Spotify recently launched the new Spotify Wrapped 2022 for all megalomaniacs. The new Spotify-wrapped feature has more features than that of the last year in 2021. A larger number of people, in millions, are sharing their statistics related to the songs, artists, and albums they have listened to all over the year on various social media platforms. They even share their listening personalities. This article will talk about whether there is any feature named Soundcloud Wrapped 2022, like Spotify Wrapped. Let’s check it out.

Is Soundcloud Wrapped 2022 Coming?

Soundcloud also provides a personalized playlist like Spotify in its Playback feature. This feature displays the top list of favorite music from the last year. The playlist comprises all the most played songs you have heard. It should be noted that the songs will be at the top of the list which you have listened to on repeat. SoundCloud also offers some new and enticing features from the previous year. This feature encompasses the listening habits and patterns of music lovers. Also, read Top 0.1 Percent Spotify | What Does it Mean? A fresh report suggested a look at the music streamers’ top artists and premium listings on SoundCloud Go and Go plus subscribers will display the list of those artists that the music streamers had helped support via fan royalties.

Revisit The Soundcloud Back to 2016

If you are already a music streamer on Soundcloud, then you must have known this feature so that you can get a glimpse of the five tracks from as early as 2016. If the users want a personalized playback list, they must have heard enough music to make the roundup mix. According to the Soundcloud website, users must have listened to at least 10 music artists and 30 songs from the given dates between January 1 and November 30 of the specific year. You can also access the playlist of your previous year by clicking on the heart-shaped button and it to the music collection. Also, read What’s the Highest Spotify Wrapped Minutes 2022?

Soundcloud Wrapped 2022 News

After the release of the recently launched Spotify Wrapped 2022, the users of Soundcloud are waiting for their own round feature like the former one. Somehow users are facing issues with Spotify Wrapped 2022. Over the years, the playback feature has shown a downside in the graph in the initial stages of December. Though last year’s version was released on the 2nd of December. Soundcloud Playback 2022 can be here with us, and the music streamers are quite ready to be part of the Soundcloud playlist feature. There are some tweets that show the excitement of the users for Soundcloud Wrapped 2022. Also, read How Accurate is Spotify Wrapped in 2022?

Wrapping Up

The users of Soundcloud are eagerly waiting for a similar feature to Spotify Wrapped 2022. So it is still a debate whether Soundcloud Wrapped 2022 is coming or not. The company needs to think about the feature as music lovers can’t resist experiencing the Soundcloud Wrapped 2022 feature. Comment down if you find this article helpful, and share our thoughts on the recently launched Spotify Wrapped 2022.


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