Times have changed significantly since then. Thanks to FX trading and the advent of trading websites and applications, people have a very easy time when starting to trade for the first time. Those who work from home or always have their laptops around may be happy with using websites to make trading moves. Investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and forex is easy when you sign up at the relevant sites. An issue can arise for people who are often on the go, as they may not want to whip out their laptops to check stock prices or make a trade if they are in public. Learning how to trade on your iPhone or other smartphone is extremely helpful. Below is our guide detailing how you can trade on your iPhone.

Use a Financial Tracking App

There are many useful apps you can use to track the latest information about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, forex, and other investments. Such applications allow you to stay on top of the latest information for the market, specific stocks, or any other commodities that are relevant to your investments. An advantage of using apps over websites is that you only need to click on the app to resume what you were viewing, rather than having to type in a URL or change the tabs on your web browser to find the relevant information.

Set Up Stock, Forex, or Market News Alerts

Another reason to use apps to track stocks, forex, cryptocurrency, or general market information is that you can set up alerts. These apps can alert you when there is breaking news, a significant shift in the price for any stock or commodity you are watching, or any other relevant information. You can also set up daily alerts that provide you with a snapshot of the day’s news pertaining to the financial markets.

Take Advantage of a Trading App

Now that you have access to all the relevant stock market and general financial information on your iPhone, you are ready to begin trading. Find the ideal trading app, or see if the forex platform or stock market trading website you use has a mobile app. Using trading apps has completely changed the game for people who want to invest in the financial markets. Rather than having to go through a broker or a financial institution, you only need to enter your debit card information on an app to add money to your account. Then you can buy stocks or pieces of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, forex currency pairs, or cryptocurrency with ease. You can also use the forex heatmap for more information.

Ensure You Keep Your Information Secure

While there are many benefits to trading on the go using your iPhone, one disadvantage is that you may be exposing your financial or personal information. Ensure you are not inputting sensitive information or revealing your bank details when you are in a public space. You never know who may be eavesdropping on your screen while you are using a trading app. Keep your screen out of other people’s sight, or lower your brightness while viewing sensitive pages. Another step to keep your data secure is avoiding public Wi-Fi networks. Stick to using your mobile data in such a situation. If you must use a public Wi-Fi network, ensure you are connecting to a VPN while you are accessing any banking or financial apps on your iPhone.

Take Control of Your Trades

The best traders are the ones who not only make intelligent decisions about where and when to invest their money but also know when to pull out of a trade. Having the ability to access your stocks, bonds, and other investments on your iPhone is very helpful. Not only can you avoid having to reach for a computer each time you want to execute a trade, but you can also exit trades much faster on your phone. Say you are out of the house, you hear the news that could impact your investments, and you take out your phone to finalize a trade to make a profit or minimize losses. You could not do that if you were limited to trading on your computer. The above guide ensures you can easily trade on your iPhone.


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