Users reported around 2000 issues in the first 30 minutes of the Twitter server being down. 84% of complaints were on Twitter web mode, whereas 11% faced the tantrum on application. Only 5% have convinced the issue was their network error. However, the issue made a significant cardiac arrest on Twitter, but the #twitterdown hashtag became trending with hilarious tweets. ‘Twitter not working’ wasn’t a mere not loading issue; people worldwide experienced the meltdown in different ways. The last Twitter down was on 25th May 2022. Let us serve some hot sauce on ‘Is Twitter down?’ here.

Is Twitter Down? 

On the last Twitter server down on 25th May 2022, people started to experience the inconvenience around 7.30 AM. Surprisingly, the issue is confined to the US region only. Some couldn’t load anything more than 10 hours ago, whereas others faced issues loading images. Also, read Is Spotify Down | Get Rid of Spotify Outage with 7 Instant Fixes

What to Do If Your Twitter is Down | Fix Twitter Server Down

Do not mind any hashtag campaign; Twitter might be down, but still, there is a chance that the reason might be on your side. Wondering what the things you should mind when the server is down are? Here it is,

1. Check Another Device

How can you confirm whether Twitter is down or not? Here is the perfect solution- Make sure you are not alone! If you face issues with the Twitter web, try opening the application. Check your Twitter on another device. If everything looks dull, it is time to contact Twitter customer service.

2. Login Again on Twitter

If you are the only one facing issues with Twitter, try logging out and logging in again after a minute. It will fix any minor mishap and re-sync your Twitter data.

3. Update Twitter

Suppose you are not running on the latest version of Twitter, no wonder why Twitter is not working. Update Twitter to the latest version and try again.

4. Restart Your Device

We all smash the hell out of the TV remote if it is not working. We all know it doesn’t do anything, but somehow it works. Same way, I swear restarting your device will work for most issues. Restarting your device will solve any lagging issues and device errors. Try restarting your device next time when Twitter is not working. Also, read Is TikTok Down? 5 Reasons & 5 Fixes to Troubleshoot TikTok Now!

5. Check Your Internet Connection

We are not aware of our network connections, especially on Wi-Fi, most of the time. If you can’t access your Twitter or any internet services, re-connect with your Wi-Fi and check your router.

6. Clear Cache

The cache is good, but it can drain your storage and cause lagging. So when you can’t operate Twitter, try deleting the cache and try again.

7. Use a VPN

If the Twitter server down is confined to your region, try using a VPN to outsmart your regional barriers. If Twitter is not working, these are the possible fixes you should try before joining #twitterdown

What Happens When Twitter is Not Working

Twitter server down issues is not new. Twitter has a comprehensive history of outrages on the Twitter server issues- It is the 6th time in 2022 already! After the $44 billion Twitter buyout, Elon Musk is also in trouble. Several people tagged Elon Musk on Twitter under the hashtag #Twitterdown mocking Elon’s Twitter is still under construction. Also, read How to Remove Followers on Twitter | Easiest Way Here! The primary reason for periodic Twitter server down is the scheduled maintenance by Twitter. When Twitter is not working, users will have trouble loading images and tweets; most will not see tweets older than minor hours. Here are some hilarious tweets on ‘Twitter is not working’ issues.

1. When Twitter is Down, You Scream, I Scream, and Everybody Scream!

2. That’s It- I am Done!

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3. Are You for real?

4. Let’s Switch the Arena!

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5. You Needed Validation? Sorry Girl!!

6. Yo… Anyone Fixing This?

7. Ouch.. Not the Good Old Times!

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Wrapping Up

If your Twitter account isn’t working, you’re not alone, and there are some workarounds you may try. Rather than Google “Is Twitter Down,” try looking up how to fix it. I’ve covered everything to know about the Twitter server down and various solutions to try. If your friends are having problems with the Twitter server being down, share this article with them.


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