AliExpress, launched in 2010, started out as a business-to-business portal. However, it has evolved to also being a business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer online portal. AliExpress is the most visited commercial website in Russia and many other countries. Surely it has done something to get all that attention in more than 200 countries. Its prices shock customers every day, which leads us back to our question, Is AliExpress Legit? Among all the Online Shopping Sites and Apps, AliExpress is considered to be the cheapest for its surprisingly low rates. It makes the users ask ‘Is AliExpress Safe?’. Well, after analyzing a lot of user reviews we can say that while you can trust AliExpress you can not trust its sellers every time. We always recommend you research the product in detail before buying anything from AliExpress.  But why is AliExpress so cheap? What can I do if I get a bad product from AliExpress? WE have answered everything below in detail. Let’s go through your every question about AliExpress. 

How to Use Aliexpress? Is AliExpress Legit? 

AliExpress is an easy platform (both app and site are available) to use. You only need to sign up for a free account using your email address. Or you can also use your Facebook, or Google account to log in to AliExpress.  After your sign-in, you would need to enter your first and last name, your gender, DOB, nationality, and several other categories that you are interested in such as Tech accessories, men’s fashion, and more.  Then, you’ll be asked to fill in your marital status (if yes, then your child’s DOBs), where do you work, your average salary, how much you spend on online shopping, and what other shopping platforms you use.   All the fields mentioned above are required, besides for your children’s birthdays and other online shopping platforms.  Why AliExpress asks so much of your private information is still a little unclear. But it will most probably be for improving your user experience. If they know you are married or a parent then the suggestions would be more customized.  Once you are into AliExpress, you can search for anything on the online shopping platform. It is very easy to use, just browse, click on the product, click on ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Add to Cart.’

Why is AliExpress So Cheap? 

The first thing that customers notice on the online platform is that the products are a lot cheaper. That might have happened to you too. Which made you ask why is AliExpress so cheap? There can be many reasons for this. Stay Tuned and continue reading.  Since AliExpress is a direct B2B service, it means that you’ll be buying from the manufacturer of the product directly. That reduces the selling cost of the product.   Also, Read 5 Best Android Shopping Apps 2021 Also, the cost of production and manufacturing is quite low in China when compared to other countries. So that can affect the end cost of the products. Along with this, there are many products on AliExpress that are completely made in China, from raw materials to production. If everything is done in China then that can also reduce the selling price.  Obviously, if someone is giving us something at a cheaper price, then he won’t give us a great quality of it. This means if your item is extremely cheap on AliExpress, then it would either be fake or broken.  But that’s not the case every time you buy something from AliExpress. These were the major reasons why AliExpress is so cheap. Hope you are getting closer to your answer to ‘Is AliExpress Legit?’ 

How Long Does It Take AliExpress To Deliver? 

If you have ever bought something online, then you would know that the date of delivery is provided on our ‘Orders’ section on the official app or site. There they provide you with a date when your item will be delivered.  For AliExpress, an average estimated date for delivery is around 20 to 60 days. Hmm! That’s a Long Time! This number is considered after reading the views of many AliExpress customers all over the world, and they are not happy with it.  You’ll be rather shocked to know that after the pandemic, AliExpress has extended this already prolonged delivery duration from 20-60 days to 90 days. Can you believe that? That’s another way of saying that you will have to wait 90 days before you can ask for any refund or return.  Check out, 8 Best iOS Shopping Apps 2021 This awfully long time is absolutely bizarre because no one wants to wait for three months to get a product they ordered. God! I would already forget my order in a week!  From the experience of many AliExpress customers, the average time of two weeks (Still very long).  Unfortunately, you can do very little to reduce this time duration. The products have to cross literally more than half of the world to reach you. Although they can do it fast, somehow they don’t.  Delivery has always been an issue with AliExpress. That’s why Alibaba launched Cainiao Global Company. It is a shipping service that connects with all the warehouses of AliExpress. Many users have found this service to be extremely terrible as no issues were resolved even after the launch of the company.  Users have experienced that even after the product is delivered in the country or even in the same city, it might even take a month to reach your doorstep. 

What to Expect from AliExpress? 

Now, you might be thinking that if that’s the case, then why should you even try it. NO! Every site has its own pros and cons. Just because they have cheap products doesn’t mean you should not buy from AliExpress.  Here are the points you need to keep in your mind when you are buying from AliExpress-

Low Prices

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Address and Payment

AliExpress doesn’t ask you your address till you make an order. It is unlike other sites that save your address at the creation of your profile. When using AliExpress you will be needed to fill the address at the order stage. From then on they will save your address for future orders.  The payment method in AliExpress is a little different. You can only pay at AliExpress with a Credit Card. They have attempted to make the Payment Process easy by allowing you to use almost every credit card in the market. 

AliExpress doesn’t deliver to every location

This problem is pretty common with a lot of leading online shopping platforms. There are a few chances that when you try to order something from AliExpress they don’t deliver it to your location. Also, if your location is not visible, in their drop-down menu, you can manually add it. 


The platform majorly uses English to interact with its users, and it is really good at it. Despite the fact that it is originally a Chinese website, you shouldn’t face any challenges in understanding English.  That answers your question, ‘Is AliExpress Legit?’ or not.

How to Contact AliExpress Support?

After having such a big online shopping service, how can AliExpress not provide Customer Service? AliExpress uses various mediums to connect with its customers and solve their problems. 

1. AliExpress has Email Support

You can contact them, or reach out to them by using their official email address. They will reply to you by using the same platform. 

2. Live Chat Options Available

You can also chat directly with AliExpress customer support by using the Live Chat Option. It is available on the official website. When you text them anything, you’ll get a reply in a few minutes or hours. They will try their best to help you in whatever you are doubted. 

3. Social Media Support

AliExpress is available on almost every popular social media app. You can reach out to them, leave them a text and they will surely reply to you. Besides having all these Customer Service Support, they still do not have telephone customer support yet. You cannot talk to a person in AliExpress through a voice call. 

Quality of AliExpress Goods

Most of the time you buy products from AliExpress, you’ll wonder about whether the cloth is good or not, or the color of your item is fine or dull? All these questions should come to your mind before buying the stuff. If you think your product can have a little alteration and it won’t affect you and your money much, then you should go for it. But! But! But! What if you bought something that you are completely unsatisfied with! What would you do? You have to be valid when you contact the sellers and argue about the quality of your goods.  We recommend you not do anything if you just don’t like your ordered goods because of minor issues because the return and refund process at AliExpress is a lot more complicated. So what can you do after getting an unsatisfactory good from AliExpress?

  1. Note down Your Experience If the product you received looks the same as in the display picture of that product (On the AliExpress site), then the customer service will not assist you. You got what you ordered and now your dissatisfaction will not be catered. 
  2. Negotiate a Partial Refund If you do not want to keep the AliExpress product then you can find ways to get a partial refund. You can tell the buyers that you will rate them with one star and write your bad review (which you can still do after the refund), then there is a chance you can bargain your way to a refund. 

Are There Fraudsters on AliExpress?

If you want to know whether sellers on AliExpress are fraudsters or not? Then know that there are no fraudsters on AliExpress.  There are chances their product quality can be low, for that you have to beware. Try to know everything about the seller that you can. Think about whether you can trust the seller with your money or not. If you are assured the seller is viable then you should definitely order from AliExpress.

Warning! Never Buy Branded Items from AliExpress!!

If you have thought that you’ll buy some branded products from AliExpress (even if they are fake) and then sell them at higher rates, then you are clearly missing some information. Brands that have big names are often protected in most countries.  Check out, Why Designer Brands Are So Overrated? 6 Best Explanations in 2021 The customs officials give special attention to fake products that are named as branded ones, so if that’s your intention expect the customs officials to come for you anytime. (Not scaring you at all!)

Wrapping Up

We hope you got all your answers from this article on ‘Is AliExpress Legit and Safe?’. We will always recommend you to go through every single detail of your product, research the seller as much as you can. Check out the ratings of the seller and all its reviews. You’ll learn a lot from there.  If you feel this article was helpful to you then leave a comment below. Share your previous bad experiences with any online shopping platform. You can also comment below on better ways to return goods on AliExpress as you might know that there aren’t any.  Share this article with your friends who love to shop online and make them more aware. Have a Great Day!


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