This year Modern Warfare 2 was released, and to no surprise, it became an instant blockbuster hit. Mega successful launch for a franchise that’s 20 years old. Is it saying something right? Huge credit goes to the multiplayer side of Call of Duty. Not that its story campaign is not great, but Call of Duty is known for its great multiplayer mode. It’s always been about getting sick trick shots and tilting your enemy to the point that you get hate mail. That’s the beauty of good old hardcore Call of Duty players. Since multiplayer is so popular these days, crossplay now seems like a staple feature that should be involved in multiplayer matchmaking in any form. A game like Call of Duty is so fun, imagine if you play with a whole squad of friends. That would be awesome. Let’s find out if Modern Warfare 2 has crossplay or not.

Is Modern Warfare 2 Cross Platform In 2023?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, a sequel to 2019 Modern Warfare, does include support for crossplay across all platforms this game is available. This delightful news was confirmed by the developers themselves. Crossplay is definitely a big move for any franchise that involves multiplayer. Especially a franchise as big as Call of Duty that is available on all Major gaming Platforms like PC, Console, and Playstation. Call of Duty is fun enough on its own, so playing with friends can amplify it further into a memorable experience. And not only that but the battle royale spin-off Warzone 2.0 is also getting Crossplay support throughout all platforms. Not surprising, considering how dedicated their fanbase is, crossplay was inevitable. Even the previous installment, Modern Warfare 2019, had crossplay. Crossplay allows players to interact with each other if they are playing the same game on different gaming platforms. This is huge for most gamers out there, especially who are new and they are deciding to try out a game just to play with friends. This gives them freedom of choice to play on any platform without having to worry about being left out of all the fun without their friends. It’s kind of like a gift to gamers. The best part of crossplay in Modern Warfare is that you have the option to disable the crossplay in case you don’t want to queue up with console players or PC players. But turning off crossplay means that only Playstation players will be restricted out of your lobbies. Xbox and PC players will always queue together. There is currently no option to completely filter out console players or PC players from a single lobby.

Does Modern Warfare 2 Have Cross Progression?

Cross progression works differently from crossplay. Crossplay allows you to pair up with other platform users. Cross-progression lets you continue your in-game journey on a different device without losing any data. If you are looking forward to shifting to PC from console, you will benefit from cross-progression, and you can easily continue your game on PC from where you left initially. You don’t have to buy another copy and start fresh. Cross-progression will transfer your XP progress, too, on the new platform. It’s like the same experience but on a different gaming console. Complete freedom to move on any platform. The flexibility and convenience this game provides to players are simply adorable and praise-worthy. More relevant guides:

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This game offers so much to us players, and crossplay is never a bad thing. You have complete freedom and choice to choose your favorite to play on. This is something worthy of praise, and all credit goes to the Developers. I can join my friends in this fast-paced shooter fps and have fun without any worries of real life. And at the end of the day, I look forward to this.

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