Yes, there is no iPhone 14 Mini as of now. There seems to be no possibility for that either. It was, however, rumored earlier that Apple is not going to launch iPhone 14 Mini. Rumors suggest Apple’s Mini-phone variant was its worst-selling model. Although inexpensive and accessible, it had fewer consumers. Apple’s last and perhaps final iteration of the Mini Model is a part of the iPhone 13 lineup, the iPhone 13 Mini. It has a 5.4-inch display and has almost all other features like the standard iPhone 13 model. However, the consumers did not like the small display. Observing this, Apple did not announce any good news for the iPhone mini fans.

Is There Going to Be an iPhone 14 Mini?

The answer to this is ‘Maybe.’ Maybe it is an end for the iPhone Mini Models. But I cannot rule it out altogether. There is a possibility that Tim Cook will appear at the next Apple event, or anytime sooner or later, and announce iPhone 14 Mini. But it is more possible that Mini is dead, and there is the least possibility of its resurgence. Pardon me, my mini-iPhone lover friends. I am not the only one who thinks so. One of the reliable Apple reporters, Mark Gurman, reported earlier, “…. there will be no iPhone 14 mini to succeed the iPhone 13 mini. Instead, Apple is focusing on large devices.” Many other reporters have rejected the possibility of the iPhone 14 Mini in like manner. Apple has not only discarded the Mini screen but also shifted to larger screens as well. iPhone 14 lineup has 6.1 and 6.7 larger display screens. The inclusion of a 6.7″ screen size clears the intention of Apple. They have shifted to larger screens, and 6.1″ itself seems to be a new mini as compared to 6.7″. You must remember when iPhone 13 lineup was going to release, rumors and leaks had declared that iPhone 13 Mini could be Apple’s final mini model. The leaks and rumors, which we saw in the last couple of months, were confident about the mini model’s fate. Also, read How to Preorder the iPhone 14: Dates, Prices, and More

Is Discontinuing iPhone ‘Mini’ a Good Step?

iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 13 Mini were not hugely welcomed, as we expect with Apple products. Yes, they are cheaper than other iPhone models, but the screen size could not produce the expected revenue for Apple. Moreover, big screens and display smartphones are everywhere. The biggest display of the iPhone 14 lineup is itself a mini screen as compared to the latest Android smartphone display sizes. Apart from this, we see new apps and games releasing day by day, which demand a bigger screen. Also, read iPhone 14 Satellite Connectivity Free For 2 Years: Here’s How to Use It

Options for iPhone Mini Lovers

First thing first, as I said that I am not totally ruling out the possibility of the iPhone 14 Mini. But as long as we get the confirmation from Apple itself, we should consider Mini is discontinued one and for all. Till then, I suggest you either go back with iPhone 13 Mini before it is dropped from apple like the iPhone 12 Mini, or you should try a 6.1-inch display. I strongly support the latter suggestion. Adapt yourself to larger screens and avoid the limitation of outdated models and continuous alerts like Mini is no more. It is of no use to adhere to certain screen sizes when it is under continuous threats of shutdown, or it is outdated, old, or incompatible with new apps and features. Also, read How to Preorder the Apple Watch Series 8, Watch Ultra and Watch SE: Buy Now!

Wrapping Up

The answer to the question, “is there going to be an iPhone 14 Mini” is negative. No, I don’t see any possibility of Mini’s resurrection. It is gone, at least for the current iPhone 14 lineup. I will surely update you if Apple confirms anything regarding iPhone 14 Mini. To get more updates regarding Apple products and services, keep surfing Path of EX regularly. When it comes to the reliability of Apple-related updates, you can count on us.


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