The cast of Final Fantasy 7 is way better and awesome than most previous JRPGs. Though not all FFVII characters are as significant or powerful as their companions, however, they are still amazing. You can like a character more than the next one based on their plot contributions or battle statistics. But do you know about all FFVII characters or are you missing out? Getting a good grasp over the FFVII characters is difficult, considering they all seem awesome. Well, they are pretty awesome but do you know about all FFVII characters? If not, then head on down and find out all the information about FFVII characters here.

List Of All Final Fantasy 7 Characters | FFVII Characters

It seems more obvious to start the list of the FFVII characters that are more familiar to all of us as FFVII fans. These FFVII characters are personally my favorite characters that always come in handy during an epic ass-kicking.

1. All FFVII Party Characters

  1. CLOUD STRIFE Well, no list can ever begin without first mentioning Cloud Strife. He is the primary protagonist of Final Fantasy VII. As a FFVII players will have to get used to this character, which to be honest isn’t difficult at all. He is an extremely endearing FFVII character in his own peculiar way. Cloud Strife claims to have been a first-class Soldier in the past, making him a strong warrior. He also has an extensive history with fellow FFVII party character Tifa Lockhart. The majority of the efforts by the development team of FFVII went into Cloud as he is the main face of FFVII. His game-wide character journey and combat prowess earn him this distinction quite easily.
  2. BARRET WALLACE Barret is one of the big FFVII characters with a gun for a hand. His persona makes him as badass as they come. Barret is the leader of the local Avalanche cell, whose aim is to eliminate Shinra for their usage of mako. Additionally, Barret is a FFVII character that doesn’t care much about anything other than money. I personally feel that Barret is one of those FFVII characters that you would want in your corner, even if you may sometimes get vibes that he’d rather want to hurl you through a wall. He does have a different side when he is with his daughter. Barret is pretty kind to his daughter, so he is not always a grouch. Also, read Apex Legends Characters Till 2022 | 22 Exclusive Characters
  3. TIFA LOCKHART Tifa Lockart is a prominent FFVII character and one of the first FFVII party members you may recruit while playing the game. Tifa is a tough fighter who loves to speak with her fists. She also happens to be Cloud’s childhood buddy, so, you know, there’s a bit of history there (wink, wink) that you might want to investigate.
  4. AERITH GAINSBOROUGH Ah! Let’s talk about FFVII’s Sweetheart AKA Aerith. She is one of the most significant FFVII  characters for various reasons. She is an exceptionally nice person, but don’t let that deceive you. Aerith is a pretty awesome FFVII character and is capable of taking care of herself thanks to her formidable magical powers.
  5. RED XIII Red XIII, whose actual name is Nanaki, is a specimen that Professor Hojo is doing tests on. This FFVII character is a bit odd. Red XIII is a wolf-like creature with fiery-red fur, yet his age suggests otherwise. He is actually rather young. Red is, by the norms of his species, an adolescent no older than 16 years old.
  6. CAIT SITH Let’s talk about this little guy! Cait and his Moogle appear later in the FFVII game. This is one of the FFVII characters that you will happen to see when Cloud and his companions had escaped from Midgar and ventured beyond in quest of Sephiroth. In addition, he is one of the cunning guys in FFVII  who makes things quite interesting for the gang. Also, read Apex Legends Characters Till 2022 | 22 Exclusive Characters
  7. CID HIGHWIND CID is one of my top favorite FFVII characters. Given his profound dislike of the Shinra organization, Cid’s decision to join Cloud and his squad are quite obvious, right? Even though this is one of the FFVII that swears more than a trooper and smokes more cigarettes than we’ve eaten hot meals. However, he’s a nice person in essence who wants to make the world a better place.
  8. YUFFIE KISARAGI When we talk about the sneaky little fella, Yuffie is a one of the FFVII characters that pops in most players’ heads. But to her defense, she would be a horrible ninja without the sneaky skills. Yuffie is a material hunter whose goal is to restore her homeland to its former grandeur. Yuffie is the FFVII character that desires to erase Shinra’s damage. She is definitely a strong ally whom you would be stupid to ignore. Yuffie is a non-required character. You are not required to recruit her. You may complete the entire game without playing as her or Vincent. However, choosing her as one of the FFVII characters would be the best decision for you.
  9. VINCENT VALENTINE Vincent is one of the mysterious FFVII characters. Vincent was formerly a Turk and has a number of secrets that connect him to a number of intriguing personalities. Sounds interesting, right? As a result of Professor Hojo’s studies on Vincent, he also possesses the ability to change his appearance. Like Yuffie, Vincent is an optional character, although if we’re being honest, we can’t think of a reason not to recruit him as one of the FFVII characters. Also, read All Stardew Valley Characters: Age, Job, Birthday, Address | Choose Your Partner!

2. FFVII Avalanche Members

Avalanche is a group in the universe of Final Fantasy VII. It is an eco-terrorist insurgent group full of FFVII characters that oppose the operations of the Shinra Electric Power Company. Their mission is to safeguard the planet from the misuse of mako energy. Members of the first Avalanche group are the primary antagonists of Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, whereas the second Avalanche group is where the protagonists of Final Fantasy VII begin. Although some Avalanche members are playable, this is not the case for all of them. Below we mention the top Avalanche members on Final Fantasy 7 that are playable.

FFVII characters | Playable Avalanche 

FFVII Characters | Non-Playable Avalanche

Here are the remaining members of Barret’s faction. Unfortunately, you don’t see many of them in Final Fantasy VII’s original version. Consequently, their duties are minor. Fun Fact: Some of these FFVII characters have become playable FFVII characters in FFVIII. Also, read MultiVersus Release Date, Characters, Leaks, Updates | MultiVersus Launching Soon

3. FFVII Shira Staff Members

If we talk about Avalanche members, we must talk about Shinra members too. These characters are all loyal to Shinra and its cause. Some of these FFVII characters have a major role to play in the game while others have lesser relevance.

Who Is FFVII Main Antagonist?

No game is complete without the main Antagonist, ain’t it? Well, FFVII offers us one of the stronger and more ruthless Antagonists of all times. Who is he? Let’s find out more about the FFVII character playing the main Antagonist.


This is one of the FFVII characters that requires no introduction. Even if you’ve never played Final Fantasy VII, you’ve probably heard of Sephiroth. He’s arguably one of the most well-known villains in the history of video games. Until he acquired a deep hatred for everyone and everything, he was hailed as the most successful soldier to emerge from the program. Sephiroth has many forms, the first of which you will encounter in the final battle of Bizarro when playing Final Fantasy 7. The design of this character is everything. One look at his avatar, and you might decide to run for the hills rather than compete against him. Also, read 30 Badass LGBTQ Characters in Movies and Shows | Fun & Goofy Gay Characters on Screen

Additional FFVII Characters

Final Fantasy 7 has so many characters in the game. Not all of these FFVII characters have a significant role to play, however, as a true FFVII fan, you might want to know the name of other FFVII characters. 

Marlene WallaceElmyra GainsboroughDon CorneoJenovaMr. DolphinBugenhagenDioMr. CoatesPriscillaEsterMr. HolzoffSheraDyne

Which FFVII Characters Are Turks?

In Final Fantasy VII, The Turks is the nickname given to the Investigation Sector of the General Affairs Department of the Shinra Electric Power Company. The Turks are the FFVII characters that serve in the Public Security Division under the direction of Heidegger, a Shinra official. The Turks in Final Fantasy 7 are not all bad. They are simply doing their jobs. Also, read All Subway Surfers Characters | Choose Your Avatar & Outfit!

Wrapping Up

That’s it, Folks. There you have it. We hope that all FFVII characters mentioned above brought a bit closer to understanding Final Fantasy better. Some of the FFVII characters above have a more significant role to play than others, but that doesn’t mean you’d take the other FFVII characters for granted.  If we know one thing about Final Fantasy developers, it’s that there can be a new twist at any time and roles reversed for characters for a plot twist. All you need to do is stay in lope by reading blogs on Path Of EX for updated information on your favorite Final Fantasy game.


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