The actress best known for her role in “Cocktail”, and “Gone Girl” was found dead on 14 June 2021 after she met with a fatal accident. Not many details were revealed regarding the accident but as the person who caused the accident has been arrested, police have shared some details about him.  Brian Boyd (26), who lives in the same area of the collision is arrested and is charged with leaving the scene of the accident, which resulted in the death of Lisa Banes. He was found by the Patrol Cops who recognized Brian Boyd.  How did the collision happen? How did the cops found him? Let’s cover all the details reported by NYPD. Continue Reading! 

Lisa Banes Killed in a Road Accident 

Lisa Banes (1955-2021) was an exceptional American actress who has done over 80 movies and played various evergreen roles during her career. On 4 June, the 65-year-old Lisa Banes was on her way to dinner to meet a friend. She was crossing a lane in Manhattan’s Amsterdam Avenue at West 64th Street, where she got hit by a scooter. Lisa Banes suffered a head injury and was taken to the hospital immediately. Hers was a deadly traumatic injury that came from the collision of a black Fairthrope motorcycle. On 14th June, she died in the hospital.  On the accident, the NYPD gave the statement, “The scooter then fled the location, continuing northbound. There are no arrests and the investigation remains ongoing.” Her wife, Kathryn Kranhold tweeted a picture of her saying, “My Lisa. Our #lisabanes Our huge loss. ” Also, Read Offspring Drummer Says He’s Been Booted From Band For Not Getting Vaccinated The search for the guy was going on for more than half a month. It finally ended when Patrol Cops found out Boyd as they recognized him from the wanted poster. 

Brian Boyd | Who is he and Where is he from?

The 26-year-old guy lives in the same neighborhood where the collision happened. He is not only charged with hitting Lisa Banes in the accident, but also with fleeing from the place.  NYPD has reported that Brian Boyd lives on Amsterdam Avenue. There were initially some rumors that he was arrested right after the accident which were obviously false. Brian Boyd was arrested on August 5 by the NYPD.  Since Brian didn’t have counsel to defend him, the police reported. After the news of his arrest, Linda Santangelo tweeted, “Good, Where’s the photo or information on #BrianBoyd?”

Lisa was simply Great 

According to NBC, “We are heartsick over Lisa’s tragic and senseless passing. She was a woman of great spirit, kindness, and generosity, and dedication to her work, whether on stage or in front of a camera, and even more so to her wife, family, and friends. We were blessed to have had her in our lives”, Willians shared in an official statement.  Her role of Marybeth Elliot in ‘Gone Girl’ and the one where she plays Tom Cruise’s love interest in ‘Cocktail’ are some of the roles that are hitched to our memories. She has also done some great shows like ‘NCIS’, ‘Star Trek’, ‘Desperate Housewives’ and more.  About her character in ‘Gone Girl’, she has said that she had an affinity for her. Banes also added, “You know she’s a good WASP [White Anglo-Saxon Protestant] – so it sort of seeped in right away.” Her friend Cynthia Crossen said, “She was very, very friendly and very loyal to her friends. If you made a friend with her, you made a friend for life.” She also added, “She was warm and generous and kind and beautiful and funny and the life of the party, but also sympathetic and empathetic.” Also, Read Taylor Swift Pays Tribute to Simone Biles | Legends Supporting Legends In 1984, Lisa Banes was nominated for Best Featured Actress in a Play because of her performance in Isn’t It Romantic?. She has won a Theatre World Award for her role in Look Back in Anger. She will always be known for her roles Cocktail, A Cure for Wellness, Gone Girl, Freedom Writers.  Wrapping Up Lisa Banes is not the only death the world has mourned for this year. But her death was one of the most shocking ones because she wasn’t suffering from any disease. She was happy and healthy living with her wife. But because of some dork, an innocent died and now nobody can do anything about it.  If you feel shocked about her death too, then share this article to make everyone in your circle aware of the mishappening.  Stay Safe!


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