Mr. Jeffrey A. Hirsch, the president and Chief Executive Officer, commented on the launch of Lionsgate Play, “India has always been a key market for us. The large and diverse population increased data usage in the urban and rural markets, and the adoption of OTT across all demographics created an exciting opportunity for us to launch Lionsgate Play. We’re confident that our unique, exclusive and exceptionally curated content will generate a great response from Indian audiences.” Lionsgate Play application was launched by the global streaming platform Starz in India. The application will carry many popular Hollywood titles. 

Price of Lionsgate Plus 

Just like every online streaming service, Lionsgate Plus will also offer you a 14-day free trial. After the trial, if you are willing to continue the services, you will have to pay Rs.99 ($1) a month.  Apart from monthly payments, you can also opt for annual subscriptions. The annual subscription will cost you around Rs. 699 ($9).  The prices of the Lionsgate Play subscription is very low in comparison to other streaming services in the market. We are expecting that many users of other streaming services would shift their subscriptions considering the low price. 

What are Other Streaming Services?

Also, read Best Video Streaming Apps 2021 Lionsgate Play is launching in India with very high competition in the market.

Price Comparison of different Online Streaming Services



There were certain rumors regarding the partnership between Lionsgate Play and Jio Fiber and Airtel. This partnership will help the upcoming streaming service to be properly localized. Jio Fiber and Airtel are the most used cable brand in India and a partnership with them will definitely be successful. Also, read Best Online Video Streaming Apps for iOS 2021

What will be premiered on the Lionsgate Play?

The new online Streaming Services will have a huge list of Hollywood movies and TV shows as well as Bollywood movies and TV shows. This list would include:

The Hunger Games seriesJohn Wick SeriesKnives OutLa La LandThe Twilight SagaAnna KendrickHulu’s Syrian Civil WarNo Man’s LandThe Goes Wrong Show

Lionsgate Play is looking forward to localizing it’s services, that is why, along the a huge list of Hollywood movies, they will also support Indian Language titles (Hindi, Telegu, Marathi, Kannada, and Bhojpuri). With this, Lionsgate Plus will be releasing original Indian content. The Managing Director of Lionsgate South Asia, Mr. Rohit Jain said during a press release, ” And we will continue our Lionsgate Play journey by adding to our deep roster of premium content through partnerships with exciting millennial stars like Kriti Sanon, Tiger Shroff, and Sanjana Sanghi increasing the breadth and scope of entertainment for our subscribers.” Also, check out Best Video Streaming Apps for Android 2021 The company must be appreciated for choosing such a great time for the launch. Currently, most of the world is at home and using all kinds of OTT services available. The company has chosen to take the full opportunity to use this situation for its profit. Indian audiences can not be more than happy knowing that some of the best classic Hollywood titles will be available to them at a very low price.


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