As unbelievable as that might sound, it’s true. You can track Santa’s journey around the globe just by clicking on a few options and watching all his activities. You will know what route he is following, when is he going to visit your place, and more with these Live Santa Trackers in 2021.

How Can I Track Santa Right Now | Live Santa Trackers

To everyone’s surprise, technology has taken a very festive turn. Apparently, we can feel more connected to Santa Claus than ever. Thanks to some ingenious minds on earth, we have our own Live Santa Trackers, that follow every path of Santa every second of the day around Christmas. Now, you have two choices to track Santa. You can either track Santa live with NORAD or with Google. How? Scroll a little to find out!

1. NORAD Santa Tracker | Best Live Santa Tracker

A quick history recap- In 1995, a local newspaper misprinted a phone number on an ad, by which kids could call Santa. A curious kid dialed the number intending to talk to Santa but called a US Air Force Officer on duty, Colonel Harry Shoup. Colonel Shoup played along and pretended that he was the actual Santa, and then it followed. many more kids called and he set up a team only to take calls for Santa and that’s how NORAD started in 1995. Presently, NORAD is still run by US Military Department, and it is the most entertaining website you will see around the season. It displays Santa’s place, his library, kids can play numerous games and can even chat with an interactive AI named Radar. NORAD is the best Live Santa Tracker out of all the Santa tracker websites on Google. You can also download NORAD’s official app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store and enjoy more interactive experiences.
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2. Google Santa Tracker | Live Santa Tracker For Christmas Eve

Much later than NORAD, Google introduced its own Live Santa Tracker in 2004. But now it is more interactive than ever. While NORAD has better satellite access, Google has also done a great deal of work to present a complete holiday vibe on SantaTracker by Google. You can search on the website, “Where is Santa” and the results will definitely make you excited. Google Live Santa Tracker has merged with Google Maps for better real-time locations of Santa Claus. You can also download the Google Santa Tracker application on Android. Also, read Is Santa Real Or Not? Everything You Need To Know About Santa!

Wrapping Up

Do visit these Live Santa Tracker websites and tell us in the comment section about their reviews. I liked NORAD Santa Tracker more as it was the first website to have brought such a concept of tracking Santa Claus live while he is moving around the globe. However, Google Tracker is also very interactive. That was all about this article on “Live Santa Trackers | Find Santa With NORAD & Google in 2021”. If you liked it more then share your views with us in the comment section. Keep visiting Path of EX for more interesting stuff!


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