1. 100 squares count to save money Use a cardboard box, draw a 5-by-20 chart with 100 squares and write the numbers 1 to 100 in turn. Every time you put money in, mark the corresponding amount with a marking pen to show how much you put in. Put in a certain amount of money every day, and then cross out a number. When you persist for 100 days, you will have $5050. Amazing! You only need to invest a small amount of money every day, stick to it, you can successfully save a considerable amount of money.
  2. 30-Day Envelope Savings Challenge Prepare 30 envelopes, choose a set of numbers, for example: 1, 2, 3…, 30. Write these numbers on the outside of each envelope in turn, take out an envelope every day. Put the corresponding amount according to the number on it, and write the date when the money was put in. By the end of the 30 days, you can successfully save $465.  You can do this challenge every month, and the short time makes it easier for you to persist and complete the challenge. If you can complete it, try to increase the number in the next month, for example: 5, 10, 15, … After 30 days, you can save $1000! Source: TikTok
  3. Put a $2 coin in a Coke bottle every week Natasha George posted a short video on Tik Tok, showing that she puts $2 coins into Coke bottles every week which has saved $172. For people with little income or weak willpower, it is much easier to come up with $2 a week than $100 a week. It’s not painful. You might get change in a $2 coin after grocery shopping one day, put it in a bottle when you get home. For those of you who said you couldn’t do the $50 a week savings, try this $2 coin challenge, Tik [email protected]
  4. Follow money saving Tiktokers Many people on Tik Tok update short videos, sharing how to find coupons and how to save money when shopping. Some Tiktokers put coupons in their account profiles, and you can quickly find the coupons recommended by them. Besides that, some Tiktokers teach you how to save money shopping at the grocery store. Don’t buy packaged fruit, as fruit of your choice is often cheaper when weighed.
  5. Use Coupon websites that Tiktokers recommend Tik Tok makes it easier for people to share their lives. People are using something, and if it works really well, they will be happy to share it on the Internet. You can search for “coupon websites” to see what websites people are using to help them find coupons. For example, a user shared a video of her finding a coupon on CouponBirds. They teach you how to find coupons and use them in videos. 
  6. Learn more saving tips on groceries A 1.36kg can of Kirkland minced garlic is $4.99, which translates to about $4.08 for raw garlic. By investing in a garlic chopper or an electric blender, you can make minced garlic faster and store it in an ice box, ready to use. Many foods can be cheaper with simple processing by yourself. A lot of people share their grocery saving tips, and you’ll find a lot of cost-saving tips and even better deals on certain foods. Learning to cook for yourself can save a lot of money.
  7. Shop with a different way of thinking and keywords Many goods would have a different price just by changing their name. You don’t have to buy a specific product for a specific need. You can save money by using a different keyword when searching for a product. There are examples: 

Change “Plastic Organizer Storage” to “Commercial Food Storage Container” Change “Lipstick Storage Box” to “Pen Holder” Change “IKEA Trolley” to “Metal Kitchen Storage Cart” Change “Cat Toothbrush” to “Toothbrush for Kids” Change “Portable Cosmetic Case” to “Art Tool Box/Bag” Change “Nail Lamp” to “Bill Marker Checker” Change “Storage Box” to “USA Letter Storage Box”

  1. Temporarily cancel subscriptions Finding yourself automatically paying for countless subscriptions? Many people do. TikToker shared that unsubscribing something may cause them to offer a discount for you to re-subscribe. Being a loyal user all the time may cost more money.
  2. Find free sources online Many tiktokers will share the sites where they get resources for free, often unknown but very useful. You need to be discerning, because some resource sites still have paid subscriptions. Look for free video resources before buying a video membership. Regularly uninstall taxi-hailing, meal ordering, and travel software. In this way, the software will determine that your consumption level is low and reduce the price offered to you. Try these money-saving challenges and record them on video to make it easier to stick to them. Search for money saving tips and you’ll learn a lot about how people save money. Learning to find resources in a more open online world is not hard at all. Let’s try instead of just killing time.


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