Just imagine our Pikachu-themed happy meal box with tiny popout ears and puppy eyes on the yellow box. The imagination itself is cute, right? So let us know more information and themes and packages available and if this news of McDonald’s x Pokemon is official or fake. For an upcoming happy meal partnership, McDonald’s and Pokemon are teaming together. All fans just like you and me have a chance to win a variety of Pokemon goodies. Let us know more about McDonald’s x Pokemon before we buy one. So let us find out what can expect from this McDonald’s x Pokemon collaboration.

What To Expect From McDonald x Pokemon Collab | McDonald’s Pokemon Toys

Overall, This time’s McDonald’s x Pokemon Collab pack resembles the last time Pokemon worked with McDonald’s, which was obviously instantly wrecked by adults attempting to profit from something that is clearly intended for children.  The adorably beautiful Pikachu-themed happy meal box is back, and it’s decorated with tiny pop-out ears to make it clear that it’s actually just a box-shaped cute electric mouse. A tweet of “its back” announced the partnership of McDonald’s x Pokemon, thus, Happy Meal advertisements are probably about to start appearing soon. Those who select the toy option will also receive a token, a colourful spin top, and a package of four Pokemon cards. Since McDonald’s no longer includes plastic toys in their Happy Meals, everything inside is probably made of cardboard or paper. In addition to various activities, there are a few Pokemon Essential Handbooks available for groups interested in learning more about the collectable creatures. Isn’t the McDonald’s x Pokemon Collab cool? Also, read Where to Watch Pokemon Presents In August 2022 & Is It Streaming on YouTube

When Pokemon McDonald’s Meals Will Be Available? | McDonald’s Pokemon Release Date

For a brief while, Happy Meals with a Pokemon theme will be available at McDonald’s outlets all throughout the US. These meals will be packaged in a Pikachu-themed box and come with a Match Battle instruction book, a paper coin, a four-card deck of Pokemon trade cards, and a spinner. McDonald’s X Pokemon collab is for everyone. Also, read 10 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards Till 2022 | Worth The Money? McDonald’s hasn’t made the official start date and end dates public as of this writing. Two websites, however, have made their data public. The McDonald’s X Pokemon partnership, according to Games Rant, will finish on September 6 and extend until the beginning of the next month (September). On the other hand, PocketMonsters.net adds that the partnership will last from the middle of August until the middle of September 2022. All of the participating restaurants in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada are scheduled to host it. Also, read Pokemon Go Prime Gaming Rewards (May 2022) | Exclusive Gifts!

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Wrapping Up

So this was all you had to know about the McDonald’s X Pokemon partnership. I know you have already made up your mind to buy the McDonald’s Pokemon happy meal pack as soon as it became available. Let me tell you ( I am with you too ). Till then take care and stay connected with Path of EX to be upfront in trending stuff.


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