Mastodon is not a single website. It is, however, a cluster of instances (servers) and third-party apps. These instances use the Mastodon platform to host their social media community. Hence, when you sign up on Mastodon, you actually create an account in an instance. Your instance could have over half a million users or it could have only a couple of hundred or even less than that. It is probably a server issue, not the hosting platform. As of now; I can see a couple of instances, I know, are not working. As they are among the largest Mastodon instances, “Is Mastadon down” is one of the most asked questions on the mind of many users.

Is Mastodon Down?

Yes, it is possible that Mastodon is down for many users, but not all. As one or two servers may be down and many others may be working. But if the hosting platform, i.e. Mastodon, itself is down, no server or app will work. There are many errors that you may see when the platform is down, you may see error 403 or error 500 in these situations. However, you can fix these errors in some situations. Fixing the Mastodon down issue is not possible from your end. But there are issues that may display errors that will force you to ask your friends or a search engine about this. So, before you ask anyone “Is Mastodon down” try these fixes. Also, read How to Report on Mastodon on App, Browser & Desktop (2022)

Fixes on Mastodon Down Issues

There are many tools that you can use on your phone or your desktop to fix the Mastodon errors. Here are the major fixes you can consider.

1. Check the Internet Connection

In many cases, the internet’s speed or lagging issue, or high ping can bring to your screens many issues. You should try checking your internet. Ensure your data pack is not exhausted. Also, check the internet speed on your device. You can cross-check other apps if they work smoothly or not.

2. Restart Your Internet Connection

Give your data connection a fresh start. If you are using an internet cable, or satellite connection, restart your Wifi or the Modem. The easiest way to restart your Wifi Apparattues is to remove the power source for a while. Switching it off may not be as effective as removing the plug from the socket could be. If you are using smartphone data, turn the flight mode on for a while and then turn it off. Also, read Mastodon Poll: How to Use Polls on Mastodon on App, Browser, & Desktop

3. Restart the Browser or the App

Quit your web browser or the Mastodon app and restart it. It fixes most of the app-related issues.

4. Restart Your Phone or Computer

Restarting is a miraculous aid for most common and basic errors. Before you shoot “Is Mastodon down” on the internet, try restarting your device. Restarting works effectively, when you use the Switch Off / Shut Down command and rest your device in off mode for a while (at least 5-10 minutes). It cools down the system and fixes bugs. Also, read Mastodon Safety: Protect Yourself NOW with these 6 Tips

5. Update the App or the Browser

Check if your Mastodon app is updated. Many times, an outdated app keeps on displaying errors. Keep your app updated. The same is the case with your web browser on which you surf the Mastodon site. Check if it needs any updates.

6. Clear Cache

The cache keeps your pages kind of loaded and makes you surf between your most used pages smoothly. However, an overloaded cache space can make your app or the browser heavy as well as Malfunctioning. Go to the settings of the app or the browser to clear the cache.

7. Contact a Friend or Mastodon Team

If none of the fixes worked, check with your friends or other family members. Ask them “Is Mastodon Down”. If their Mastodon is working properly. Then it could be an issue with your instance (Mastodon Server) or your app. You need to contact your instance developers or the app developers to get things fixed for you. Also, read 5 Different Types of Mastodon Timelines You Should Check Out

Wrapping Up

I hope you have an answer to “Is Mastodon down”. Though it cannot be global, it can be an issue from your instance end or from the device’s end. Try the fixes given in this write-up, if it is the latter. If it is former and Mastodon is down (or your server), you can wait an hour or two to get it fixed. If this is a frequent issue with your server, you should change it and join a different server. That is all about is Mastodon down. For more Mastodon guides, fixes, and features, keep navigating Path of EX. Our team has built a significant Mastodon resource just for you.


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