. The spikes move in a triangular fashion and are three in number. The speed of the projectiles is fast and hard to avoid if you did not recognize the animation of the attack. Oddly, using the Boomerang Cutter does not cut the tail of the boss, unlike Flame Mammoth’s trunk or Launch Octopus’s tentacles. Sting Attack: Sting Chameleon attacks the player using his tongue in quick succession. The attack does not deal much damage, but if you get hit by it twice or thrice, it sure does hurt. He uses this attack three times in less than three seconds. Camouflage: Sting Chameleon becomes invisible if he is on the wall, becoming invincible for a smaller period. He also uses this opportunity to reposition himself for attacking. It is nearly impossible to predict his new attachment as he leaves camouflage. Hang Attack: The boss uses his tongue to get on the top of the stage and hangs with his tongue for a while. As he hangs from the wall, he causes the stage to shake, which drops spikes from the top of the screen. These spikes move fast and can be avoided by using the dash and jump controls.


Sting Chameleon drops the “Chameleon Sting” after defeat. The weapon is the most unique in the whole game. Below are the complete details of the weapon dropped by the boss: Normal Attack: Fires an energy beam that splits into three beams. Out of the three split beams, one travels in a straight path; one moves vertically while the other moves downwards. Great for dealing damage to multiple foes with a single unit of fire. Charged Attack: Unlike most weapons, upon charging, the Chameleon Sting does not fire an attack but makes X flash in multiple colors of the rainbow. During this phase, X can walk through obstacles and even enemies without taking damage. Perfect for speed runs, and if you are in a rush to clear the stage as quickly as possible, the charged attack of this weapon is your best friend.

7- Storm Eagle

Storm Eagle is the penultimate boss in our boss order that you can face during your playthrough. He is not a challenging boss to fight and has little to no attacks that deal damage to the player. Most of the time, you will see him trying to knock the player out of the stage using the high wind speed created by his wings. In this stage, you can get the Heart Tank. It is a little bit tricky to get through. If you are interested, here is how you can get the Heart Tank. At the beginning of the stage, ride the small little platforms to reach the top of the stage. When the little platform is about to go towards the right side, jump immediately towards the left side of the map, where you will find a platform that you can land on. Towards the end of the platform and you will find the Heart Tank. Progress towards the end of the stage to reach Storm Eagle. Most of his attacks do not deal any damage but shoves the player forcefully on the stage. These attacks can be avoided by using jump and dash mechanics. The boss flutters his wings to knock the player out of the stage. He is pretty easy to deal with as he will only use a couple of attacks that deal damage. The rest of the attacks are easy to deal with if you are on a consistent move and keep spamming dash. You can check out the complete details of the boss down below:


You can take him down with the normal X-Buster attacks or charged attacks, but his main weakness is Chameleon Sting, which you can get by defeating Sting Chameleon. Due to the weapon’s ability to create split beams from a single shot, taking down Storm Eagle is just a matter of time. This is the only boss besides Chill Penguin that the player can defeat just by X-Buster. Although you can take down other bosses, it takes a lot of time taking them down, so their weakness impacts the fights a lot. This is not the case in Storm Eagle’s fight, he is vulnerable to Chameleon Sting, but it is not hard to take him down by simple X-Buster.


Storm Eagle’s most attacks are to make the player lose its ground and fall from the stage. These attacks do not deal damage and with proper maneuverability, evading these attacks makes the fight a lot more simple and one-sided. The details of Storm Eagle’s attack are mentioned below: Gust Attack: Storm Eagle flutters his wings with huge force and creates a gust that tries to push the player away from the boss. This is not an attack in the literal sense, but if not careful, it can easily knock you out of the stage, and you will have to start again. Storm Tornado: Shoots a horizontal cyclone of air that causes pushes the player with much more strength than the gust produced by his wings. This attack can be avoided by consistent jumping if you get caught inside the cyclone. Leap Attack: The boss flies into the sky and performs a leap attack on the player’s position at a rapid speed. This attack deals damage but can be easily avoided by jumping and moving around the map. You will have enough time to make your decision. This attack will probably never hit you if you keep moving around the stage while using the jump and dash movements. Mini-Eagle Torpedoes Attack: The boss flies into the sky and throws an egg from his mouth that creates four mini eagle torpedoes, causing damage upon contacting X. You can shoot the birds or just jump on the top of them to avoid taking any unnecessary damage.


The player will receive “Storm Tornado” after defeating Storm Eagle. From the trend, you might have noticed what type of attacks the weapon could do. If not, check it out in the details down below: Normal Attack: Create a horizontal cyclone of air that strikes the enemies multiple times before dissipating. This can be used to deal damage to enemies that are harder to kill. Charged Attack: Creates a massive horizontal tornado that causes massive damage to almost everything in its path. The tornado spawns at the exact location of X. The tornado travels a few units of distance and disappears after a couple of seconds. It does not have a big AoE (Area of Effect) vertically but is deadly horizontally. It can be used for flying enemies that are difficult to reach, even after a jump. The tornado has a big horizontal range, and you can use it under the flying enemies to deal damage.

8- Flame Mammoth

Flame Mammoth is the last boss on our list that you can face if you decide to follow this article for Mega Man X boss order. The reason I choose this boss as the final boss is after defeating him, you will get the Fire Wave weapon which has some cool attacks. But, there is not a single boss in the game whose weakness is the Fire Wave, if you decide to go for this boss, you will get the special weapon, but it can potentially make one or two boss fights hard. Let us say you decide to face Flame Mammoth as the second boss right after defeating Chill Penguin. You will defeat him, but it will take a lot of time to deal with him because you do not have the weapon that can easily hurt this boss. Moreover, you decide to face Armored Armadillo with Fire Wave, the fight will be good as over as you will deal a little bit of damage, but it will not be a quick and fun fight. With that said, the boss itself is not that hard but is capable of using multiple attacks. Before facing the boss, you can get many upgrades including, the Buster upgrade, a Heart Tank, and a Sub Tank, all before finishing the middle of the stage. After defeating Chill Penguin, the lava on this level freezes, making the stage easier for progression. The boss is one of the least aggressive bosses in the game, making the boss fight pretty easy. He probably the easiest boss in the game as neither he is swift nor does his attacks pack a punch. All of his attacks are easy to dodge. He has a maximum of three attacks that you need to look out for; below are the complete details of the boss:


Storm Tornado is the weapon of choice for this fight. It deals a lot of damage to the boss, making the boss fight relatively easy. The normal attack uses some time to charge and then shoot. Flame Mammoth’s slow movement speed can be abused, and landing the Storm Tornado normal attack will be a breeze. The conveyor belt makes the fight a lot harder than it should, just like X has limited space to move in the fight against Storm Eagle, similarly, this fight happens on a conveyor belt. Which keeps dragging the play towards the boss. With the help of Boomerang Cutter, you can cut his trunk. The oil can also catch fire quite easily. Luckily with the help of Boomerang Cutter, that can be cut easily.


Flame Mammoth’s favorite attack to do is the jump attack and shooting fireballs at the player. He also likes to spits oil from his trunk towards the player creating an oil puddle. Below are the complete details of his attacks: Oil Shots: Shoots a glob of oil towards the player’s current location. The oil is sticky and makes the player stick in the puddle for a few seconds. If getting hit by Flame Mammoth’s fire attack, the oil puddle can easily catch fire and cause a lot of damage. You can cut his trunk by using Boomerang Cutter. Jump Attack: Makes a big leap towards the player in a slow arc. The attack can easily be dodged just by running in the opposite direction of the boss’s jump. The jump on contact causes huge damage. Make sure to use a dash or jump to avoid his jumps. Fire Shots: Shots fireballs towards the player. You can easily recognize this attack as he will raise one arm and shoot fireballs from the raised arm. The fireballs travel quickly and are a lot harder to dodge, mainly due to the conveyor belt.


Flame Mammoth drops the Fire Wave weapon upon defeat. It is the only weapon in the game that does not shoots individual projectiles but shots a constant stream of fire which continues until the player releases the attack button. Below are the complete details of Fire Wave: Normal Attack: Creates a continuous flow of flames until the player stops holding the button. The stream will also stop after the energy of the weapon depletes completely. Charged Attack: Throws a fireball which, after hitting the ground, creates flames walls the travels a short distance until it faces a wall or the end of the ground.

A little knowledge About Mega Man X (Video Game)

Mega Man X is one of the most loved Mega Man games, which is a spin-off series of the classic Mega Man series. The main purpose that this service was created is because Capcom wanted to remake the graphics and gameplay of the series. The game takes place in an unspecified time during the 22nd century (21XX). The story of Mega Man X starts right after the original Mega Man series. The story focuses on a highly intelligent robot, developed and created by Dr. Thomas Light, by Dr. Cain, who works as a human archeologist. The robot was nothing Dr. Cain has seen before. It had its thinking capabilities and free will and had emotion like a human. Cain finds X in a capsule. Dr. Cain spends most of his time studying the robot and creates replicates called “Reploids” to benefit humanity with the help of X. These Reploids soon fell into the hands of evil which destroy the world through evil robots called Mavericks. The government decides to get rid of these robots under the advice of Dr. Cain, and X joins other Maverick Hunters. X then begins his journey to lay waste to these robots with the help of other friendly robots. Throughout the series of games released under Mega Man X, the series never had a proper conclusion. The last part in the series, “Mega Man X8” story ends with a cliffhanger. More gaming guides: The Batman Games In Order – (Arkham, Lego, Spin-offs, New)Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tier List (Fighters Ranked By Tier)Best Call Of Duty Games So Far – (2023 Updated Rankings)Assassin’s Creed Games In Order, Main Series (Desktop/Console Games) The plot focuses on the story of an intelligent, conscious robot having free will discovered by Dr. Cain. Due to Dr. Light’s experimentations with inventing robots with free will and thinking, the technology falls in the hands of evil, and X embarks on a new journey to defeat these evil robots. The great things about this series are, you can select your desired stage so, there is no linear story that you will have to follow. The game does not provide you with hints or have an official guide of which boss order you should follow. This is why I created this article with the help of which you will be able to have the best player experience if you are deciding to play the game from the scratch.

#1 – Which Mega Man X is the hardest?

It depends from person to person. Some people believe Mega Man X3 was the most difficult Capcom has developed for the gamers. According to some people, X5 was the most difficult title in the series due to level design being a pain. Many people believe Mega Max X6 is the most difficult in the series due to wrong reasons. The level design was pretty obnoxious to play, and the game felt incomplete.

#2 – Which is the best Mega Man X?

Most people will agree on the fact the Mega Man X and X2 are easily the best Mega Man X games ever built, with some people preferring Mega Man X2 over X. Some even believe X3 to be the best Mega Man X title. It all depends on the factor which title was the most entertaining and was complete as per your standards.

#3 – What is the easiest level in Mega Man X?

This question has a very simple answer, Storm Eagle level is probably the easiest in the series, while Eagle also being one of the easiest bosses in the series. The other easiest stage is probably the Chill Penguin’s one. The boss, however, was not easy to beat.

#4 – What is the easiest boss in Mega Man X?

Flame Mammoth or Storm Eagle are probably the game’s least offensive bosses. Storm Eagle only has two attacks that can damage the player, and these attacks can be dodged easily. You can easily take down these bosses after exploiting their weaknesses with the right weapon.

#5 – What is Boomer Kuwanger’s weakness?

Boomer Kuwanger will be a pain to deal with if you do not know his weakness. The boss is weak to attacks by “Homing Torpedo” dropped by Launch Octopus. You can get pretty much chain lock this boss with the help of this weapon’s normal attack.

#6 – What is Sigma’s weakness?

Sigma is one of the difficult bosses when compared to other bosses from Mega Man X. His weakness is the “Electric Spark” dropped by Spark Mandrill. Target his body during movement with Electric Spark to bring him down in no time.

#7 – What is Storm Eagle’s weakness?

Storm Eagle is easily the game’s easiest boss that you can defeat with the simple X-Buster. The weapon he is most vulnerable to is Chameleon Sting, dropped by Sting Chameleon which will make short work of this boss. Make sure not to attack him during his plunge attack.

#8 – What is Spark Mandrill’s weakness?

Spark Mandrill is another boss who could be challenging to face if you have no clue about his weakness. He can be chain stun by using Shotgun Ice which you will get after defeating Chill Penguin. Keep spamming the normal attack of Shotgun Ice to keep him frozen, and he will be defeated in no time.

#9 – Why did sigma turn bad?

The official canon story states that the possibility of Sigma turning into a bad robot was probably due to a virus infection. Unlike other Mavericks, Sigma did not lose consciousness but was able to study other things, use reasoning and even strategize for grand-scale plans. The exact reason which turned him bad is still unknown.

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