Lensa app is a photo and video editing application that can do several tweaks and enhancements to your photo. You can take perfect selfies as well as make changes to photos from your phone’s gallery. The most popular feature by Lensa is the Magic Avatar. It turns your photos into AI-generated images. According to Lensa, hundreds of avatars can be generated based on a single face. Is Lensa Magic Avatar not loading on your device? Well, I will help you get rid of this issue in a while. You will again be able to make your Facebook AI avatar and showcase it on your social media handle. I will not go into how the Lensa app works; rather, I will go directly to the main topic. Read along!

Why is Lensa Not Working?

The Lensa Magic Avatar posts are taking over TikTok and Instagram. Almost an overnight sensation! There is all the reason. Who wouldn’t want to see what they look like in different cartoon styles? It’s not just you, but a lot of people are obsessed with Lensa’s AI-generated avatars. So, how to fix Lensa Magic Avatar not loading? This question is one of the most trending questions today on the forums like Quora, Reddit, and eBuzzPro. Let’s get to solving this problem. The possible causes of Lensa Magic Avatars not showing are: Also, read Opera GX Twitch Not Working 2022 | 6 Guaranteed Fixes

How to Fix Lensa Not Working?

Let’s fix Lensa not working with the help of these fixes:

1. Check Lensa Server Status

If you are facing Lensa Magic Avatar issues, it could be because of a server outage. Why take a chance? Examine your Lensa app server status.

2. Clear the Cache of the Lensa App

Clearing the cache is a must when you are trying to fix any problem with the Lensa application. To clear Lensa cache on your Android or iOS device, go to Settings > Apps > Lensa > Clear Cache. Also, read Why is Spotify Wrapped Not Showing Up?

3. Update Lensa AI

You need to update Lensa AI to the most recent version. If the above-mentioned solutions didn’t work, the problem could be your outdated app. So check for updates in the App Store or Play Store.

4. Make Sure Your Internet Connection is Stable

An unstable internet connection could be the reason Lensa Magic Avatar not loading on your device. An unstable internet connection can cause many other problems as well. So, try connecting your device to other networks and see if it works after that.

5. Restart Your Device

Restarting your phone is the go-to solution for all problems. It is the last resort. And it is also true that restarting a device fixes small bugs and glitches every time. Also, read Why Audio Day is Not Showing on Your Spotify Wrapped?

Wrapping Up

I hope I could help you solve Lensa Magic Avatar not working. It is a widespread problem now. It could also be possible that the problem is arising from something that you cannot fix. In that case, you have to wait until the developers of Lensa come up with the fixes in their upcoming update. But, more or less, the solutions cited above are helping a considerable number of people using Lensa. I will see you next time with other solutions to your tech problems. Ciao!


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