Pridefall cyber-attack event majorly focuses on the Scary-Scam concept. It includes a bundle of scams like hacking and cyber terrorism to scare, harass, and mentally assault the LGBTQ+ community to the extreme level. They highly intend to spread their opposing word on the LGBTQ+ community and to maintain such a belief system, they wish to extend their arms to any range.  Who knows how accurate a Pridefall cyber-attack event is and who is behind all such fuss. However, to help you out with that, we have dropped an ultimate guide on the subject of Pridefall below. Move along to know is Prifedall real and unleash every mystery which is holding you behind. 

What Is Pridefall?

Pridefall is referred to as a cyber-attack event, operated by 4Chan users who happen to target all social media platforms including Instagram, Discord, Twitter, and Tik Tok, and raid the privacy of the LGBTQ+ community. The prior motive of 4Chan users is to harass the members of the LGBTQ+ community and scare them out by getting unauthorized access to their system by sending a friend request.  Activities the 4Chan users try to indulge in the course of Pridefall:

Cyber terrorism Malware infection Hacking Spamming their DMs with gay videos Tracking their IP address 

Pridefall includes a bundle of illegal and racist stuff to target and mentally assault the LGBTQ+ community, and eventually, invade their private lives. Continue to read further to know is Pridefall real or it is just a publicity stunt.  Also, read 170+ Best Pride Month Hashtags 2022 for Instagram and TikTok

Is Pridefall Real?

Well, the question of ‘Is Pridefall Real’ has taken over Twitter lately. The latest report says that the majority of tweets on Twitter are based on Pridefall. TBH Pridefall has always been a blur since its origin. The last Pridefall was in 2020 and the recent headlines confirm that there are many chances that this cyber-scam event may return anytime soon.  Also, read LA Pride Parade 2022 | Celebrate Love All Month Long! So, Is pridefall Real? The last pridefall 2020 did major harm to the LGBTQ+ community, and however, we really don’t wish it to do the same in 2022. If you are one of the members of the LGBTQ+ community then you must comply with the following measures in order to avoid repercussions in the future.  Further are the measures to stop the scams during Pridefall Discord Attack:

Block the senders of the fake giveaway messages. Do not accept the friend request of any unknown account. Report of block the unknowns added to the friend’s list. Turn off the router for a few minutes and recover the hacked IP address.

The least you can do is be a little cautious and avoid indulging in any suspicious activity. Who knows how accurate this Pridefall is. One may say that it is just a random stunt by some hackers to scare out the LGBTQ+ community members and others may confirm it to be a real cyber-attack event, however, a proper action to preserve our identity is never a bad idea for you today.  To clear the air of Is Pridefall Real, I would save that Pridefall is surely real and can do major harm to our prestigious LGBTQ+ community. Also, read Chick-fil-A Pride Month 2022 | Is Chick-fil-a an Anti-LGBTQ Establishment?

Pridefall Cyber-Attack Event In 2022

While many LGBTQ+ members are drooling over the confusion that Is pridefall Real, the 4chan users are already on the verge to cause the damage. According to the recent updates, the pridefall cyber-attack event is likely to happen in the next few days. The exact date isn’t revealed yet but one must be extra cautious from now on and try not to leak any personal information to any unknown account user.  “ Safety lies in your hands, Preach the Privacy and avoid giving access to any suspected account. ”

Which Social Media Platforms Are Considered In Pridefall?

Social media platforms that are most likely to be attacked in Pridefall 2022 are:

Instagram Discord Twitter TikTok

During the Pridefall, the hackers will try to torture and harass the LGBTQ+ community on almost all social media platforms and will spam their social accounts with never-ending. friend requests, DMs with fake giveaway messages, gore, and videos just so that they can reach out to them asap.  If you are on Discord, you must check out our other masterpiece on Pridefall Discord attack 2022 to avoid any future repercussions in your Discord channels.  Also, read Cute Dunkin Pride Cups 2022 | Enjoy Your Pride With Sweets & Sips

What Spams Are Likely To Happen In Pridefall?

During Pridefall, the hackers spread all along with the cyber system and try every possible way to get access to the private life of the LGBTQ+ member. To know what spams are most likely to happen in pridefall, head on below:

Spam Discord channels by using a webhook Hacking the IP address A rush of fake friend requests Continuous fake giveaway messages over DMs

The list doesn’t end here. The hackers try every possible way to get into the life of the LGBTQ+ community and scare every member of the community to death.  Pridefall is a mega issue to pay attention to. If you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community, you must take all the necessary precautions to avoid any harm to your own self. Such scams can be as real as they assume them to be so one must try every possible method to shield their personal information. 

Watch Operation Pridefall

Wrapping Up

Pridefall 2022 is most likely to happen in the coming few days. Media channels are continuously spreading their word so you must do that too. Share this article with your LGBTQ+ mates and alarm an alert to their houses as well.  Anyway, I hope all of your questions regarding Pridefall 2022 are answered well. Do drop a comment if you have any queries in regard to the same.  Adios!


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