If it appears as Post News sprang out of nowhere, that’s because it did. Post News, unlike Hive Social, Mastodon, or other current social networks swamped with disgruntled Twitter users, surfaced two weeks ago. The site was hurried into a live beta as its team wanted to go open at a time when Elon Musk’s Twitter oversight is rendering mayhem in our minds. Post News acts similarly to Twitter in that you create posts, like and repost others’ posts, and follow mesmerizing accounts. But is there an app for Post.news social media like Twitter? Let’s explore the facts about Post News.

Is There an App for Post.news?

Also, read How to Create a New Post in Post News App With Just 5 Steps! Despite being in beta, Post News still lacks fundamental functions such as Direct Messaging, accessibility capabilities such as adding alt text to photos and a native app. Yes, there is no app for Post.news. Neither on iOS App Store nor on Google Play or anywhere else. As there aren’t any native or even third-party apps available for Post News, you may wonder how Post News works without an app. Post News is in its initial stage. Launched a couple of weeks ago, that too in a rush; you cannot expect it to address all required fields and features. There are many fortes that are on the checklist of the former Waze OG CEO, Noam Bardin. As he and his team are working on the features to be integrated into the site, you can still join the Post News waitlist and enjoy its beta version as soon as your waitlist vanishes.

How to use Post.news on a Smartphone?

Also, read How to Change Post.news Handle/Username? Try These 8 Easy Steps As of present, neither the App Store nor Google Play has an app for Post News. You may, however, utilize it with ease on your smartphone’s web browser. It offers a user-friendly online interface on both PCs and smartphones. It has the impression of an app when accessed through your smartphone. Once the developers are pleased with the functions and other moderation mechanisms to keep the site non-toxic and peaceful, the app will be listed in app stores. Presently, you need to open any web browser on your smartphone — Google Chrome and Safari work better as compared to other available browsers. Then type Post.news in the address bar and enjoy the latest social media platform.

Wrapping Up

That is all about “is there an app for Post.news”. I hope you have got the answer. Browse Post News for a couple of weeks on the browser, I am sure Post will launch an app very soon. For more articles and guides on Post News social media platform and other trending sites, keep surfing Path of EX.


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