Gang beast, however, is entirely different, and the perfect word that crosses my mind to explain this game is Bonkers. Absolutely bonkers but a fun game, you can get an idea about this game by reading its title. It involves gangs, and they are in beast attire, but the fun (and adorable twist) is that it features characters in cute colorful costumes. The costumes resemble animals but in a cutesy fashion. And the irony is this game is wild; despite looking like it’s a kid’s game, it is brutal, and the mechanics in this game involve melee fights. You just have to beat your opponents to death while looking adorable. Crazy and fun experience, which is precisely what a multiplayer game is supposed to deliver. You can imagine the fun with friends, but only if they are able to join you in-game. It’s a multiplayer game, and one of the best features of a multiplayer game is cross platform play. Does gang beast support cross platform? Keep digging through this article to find out

Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform In 2023?

Gang Beast, fortunately, is a multiplatformer which means that it is available to download on different platforms. Playstation players can download it on PS5 consoles, while on Microsoft consoles, it is available on the last-gen Xbox one. Developers didn’t release this game on newer-gen consoles, but players who own Playstation 4 copy can play this game on Playstation 5. PC is also on the list, with Steam being the main platform for purchase. Unfortunately, crossplay for this game is kind of a mixed bag. It does support crossplay, but it is only available for PC and Xbox players. And even then, there are some restrictions that can be unpleasant for players. On PC, you can join Xbox players in-game only if you have purchased a copy of this game through the Microsoft store. You can have the Steam version, but it won’t allow crossplay. Seems weird, but it is simple if you see, gang beast is going to Xbox game pass, and Xbox consoles are manufactured by Microsoft. The same company owns windows which is the most commonly used Operating system in PCs. It would make sense that crossplay is going live between these platforms even though it doesn’t work on Steam, and eventually, you will have to purchase another copy on the Microsoft store. If there is a friend in your group that plays this game on PlayStation consoles, they can’t join you. Crossplay includes huge benefits to any game, but without full implementation, it can feel incomplete. It is, however, a good step towards the game building, especially for Xbox and PC players. Crossplay invites new players, and it is seen as a welcome sign because you are free to choose your platform to start your in-game journey. Suggested content:

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Will Gang Beasts Be Cross Platform In The Future?

Gang beast wasn’t crossplay friendly since its launch in 2014, but now the announcement of Gang beast joining the Xbox box game pass, allows Pc and Xbox players to enjoy crossplay with each other. They can join, queue up, and beat each other in the same lobby despite being on different platforms. The real shock is that our PlayStation friends are being left out. Crossplay is available, but it is limited, and in a way, you can say that it feels incomplete. Windows users and Xbox players have one thing in common, and that is Microsoft. Both platforms are owned by Microsoft, and this is the sole reason that Crossplay is made available. But PlayStation is a different thing; I can think of a few reasons why crossplay isn’t available on PS5. Most developers belong to the niche gaming industry, and they stay that way for most of the time. Gaming Giants of the industry have resources and financial stability, so they can afford to spend time developing a unified server for all platforms. Most developers can’t afford it, and when it comes to Playstation, it turns out that Cross platform on Playstation can be quite expensive. For the sake of exclusivity, Sony doesn’t agree to crossplay for free. They charge an amount of money to developers if they want to cross the platform with other devices. I can say that Maybe there is a chance crossplay might come to PlayStation if developers receive positive reception to Xbox and PC crossplay. But only time will tell what the future has in store for us Cross platform is in trend these days, and it is beginning to feel like a need rather than just a feature. If a game is available on multiple platforms and there is no crossplay, then what’s the point? Technical limitations or being financially handicapped are one of the major reasons that some devs don’t consider crossplay. Gang Beasts, however, introduced crossplay with the Xbox game pass, and if this is a start, then we can expect good things for our PlayStation friends soon.

Question 1: Is gang beasts cross platform between PS4 and PC?

Gang beast has no support between PC and Ps4. PC players who want to join with their friends on PlayStation are not allowed to do so, and vice versa. Sony doesn’t allow crossplay without charging huge amounts of fees to developers

Question 2: Is gang beasts cross platform Xbox and PS4?

While both are consoles and work similarly in nature, there is no cross platform play between these consoles. If your friends are coming to this game as new players, make sure that they purchase on the same platform.

Question 3: Is Gang Beasts Cross platform PS4 and Xbox One?

Xbox one and Ps4 are old-gen consoles, and Gang Beasts can be purchased on either of these platforms, but there is no crossplay between them. Players cannot compete or join each other

Question 4: Is Gang Beasts Cross platform Xbox one and Xbox Series X/S?

Xbox One and Xbox series x belong to the same brand of consoles, and in this case, Crossplay is active. I wouldn’t use the term crossplay here. The correct terminology is Cross-Gen support which is definitely available here

Question 5: Is Gang Beasts Cross platform PS4 and PS5?

Ps4 belongs to the older gen while Ps5 is the latest addition to the PlayStation lineup. Cross-Gen support for Ps4 and Ps5 is available. Players cannot purchase Gang beasts on Ps5, but if you own a previous copy of Playstation 4. you can upgrade it on PS5 and continue playing.

Question 6: Is Gang Beasts available on PS5?

Gang beast is not available for purchase on PS5, but you can play it on PS5. If you owned a copy of Gang Beasts on Playstation 4, and you upgraded to PlayStation 5. you can install it. And continue playing the game while enjoying the benefits and upgrading the experience of PS5

Question 7: Is Gang Beasts available on Xbox X/S?

For Xbox users, if you own a game pass subscription, you can play Gang beast on your Xbox devices with the added benefit of crossplay with PC.

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