Beamng drive is a car simulator game in which the driver gets to know about the behaviour of cars when they actually collide. What makes this game stand out from other simulator games is that the logic and applied Physics is quite accurate, even on crashes. The realistic controls make your gameplay even better. Beamng Drive can easily be played on PC. But, the question that arises, ls Beamng Drive on Xbox One? Let’s find out through this article.

Is Beamng Drive Launching On Xbox One?

In case you are wondering how Beamng Drive works, then we have got you covered. Beamng Drive basically makes you experience a car crash situation, say, a Lamborghini going out of control, entering the wrong lane, and ending up colliding with a huge truck. This is what basically happens in the world of Beamng Drive. The game is designed such that in case you are not satisfied with your current in-game cars, or the ones parked in your garage, you can even add more cars, even domestic ones. And bringing in a new car will definitely mean that you would want its endurance to be checked. Hence, the game brings you ‘Crash Tests’ where you, ironically enough, test your car by crashing it.  All credits to the excellent application of skid Physics, you can easily drive through the tracks, drift it off on the curves and turns, and try not to crash the car, pun intended. But ls Beamng Drive on Xbox One? Also, read Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform In 2022 | Play on PC, PS4, Xbox One

Is Beamng Drive On Xbox One?

Looking at the Beamng Drive’s success, all the gamers are only asking about- ls Beamng Drive on Xbox One? Unfortunately, Beamng Drive has not made its official entry to the Xbox One gaming list. However, you can easily download Beamng Drive on your PC through Steam and experience the best ever gameplay. We are obliged to tell you that Beamng Drive doesn’t have any free demo or resources. If you want to play the game, you would have to purchase it. Also, read Friday Night Funkin’ | Play Friday Night Funkin Online For Free

Beamng Drive | How It Looks And Sounds

The graphics of Beamng Drive are pretty awesome. Although the environment might disappoint you, you should definitely check out the realistic cars. We have noticed that sound has been one of the major things on the developer’s mind. They pay much attention to the sound effects, be it the sound of tyres, or sand, or grass, or the engine of the car. Also, read Clash Royale | Play Clash Royale Online On Browser For Free

Beamng Drive Pros and Cons

Beamng Drive is one of the games which has received quite a response from the gaming community. Below mentioned are some pros and cons of the game:


Realistic Beamng drive Crashes: physics due to soft-body dynamicsIncluded training levelA lot of cars and other vehicles availableBeamng drive mods by users are available (and probably will be)Beamng drive latest version is available for downloading.


There is no for Xbox 360, Mac, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, SwitchThere is no BeamNG Drive for iOS, AndroidRequires powerful hardwareThe process is quite aimlessCan’t download Beamng Drive for freeBeamng Drive don’t have a free demo version

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Watch Beamng Drive Gameplay Trailer

Wrapping Up

Beamng Drive is one of the games which takes so much of your attention that the passage of hours goes completely unnoticed while playing it. Unfortunately, the answer to ‘ls Beamng Drive on Xbox One’ is a no for now. Let’s hope the developers plan to enhance their platforms and bring Beamng Drive to Xbox One and other platforms. We really hope that this article on ‘ls Beamng Drive on Xbox One’ helped you out with all the information you needed. In case you face any problem, feel free to drop a comment and we will help you out!


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