So to satisfy all your queries we have curated an entire article regarding everything about Moonpay below. Moonpay is quickly gaining popularity and is widely used globally. Users find the platform quite easy and useful to transact their crypto coins. The best part about Moonpay is they accept bank transfers, credit and debit cards, and even digital payment methods. It is surprising to know that more than 250 applications, websites, and wallets already have the integrated Moonpay with them. This is due to the highly secured system. So without wasting any time just read our article below and you would get all the required information about Moonpay and the various benefits it provides its users.

Is Moonpay Legit?

Yes, Moonpay is legit. As per the leading review websites of the world, Moonpay has more than 43000 reviews and 75% of reviews among them have rated Moonpay as excellent. Of the 75%, 86% have rated moonpay as having a great service. People have praised the platform for its being user-friendly and for its excellent customer support. Moonpay is available in 150 countries and many countries accept Moonpay in their payment methods. The most popular wallet in the world Trust Wallet supports Moonpay for buying and selling cryptocurrency through this app. Before we move any further, if you do not know about Moonpay or want to know more about Moonpay then please refer to the details below. Also, read Is Legit? Scam Alert! Know All About Appzilla Now!

What is Moonpay?

MoonPay is a crypto payment service. Through Moonpay you can buy and sell cryptocurrency and NFTs using your debit cards, credit cards and any other major payment methods. It was introduced in the market in 2019, and since then it has become quite popular globally.

Is It Safe to Use Moonpay?

Yes, Moonpay is safe to use. The data in MoonPay is encrypted with AES-256 block-level encryption method. They are stored in data centers compliant with PCI DSS and ISO27001. They take privacy and security as their top priority ad they ensure to use the best measure to control it. Anything which is sent and received through Moonpay is encrypted by TLS 1.2. Their software is protected by HSTS policy. Also, read Is AliExpress Legit and Safe | How To Avoid Scams & Frauds?

Are There Scams in Moonpay?

Not at all, Moonpay is not a scam. The company came into existence in 2018 and since then has been part of several controversies. In spite of that, the platform is trusted in most of the nations in the world. There are many businesses that have already integrated Moonpay as their payment option. Each and every customer has to go through a strict and justified KYC method to prove that the user is not fake. Unless the entire KYC process is completed by the user, only a limited number of options are available for them to use.

Moonpay Fraud

There is no fraud reported against Moonpay to date. The best part of the platform is they keep all their information available on the website and always remain transparent to their users. If anyone is from the police or bank then they may ask for specific information from the customer support under the law and enforcement requests. Moonpay never asks for confidential information from their users and all the communication happens through legitimate email addresses. Also, read Here’s the Truth Behind Ratcoin Elon Musk | Where to Buy Ratcoin in 2022

Is Moonpay Safe to Buy Bitcoin?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to buy Bitcoins through Moonpay. And the best part is none of the details of the financial transactions are stored on the platform. The entire transaction is encrypted through the AES-256 method. It is quite easy to buy Bitcoins through the platform. You have to select the amount of Bitcoin you wish to buy in exchange for the currency you wish to use. Then choose the wallet where the Bitcoin should be transferred. Also, read Signal: Cryptocurrency Payment Through MobileCoin 2022 !! Lastly, just select the payment method and complete the transaction. The Bitcoin will appear on the selected wallet within a few minutes and also depending on the network traffic.

Is It Possible to Get Money Back From Moonpay?

No, All the crypto transactions are non-reversible and once the payment is complete you cannot get back the money. If the payment gets stuck and you do not get the cryptocurrency after the payment is deducted then you can contact the customer support team

How Long Does it Take to Reverse The Money Back?

In Moonpay the money is reversed in case of failed transactions. When the payment is made through a card then it may take up to 10 working days. When it takes more than that then contact the bank. Also, read Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? How Did He/She/They Come Up With The Idea Of Bitcoin? In cases where the payment method was bank transfer and the transaction failed then it may take up to a few working days to get the refund. After waiting for a few days if you do not get the refind then you may contact the support team for further assistance. IMPORTANT NOTE! Please do thorough research on every crypto you invest in. Path of EX does not take any responsibility for any of your investments and does not endorse any cryptocurrency.

Wrapping Up

Hence, we can safely state that Moonpay is safe. They even use the best technology to protect the personal information of their users. The customer support team of Moonpay is quite responsive and they have received many accolades for the same worldwide. So you can safely transact through Moonpay without any hassle to doubt and also have no query that is Moonpay legit?


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