One such storefront is Green Man Gaming, so here we’ll discuss what is green man gaming and is green man gaming legit.

What Is Green Man Gaming?

Green Man Gaming is a UK based online game retailer that mostly sells PC games, along with some Playstation 4, XBOX One, and other PC VR platform games. Even though its UK based, this medium-sized retailer also works outside of the UK. It currently has over 7,000 games that include the top releases as well. You might have heard the tycoons of online gaming retailer storefronts such as Origin and GOG. However, since the official launch of Green Man Gaming in 2010, it is giving a tough competition to its rivals. You are wondering how the Green Man Gaming Website works? Green Man Gaming Website and Storefront allows you to purchase different games while providing you a search option to search through different genres and types. There are a variety of categories to choose from, such as bestselling, coming soon, newly released games, and add-ons to the games that are already on the market. Also, Green Man Gaming offers some perks to their loyal customers (who purchase a large number of games) through VIP membership. This membership gives access to the special VIP area that accommodates free games and exclusive discounts. There is one more exciting thing about Green Man Gaming, that is the forum area. Players can join the forum area and discuss many gaming topics. Also, there are many sub-forums, such as mobile gaming, free to play, and retro categorized for your ease.

Is Green Man Gaming Safe To Buy Games From?

We clearly understand your concern about the storefronts and gaming keys that they provide. However, if you are a Steam or Origin user, you might not have been through the hustle of buying game keys. If you don’t know what a gaming key is, it is a 15 character code that is supposed to be entered to redeem the game. Many fake websites sell and advertise about the gaming keys of the popular games, but whenever the purchase is made, it shows that the code has already been redeemed, and there is also no recourse to get your money back. Bummer, right? But here is a piece of good news, Green Man Gaming has proven to be very reliable when it comes to buying newer or older games. Also, the gaming keys are legitimate, as contrary to the sites like Kinguin and SCDKey. There’s no doubt Green Man Gamings’ repute stands still when it comes to selling keys for video games. However, you might come into small issues from time to time. Like most distributors, Green Man Gaming also has access to a limited set of keys. Once they’ve run out, you can run into other issues. Though these issues don’t last long and once the keys are restocked, your problem will stop. They usually return you another key, which is legitimate and doesn’t return an error.

Where Does Green Man Gaming Get Its Keys?

Let’s be honest; we are not entirely sure about the claims. Our research is solely based on the published articles, Reddit threads, and some screenshots of emails. So this section is just a drawn conclusion based on the information and evidence gathered from different sources. We also recommend doing your own research if you are interested. According to the CEO, Paul Sulyok, in 2015, Green Man Gaming’s policy was that they did resell only those keys that came from the publishers itself or from the authorized third parties that give revenue back to the publishers. However, that’s way back then, and since then, many things have changed for Green Man Gaming. Now, whenever you go to the website, the crystal clear banner “Official Retailer—Every game comes directly from publishers” makes every doubt go away. If you are wondering what this is all the fuss about the Keys and its legitimacy, here is what you need to understand. There are three types of keys in the market, “White market keys”, “Black market keys”, and “Gray market keys”. White Market Keys are the keys that have a direct trail to the publisher through authorized parties or access. While Black Market Keys are stolen or exploited. Black Market Keys usually don’t work; they are deactivated by publishers as soon as they find out. And, the Gray Market Keys, as they are clear from the name, they are harder to figure out. They may or may not come from a legitimate source. However, it’s a challenge to know where that key is coming from or is the key authorized for the particular region. For this purpose, there are few official statements that came out. The CEO stated that there are legit keys from over 400 publishers, developers, and distributors to meet the customer’s demands. On the bottom line, there might have been some shady steps taken by the Green Man Gaming in the past with regard to the legitimacy of the keys. However, with time, the Green Man Gaming has proven to make its name through trustworthy acts that include legitimizing the gaming keys. There past four-year record has been clear, and it has been proven that they only deal with the white market.

What Type Of Deals Does Green Man Gaming Have?

Green man gaming offers a wide variety of sales throughout the year, where the discounts range from 10-75 percent. Like all other stores, Green Man Gaming also has sales around the holiday season that lasts for a couple of weeks. On holiday sales, hundreds of games go on discounted prices from numerous platforms, even the newer ones. They also offer additional discounts via special codes on their websites, so always have an eye on their website to grab the most out of the less. For instance, in 2018 holiday sales, there was an additional 12 percent discount on the entire purchase. These additional coupon discounts are a steal, so don’t forget to grab it at the right time. If you are making your mind to purchase all your games on Green Man Gaming, trust us, it’s not a bad idea, though if you like their storefront. Even though they use third party keys, they have a partnership with Steam, Ubisoft, Sony, Capcom, and many other publishers and developers. This means that you can be at the relief that the game you just purchased will work as it is supposed to. Talking about the discounts compared to other storefronts, to be very honest they aren’t as good as Steam and other similar tycoons, but they aren’t the worst as well. One best thing about Green Man Gaming is that they have a history of putting discounts on newer games, which on the other hand, you usually preorder.

Is Green Man Gaming Secure And Safe?

Since we talked about Green Man Gaming so much now, it’s time to draw conclusions. Green Man Gaming is safe to use in most cases when it comes to the source of the keys. If you have ethical concerns, we recommend that you do your own research or contact customer support for better assistance. Talking about the security of customer data, there is no past record and doubt of breaching the customer’s confidential data from Green Man Gaming. All the transactions carried out by the Green Man Gaming are encrypted, and the website hasn’t been compromised as per our knowledge. Also, Green Man Gaming has a good return policy. They will return or refund if there is some issue with the game key. That doesn’t mean you can return a game after playing for some time; obviously, if there is some technical issue, they’ll consider your request. Having a keen eye on their legitimacy, it is safe to rate the green man gaming a 9.7. You can safely buy amazing games from their site. The variety of games from the various platforms is the other cue to go for the green man storefront. Also, the sales on their websites make your decision worthwhile. So, being safe and secure and amazing in terms of customer support and range of games (what else do you look for in a gaming retailer), makes the Green Man Gaming one of our top choices. Happy Gaming!

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