There is a report about 20 new hackers who will cause havoc on everybody who gets into the Roblox game on November 9 that has been going around TikTok and YouTube. Here we will give you the insights of truth and rumors. So is Roblox getting hacked on November 9 for real or fake? Let’s find out here. Numerous TikTok videos claim that these hackers will enter the Roblox games one at a time to ban people and remove all of their goods & items. But is this rumor about hacking true or false? If it’s true you should really be careful to save all your precious Robux. You have to have the correct information on this. That’s why I am here writing this article for you. Is Roblox getting deleted in November? Let’s see in detail below.

Is Roblox Getting Hacked On November 9 | Roblox 9 Nov Ban

For a multitude of reasons, the Roblox November 9 hacker rumor is false and greatly exaggerated. The rumor of the Roblox breach is based on “information” stated in the most famous TikTok video on the rumor, which has received over 2 million views.  The only source I can think of is that Tik Tok video. From there, additional TikTok users have been using word-of-mouth to spread the tale to scare people, likely in part since it is Halloween. Yes, this can be a Halloween Prank. Is Roblox getting hacked on November 9? Regarding the rumor itself, the date of November 9 is extremely precise, and any shrewd hacker would not give away the time of the attack. The number 20 new hackers is also a strangely precise one. But it is definitely not true. Also, read How to Enable Voice Chat on Roblox on Mobile & Pc | All Voice Chat Rules

Can You Play Roblox On November 9 | Is it Safe to Play Roblox?

Is Roblox getting hacked on November 9? the answer is definitely no. But not playing the game on November 9 won’t stop a potential hack from happening because a Roblox hacker doesn’t require your login information to access your account. If anything, you should just be concerned about Roblox hackers in general and be cautious about sharing your login information and password with anyone or any website. Also, read All Roblox Codes Guide For In-Game Goodies

Is Roblox Shutting Down | What is Going to Happen to Roblox on 9 Nov?

Roblox is definitely not shutting down. If the hacking may or may not happen. The Roblox team will fix it, but there is definitely no plan to shut it down. Roblox boasts perfect security and is unlikely to be taken down by a hacker attack; even if it is, it still has a fantastic staff of developers that can address any issues that might come up after such an event. Roblox’s player base has steadily increased since its launch. Young kids now play Roblox more than any other game, yet there’s a persistent claim that Roblox will be hacked in 2022. Which is completely not true. Is Roblox getting hacked on November 9? It is safe to believe that the allegations about Roblox being hacked in August 2022 are untrue, considering the development team’s perspective and the lack of supporting evidence. Also, read How To Get Headless Horseman For Free in Roblox 2022 | Buy Without Robux

Watch If Roblox Is Getting Hacked On November 9 Or Not

Wrapping Up

So, this was the truth behind the Roblox November 9 hacking rumor. We learned the answer to; is Roblox getting hacked on November 9 and is Roblox getting deleted in November and all the true insights on the Roblox hack. That’s it for today. You can get all the latest updates like this, one of your favorite games with Path of EX. Go and check out my other gaming articles. Till then, take care and enjoy the day. And I’ll start preparing to write another trending gaming article for you. Happy Gaming!


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