The clubhouse will give you what you desire, even if it is dating! The makers did not create the app for dating purposes. So no, officially Clubhouse is not a dating app. But But But! We as humans, can find love even in the worst of situations, so there might be a perfect way for you to get what you’re looking for (Wink!). Moreover, the Clubhouse app is evolving every single day, one cannot know what is it going to be in the future, and that’s your cue to be hopeful.  Clubhouse and dating go hand in hand. But Is Clubhouse a dating app? Umm, let’s find out!

Is Clubhouse Becoming Tinder 2.0?  

When Paul Davinson and Rohan Seth, the developers of the app, launched it, they had no idea Clubhouse would be so flexible for so many communities all over the world. In their words, their goal was “to build a social experience that felt more human — where instead of posting, you could gather with other people and talk.” Little did they know, they would stumble upon answers to questions like Is Clubhouse a dating app? They wanted to create a space that is more connecting and human. Texts and chatting can be deceiving on so many levels. Surely every third person has received a random obscene pic in his/her DM from some random profile. This is just an example of how toxic social media is! In a space where fake profiles are all around us, using verbal communication is wise, to say the least.  You must check out, How to Get More Followers on Clubhouse? Insider Tips and Tricks (2021) The idea behind Clubhouse was to have constructive conversations. When I signed up for my account (after getting the invite link), I got the option to choose some fields that I find interesting. These included Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Books, Literature, Spirituality, LGBTQ+, and more. After reaching the hallways, I was surprised to be on a platform that can be super productive for me. Sure there were some rooms, where young adults were conversing about random topics and just introducing themselves.  After going through a lot of rooms I figured out many people do use Clubhouse as a dating app. I guess this generation is simply too lonely to make anything, even a useful app, into a dating one.  If you are here, you will definitely be interested in Best Online Dating Apps 2021 Does that mean Clubhouse is the new Tinder? Is Clubhouse a dating app? Umm, maybe not. Because you cannot put Clubhouse in a box. It has something for every field of interest. And I mean it. You want to know about Yoga, there’s room for it. You want to learn about finance, there’s room for it. Even if you just want to listen to songs, there are hundreds of rooms for it. Simply saying, the app has so much potential to be the number one social media app, and no one knows how it will evolve in the future. 

How Do People Use Clubhouse?  

People attract their vibe. They tend to use anything that will serve them in any manner. That’s why you will see everyone enjoying themselves at Clubhouse. It’s not like you are forced to read or listen to the same content everyone is accepting. Like on Facebook and Instagram, you only see what accounts/pages have to offer, you don’t have a say in it. But that’s not the case at Clubhouse.  You can switch to any conversation and you can put on your insight to the table. Whether it is a random chit-chat group or some discussion on Spirituality, you can always be a part of the conversation.  You must check out, Best Dating Apps for iOS 2021 Coming to dating, anyone can use Clubhouse in any form. A Behavioral scientist on Clubhouse, Clarissa Silva observed “[a]ll social media platforms eventually become dating platforms. The clubhouse is no exception. It’s solving for our desire to find love when other options have failed.”  One can say, dating is one of the infinite ways by which you can use Clubhouse. Now you know is Clubhouse a dating app or something else.

How is Clubhouse Better Than Other Dating Apps?

I hope you now you can figure out whether Clubhouse is a dating app or not. But did you know it is so much better than the other ones? Let’s find out how.  Clubhouse connects like-minded individuals. No matter what your interests are, “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe”, can be seen live on Clubhouse. This does not come organically on other dating apps, like Tinder and Bumble. On other apps, you are given data of different people with their likes and dislikes. You have to decide for yourself whether if you share the same interests or not.  But that’s not the case with Clubhouse. This magical app brings people closer who already share the same interests. And it won’t even feel like you are out on an app looking for people to date or whatever. That’s the special ingredient. Everything’s organic, you won’t even know how you met so many people who are just like you. Checkout, The Best Dating Apps for Android 2021 Almost everyone on Clubhouse has their account linked with Twitter or Instagram, you can easily reach out or they can DM you if they get interested. I have seen so many people talking randomly on Clubhouse, exchanging their Insta accounts and now they are dating! It not entirely my view that Clubhouse is better than other dating apps. They also felt the same! 

How Can You Use Clubhouse for Dating?

Even though Clubhouse is not a dating app, you can still use it to find the right person. How? It’s quite simple. It’s a trick I use when looking out for dating on social media. You don’t make them think you are available for dating. Just blend with them and check out how everyone is laying their thoughts. After all, you can really judge if someone’s a maniac by the tone of their voice. So try to look like someone who’s not desperate for dating. That will work. Also Read, Instagram Is Working On Its Own Clubhouse Clone: Guidelines 2021 If you find someone you like, check out their profile and look for their Instagram or Twitter handles. If you can reach out to them then well and good. If you are shy, then try sharing rooms with them, talk to them as much as you can on Clubhouse. After all, it is all you can do, there are no texts allowed on the app.   Wrapping Up Do you now know Is Clubhouse a dating app or not? I am quite sure all your doubts are cleared along with some dating tips. Comment below if you have any queries left to Is Clubhouse a dating app or not. We will surely get back to you. Have a nice day! Featured Image Credits: NetHunt CRM


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