Jake Paul has recently become infamous in the MMA world. He recently beat Basketballer, Nate Robinson in a boxing match in which he took his professional record to 2-0, the other win coming against a fellow YouTuber. Danis has been in a feud with Jake Paul since the YouTuber called out a fight with Conor McGregor. Jake Paul has two professional fights on his record and is set to return on April 17 for his third professional boxing fight that too with an ex-NBA player. Jake Paul has made it to become the most sought in combat sport. “Hate me or love me, you can’t stop me,” Paul said on the announcement. “April 17th, I headline a global PPV event and I am getting my third knock-out in a row. I look to prove to the world that I am and I will remain one of the biggest names in this sport.” Paul’s opponent is said to be named on a later date, but he claims he wants a “real fighter” next after “scared” Dillon Danis supposedly faked an injury. If you are wondering as to why experienced boxers accept the call-outs. part of the motivation is certainly the money that could be generated by facing off with a YouTube celebrity, who gets millions upon millions of views on videos he and his brother Logan post online. Also, read Top 30 Most Liked Videos on YouTube Additional motivation likely comes from fighters who want to face Paul with the opportunity to humble him after boasting that he’d embarrass a mixed martial artist inside the boxing ring. Danis, who currently competes in Bellator, recently posted a tweet alleging that Paul does not want to fight him. Most recently, Paul has engaged in a war of words with retired UFC fighter and former Bellator champion Ben Askren as they flirted with the possibility of boxing in 2021. The same could be said with grappling champion Dillon Danis, who had a filming session interrupted by Paul throwing water balloons and toilet paper at him as the 23-year-old agitator continues to take shots at Irish superstar Conor McGregor and anyone even close to his orbit. Dillon Danis and Jake Paul have been trading insults at each other for a while now. However, their rift took an ugly turn after Paul did a drive-by on Danis and attacked him with water balloons. Paul’s drive-by forced a hostile response out of Danis, who then involved the YouTuber’s ex-girlfriend into the feud. Moreover, Danis is not the only mixed-martial-artist to rail against the 22-year-old YouTuber. Former UFC fighter Ben Askren also criticized him, to which Paul responded by offering him a fight. Top UFC stars like Nate Diaz and Chris Weidman have also lambasted Paul for taking a dig at the UFC and Dana White. Also, read Top Best 30 Most Viewed Videos on YouTube Furthermore, Danis has also revealed that he’s got beef with both of the Paul brothers, after exposing a series of DMs exchanged between eldest brother Logan on December 23. When Dillon asked Logan why he banned him from his fight, Logan responded “I know you’re a clout-chasing lil b**ch who can’t keep my name out your mouth.” The fight, if it were to happen, would certainly be one to watch. But with the constant back-and-forth between the pair and a fight seemingly no closer to happening, fans are doubting that we’ll see the pair in the ring anytime soon. Feature Image Credits: Dexetero


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