There is an ongoing buzz about the iPhone 15 flip model that could be the game changer for the company to experience the newest and most prominent features in a smartphone. The upcoming iPhone 15 series is not going to launch anytime shortly. The technology monocrat has just set in motion an array of high-end iPhones. The next collection of the iPhone 15 series is still more than 10 months away. The company will cater its iPhone 15 series mainly to the mass market. Let’s divert our attention to the upcoming iPhone 15 leaks, rumors, and speculations that are revolving in the air. 

iPhone 15 Leaks and Rumors

If leaks are to be believed, Apple is all hot to trot to prepare the iPhone 15 launch to attract the mass market. There are many changes concerning the design and feature sets to be available in the smartphone.  Ming-Chi Kuo, who is an analyst in TF international securities, purportedly said in an earlier statement that the technology giant might start offering exclusive features in the  “iPhone 15 Pro Max. On September 9, 2022, Ming-Chi Kuo stated on his official Twitter account,” I believe Apple will create more differentiation between iPhone 15 Pros and iPhone 15 standard models to increase Pro shipment allocation and the new iPhone ASP.” He further tweeted, “Taking a step further, Apple will also start creating differentiation between the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the iPhone 15 Pro. It’s the best practice via a precise product segmentation strategy to generate more sales/profits in a mature market.” Also, read iPhone 14 Pro Repair Isn’t As Easy As Expected: iPhone 14 Pro Teardown

iPhone 15 Models

A concise description of the leaked iPhone 15 models includes a 6.1-inch iPhone 15 as the entry-level model, a hefty 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Plus with longer battery life, and then two Pro models—the smaller iPhone 15 Pro and its larger cousin, the iPhone 15 Pro Max—are what we anticipate seeing. To more accurately reflect how it has undergone more significant changes than prior models, the latter model may actually launch under a whole other title and be dubbed the iPhone 15 Ultra. Also, read DIY iPhone 14 Repair Easier Than Expected: Everything You Need to Know

How iPhone 15 Could Look Like?

There are not many leaks that revolve around in terms of its design. Let’s look into the salient looks and features of the iPhone 15.

1. Design

With few modifications and alterations on the side, iPhone 15 is believed to come in two different sizes such as 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches, like the previous iPhone 13 series. The front is where the layout may change, even though the rear may stay the same. According to the speculations, the notch will be removed in support of Dynamic Island. If the iPhone SE 4 is released as a new iPhone XR, then the iPhone 14 will be the sole Apple gadget to feature a display notch.

2. Display

It is predicted to have the 60hz OLED display on the iPhone 15 series is the same as the iPhone 14 series. But here’s a catch, Dynamic island could be seen even in non-pro models making it a revolutionary change in terms of watching the content. As we have already seen, the intriguing features of the Dynamic island on the newly introduced iPhone 14 pro series. It will only evolve from this year and knock on the new doors of extraordinary features. Also, read iPhone 14 Satellite Connectivity Free For 2 Years: Here’s How to Use It

3. Chipset

The iPhone 14 series this year won’t likely hold any hardware crowns regarding power. According to rumors, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 Pro both incorporate the same A15 Bionic 5nm processor. However, the iPhone 14 Pro may have a brand-new A16 chip made using an enhanced 5nm manufacturing process. This would imply that smartphones powered by the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 are better than the anticipated iPhone 14 models. With the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple may be able to reclaim the title of possessing the most efficient smartphone chip in 2023.

4. Camera

It might take an additional year to have a superior zoom camera on a regular-size Pro iPhone for anyone wishing to forgo the iPhone 14 in favor of it. According to a recent article from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple may eventually include a periscope telephoto camera on the iPhone 15, although apparently just for the iPhone 15 Pro Max variant.

5. Other changes

Apple may develop the USB-C port with the upcoming iPhone 15 series. The European Union also clears the air by stating that all smartphones, tablets, and cameras that will be put on sale in the EU by the end of 2024 must include a USB Type-C charging port. Starting in spring 2026, laptops will also be subject to the requirement. This law is enforced by the EU to make the products more sustainable. This will definitely push Apple to bring the USB-C port to the iPhone 15 series. Also, read How to Setup eSIM in iPhone 14 in 3 Easy Ways

iPhone 15 Flip- What’s New?

The rumors and speculations of the iPhone 15 flip are not taking a break since it has been said Apple is working on a foldable iPhone. Everyone is pretty excited and waiting to have a hands-on experience with the trending iPhone 15 Flip. With an economical price tag to lure consumers, Samsung has rolled out a bunch of flip and foldable smartphones over the years. The iPhone 15 Flip prototype can be seen only in patents and internal testing. The product might be late, but it will surely make an entry shortly with a boom.


This is quite difficult to speculate the pricing of the iPhone 15 Flip smartphone. No one has made any estimate about the price, as it will entirely depend upon the company’s drive toward the design of the foldable phones. If Apple goes for a mid-range foldable smartphone, you can expect it to launch similarly at the price of not less than $1100. But if the foldable smartphone can biome the tablet like the Galaxy Z Fold 4, then it can exceed the threshold of the former estimated price.


The Waiting period for iPhone 15 Flip will shatter the hearts of iPhone lovers who have anticipated it for a long time and expect the device to launch soon. It is because one of the chief sources, Ming-chi Kuo, said-  “I expected Apple to launch a foldable iPhone as soon as 2024 in my reports last year, but now it’s clear this prediction needs to be revised. I predict Apple may launch its first foldable product in 2025 at the earliest, which may be a foldable iPad or a hybrid of iPad & iPhone.” Also, read How To Check Phone Temperature On iPhone | 4 Best Apps To Track iPhone Temperature

Wrapping Up

Based on the leaks from trusted sources, Apple seems to be all groomed with their upcoming iPhone 15 Pro models. It will be enthralling to see these speculating features come to life. Let’s wait for another few months to get a hands-on experience with this range of devices. Comment down below how many are you waiting for the most hyped iPhone 15 series, and let us know your thoughts on the rumors and speculations about the same.


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