Hive social media app is the new app that everyone is talking about. The app is currently available on App Store as well as on the Play Store. The app was first launched in February 2019. But it wasn’t, until recently the app has taken everyone by storm. This social media platform has a lot to offer. With new and authentic features and updates, Hive social app is one of a kind. Hive social app aims to create a more simple and happy social media. But is Hive a safe app? Let me tell you everything you need to know about the safety of the Hive social app.

Is Hive a Safe App?

Hive is a new social media app that is safe to use. The app was first released in 2019. But recently a new and revamped version of the app was launched. The app is available in App Store and Play Store for you to download. Hive is currently gaining popularity due to its cool features. The app offers customizing options for your profile and your feed. Since the app has shot to popularity out of nowhere, everyone is doubtful of the app. But Hive social app is definitely safe to use. It promotes positive awareness of the social issues on the app. Hive has a definitive guideline that every user has to follow on the app. Now that you know is Hive a safe app let me tell you more about the app and its features. Also, read How to Add Friends in Gas App? 4 Ways to Add Friends

What is Hive Social Media?

Hive social media app is another application that aims to bring positive change to social media. The app was previously launched exclusively on the App Store. Hive is now available on App Store as well as on the Play Store. The app focuses on creating a simple approach to social media. You can post videos, photos, and polls on your account. This will make interacting with your friends more interactive. You can reply to comments using GIFS as well. Let’s see all of the features that are currently highlighted on Hive Social Media. Also, read How to Get a Hint on Gas App | Know Who Voted For You!

What are the Features of Hive Social Media

Hive social app lets you have different themes for your profile page. The app has around 35+ different colors for themes. You can add music to your profile. You can add a song that describes you as an intro on your profile. You can add your zodiac sign as well as your preferred pronouns to your profile on the Hive app. Hive app shows you content on your feed that is curator just for you. You can also search for content related to food, art, astrology, science and technology, games, photography, and much more on the discover page. Just use # before your topic. Also, read What are Coins in Gas App & How To Get Them

Wrapping Up

So, now you have the answer to is Hive a safe app. The app is safe to use. Hive app lets you add songs to your profile. You can also add your zodiac sign and your pronouns on your profile as well. Follow us to know more updates on Hive social app. Keep coming back to Path of EX!


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