In case you weren’t aware, Gang Beasts is quite a peculiar game that seems to have been present ever since the beginning of time as far as the industry of gaming goes. It was actually released in 2014 for PC before it was even available on PS4 on December 12th,2017. But, the main and ultimate question arises. Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform? This question has been eating up way too many gaming enthusiasts and it’s officially time to get an answer. So, we will be further checking out the answer to this question and what all platforms is this game even cross-platform on.

Does Gang Beasts Offer Cross Platform Service?

Just to give the newbies a small idea about this game, Gang Beasts is a multiplayer beat ’em up party game that was actually developed and published by Double Fine Productions. The entire aim of this game is to basically utilize your character’s fighting moves on various other players so that they would further end up fainting or even getting incapacitated. Even their score would drop drastically.
All the Gang Beasts enthusiasts even have the option to further grab items that actually spawn around the path like weapons or health packs, or even punch and throw their opponents. But now, the main question that tends to come up is that “Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform?” Can it even be played on various other platforms like PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Linux, and PC? Hence, let us not waste any more time and figure out the answer to- Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform Or Not?” Also, read Friday Night Funkin’ | Play Friday Night Funkin Online For Free

Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform In 2022?

We are sad to inform you but at the moment, Gang Beasts is not cross-platform. The developer of Gang Beasts further mentioned that perhaps in the next upcoming update, the cross-platform feature may be available to all the players. But, you must keep note that Gang Beast will not be introducing cross-platform through all platforms. An example of this is that the PS4 players would not have the option to even play against the Xbox One and other platform users. But Xbox One players do have the option to play against other PC players and vice versa. All the Gang Beasts enthusiasts are ecstatic after hearing about this update and it is definitely getting hard for them to further wait around for the next version of this fantastic game. The reason for such a happy reaction are as follows: We are hoping that Gang Beasts would become a cross-platform game very soon. Let’s wait for the next update and hope for the best! Also, read How To Download Master Royale On iOS & Android | New Mod Alert

Watch The Official Trailer Of Gang Beasts

Wrapping Up

We genuinely hope that through this article, we were able to answer your question ‘Is Gang Beasts cross-platform in 2022?’ Launched quite long ago, Gang Beasts has grown to become one of the evergreens beat ’em up party game and continues to hold a stable position in the hearts of its enthusiasts as well as the newbies. Keep a track of our website to get the latest updates and exciting information about “Is Gang Beasts cross-platform in 2022?” In case you have any queries, feel free to drop a comment and we will be glad to help you out.


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