The pandemic fostered self-discovery. It made people get to know themselves better, but also understand what they like and dislike. And so, many have started looking for new opportunities to help them fulfill their dream career.  Every search for a new job is an entire process. You need to sign up for an account on job platforms, complete it, and then search and apply to jobs you find. One part of the application process is uploading your resume. Many women are prone to committing some mistakes when they build their resume, say expert resume writers from a cv writing service UK. If you want to find out which they are and how to avoid them, continue reading. 

Underselling Not presenting the most relevant information Using weak language Not aligning career goals to company objectives Avoiding to present important experience and tasks


Because there still are myths and misinformation that circulate around societies regarding women, many of them feel not good enough. It is common for women to undersell their skills and experience in their resumes.  Many think that they will be perceived as being arrogant, narcissistic, or cocky. A lot of women report having the impostor’s syndrome that makes them think they are not good enough for the job they apply to. It is one of the mistakes many women make on their resumes.  But you are worthy! If you find a job you have the skills to do, apply to it. Build your resume using powerful language to present your experience. The more you trust yourself, the easier you will express this in your resume and during the interviews. 

Keep It Short and Simple 

When you have a lot of working and study experience, you might be tempted to share it all in one resume. However, adapting your resume to the position you apply to can turn out to be a wise choice. A common mistake women make is to build a 3 or 4-page resume they use to apply to all jobs.  But every job has different requirements and they are looking for specific skills in candidates. Keep it short and simple and do not overflow your resume with information. Choose to present the most relevant one to convince the recruiter that your skills and experience match the job. 

Strong Language 

Another mistake women make when they build their resumes is that they use weak language. The words you use to communicate your ideas are important. Even though many words might express the same thing, the message is conveyed differently by your word choices.  Some studies suggest that women have begun using strong words, as their male counterparts. And these trends must continue. Using strong language to present your experience is something that will make you stand out. It also makes you feel more confident and trusts your skills even more. Because the brain encodes what you are saying and it changes the perception. 

Share Your Experience 

It is important to select the most relevant experience you had to include in your resume. However, certain tasks or responsibilities might send a good message about your skills too. For example, maybe you have been involved in the organization of the company’s Christmas Party, as an employee representative. Completing all your work tasks sends the idea that you have good time management skills.  This is just an example, but for sure there are many tasks or responsibilities you had during the years. It is a common mistake many women make on their resumes. They fail to present the most relevant experience that an employer would be interested in. share your experience using strong words and present the extracurricular activities too.  You learn not only when you do your daily work tasks, but also when you take on new challenges. It demonstrates courage and a will to develop and improve. And these are some of the skills many employers are looking for in the candidates. 

Objectives and Career Goals 

Many women choose to share their goals in their resumes. This is not a mistake at all. It sheds more light on your personality and dream job and it helps the employer assess some of your skills. The mistake many women make when they do this is to share unrelated objectives or career goals. Keep in mind that recruiters pay attention to your resume.  Your career goals need to be aligned with the company. Their fulfillment might depend on whether you get this job at this company or not. It is essential to establish a connection between yourself and the company from the application stage. Conclusion Applying for a job might seem a challenging process. Especially because you need to craft your resume on the way. There are common mistakes women make when they do this. They undersell their worth and are too modest. They avoid using strong language when presenting their experience and skills. They do not include relevant information that proves their worth and skills.  Or they do not align their goals with the ones of the company. Even though there still are many myths and misleading information surrounding women’s power to work, you should not listen to them. You are strong and you can prove your worth. You deserve to have the opportunity to develop and improve your skills.


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