It has been seen that more than 1100 users are experiencing unavoidable problems with Reddit. This number is given by the Downdetetor, which is said to be independently in charge by the Ookla. The numbers are specifically shown in the representation of a graph. Reddit has been reported to have had a blackout in the past 24 hours.

What’s Wrong With the Reddit Today?

There is certainly no doubt that Reddit can save you from boredom and lighten your mood by providing different varieties of content. The new and existing users have been experiencing frequent problems with Reddit. There have been several problems that several users are facing why Reddit is down. It has been reported that there are around 66% of application users are facing problems with Reddit. About 23% of website users are annoyed and disturbed by the problems that occur with the social news aggregation Reddit. Around 11% of server connection is present and seen on Reddit. Also, read How to Log Out of Reddit App & Website?

When Will Reddit Start Working Again?

As there is no official or formal announcement from the promoters or developers from Reddit as of now. But I will try to update you with all the latest information about the news from their end. There can be multiple reasons why is Reddit down and why your Reddit is not working.

You can update the old version of Reddit and then try again. Always make sure to clear the cache memory; it may further update new features and changes. You must have the connection settings well set up. You can always look up your connection settings and reset them to default. You can disable the Ad Blocker. You can enable the search filter. You can simply switch off the device and restart the Reddit app.

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Is Reddit Down?

Wrapping Up

Reddit is one of the most popular apps in the united states, with around 50 million daily active Reddit users. It is said to be the most famous media app in the U.S which, boasts around 100k active monthly users back in year 2020. However, the problem is still there “Is Reddit Down” and users cannot use Reddit for anything. Comment down below if you are also having issues with Reddit not working, and share your thoughts on the regular inconvenience from Reddit.


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