From viewing any Instagram Profile privately, to recover deleted messages, there are a lot of features people still don’t know about Instagram. After reading this article, you’ll take a step ahead of those people and learn something you could use every day. Isn’t that great? Instagram Story Downloader apps and sites allow you to save all the stories of Instagram users and that too anonymously. They will never know someone viewed or even saved their stories. These apps and sites are completely free and easy to use.  Let’s move ahead and go through all these downloaders that provide many more services besides just downloading stories. Stay Tuned!! 

Instagram Story Downloader Apps & Sites

Instagram has introduced a lot of features this year (it has even introduced a new desktop post feature), but it still hasn’t launched a feature to download stories of other accounts. I am sure you have used many Helper Tools on Instagram, but to download Instagram stories you would need help from other apps.  What are those apps? How can we use them?How can I view Instagram stories anonymously?  There’s a solution for your every query. Just sit back and get surprised.  

How To Download Instagram Stories?

To download your stories on Instagram, you can simply save them by clicking on your story icon, then clicking on the three-dot icon and tapping “Save”. But saving stories from some other account isn’t that easy. You would have to either go to online sites (mentioned below) or use these Instagram Story Downloader Apps for iPhone and Android.  You just need to type the username of the account, click on the ‘Submit’ button and you’ll see their stories instantly, along with an option to download them. Also, Read How To Reset Instagram Explore Page | Decoding The Algorithm-101

1. RePost it!

RePost it, is a simple tool for saving Instagram stories and even reposting them. It is such a versatile app as it allows saving posts and stories from the username as well as the profile link.  Repost it! is loved by all its users because of its easy interface. So if you want to just save and repost stories, you can do it with your watermarks on them. Isn’t it great? It is an Instagram story downloader that should be used by everyone.  Features: 

Save and Repost by searching usernameSave and repost from the linkSave your own postsRepost from storiesWatermark your posts

Check out, How to Remove Fake Instagram Followers? Best Apps to Use in 2021 User Review:  “ADORE this app! I tried 7 others & each had its issues. Not only does this work quickly & efficiently, but it allows me to change the background color of the credit badge as well as the text color so I can match the photo. Can’t recommend it enough.” Size: 5.1MB Compatibility: Android 5.0 and up

2. Repost Stories

Repost Stories is one of the best Instagram story downloader apps for iOS. It doesn’t only save your stories but does so much more than this. You can save everything on Instagram, including highlights, posts, and whatnot  Instagram is a great social media and people are using many different tools for increasing engagement. All these enhancement tools have been reviewed by Increditools you may go through them.   Features: 

Free appSave and Repost everything on InstagramWatermark Free StoriesEdit stories with Filters, Adjustments, Effects, Text & Draw, and more. 

Also, Read How to Make Money on Instagram with 500 Followers? Tried and Tested Ways in 2021 User Review:  “Easy to use and you can share the story anywhere or just save it. Great one.” Size: 32.5MB Compatibility: iPhone, iPod, Mac

3. FastSave

FastSave is a unique app available on both Android and iOS devices. Having a user base of more than 10 Million, FastSave has definitely proved its efficiency in saving and reposting stories and posts on Instagram.  FastSave is one of a kind Instagram story downloader that can even be used in your browser. You can also have your personal locker on the app where you can save your photos instantly.  Features: 

100% FreeNo in-app PurchasesFast Download SpeedBeautiful Dashboard, easy to useSlideshows availableSecret Locker to hide photos and videos

You must learn all the Tips on How to Make an Aesthetic Instagram Story in Simple Ways User Review:  “The best app, like literally the best repost app you can find, you don.t need to buy anything and all! Highly recommend!!” Size on Android: 5.6MB Size on iPhone: 59.9MB  Compatibility for Android: Requires Android 4.1 and up Compatibility for iOS:  iPhone, iPod, iPod touch, Mac

4. InStore

InStore is an all-in-one app that will do everything for you. This Instagram story downloader app is a Story Saver, hashtag generator, caption generator, collage maker, DP downloader, DP resizer, and whatnot. Literally!  You don’t even need to log in to use InStore. Can it get better than this? I don’t think so! Features: 

100% Free to useSave stories easilyVideo DownloaderGenerate tags and captionsReposts easilyNo login required

User Review:  “????????it is very nice and so much amazing and fantastic application. It is a very useful app. It is very easy to use and download. I really like it.” Size: 35MB Compatibility: Android 5.0 and up Also, Read 9 Instagram Follower Tracking Apps 2021 [Best Unfollow Apps]

5. Story Saver for Me

Story Saver for Me cannot get any better. Trust me on this! It’s one of the best Instagram Story Downloaders on the iPhone. You don’t need to sign in to use the app. You can even view everything anonymously plus there are no charges.  Save and Explore!  Features: 

Save and view Stories and postsCreate lists from stories and postsShare the saved stuffExplore and surf Instagram in a better wayNo login RequiredExplore Anonymously

User Review:  “Amazing app, Easy and quick to use, very efficient app no hustle no paid subscription, highly recommend and that is it.” Size: 11.4MB Compatibility for iOS:  iPhone, iPod, iPod touch, Mac Check out, How to Get Verified on Instagram in 2021: Expert’s Top Advice

6. Online Instagram Story Downloaders 

Besides using Instagram story downloader apps you can also save and view Instagram stories online. You don’t need to download any apps for it.  Really? How?  Just visit Insta Followers. It has a super easy interface, you just need to write the username here and all the stories that the account has posted (within 24 hours), can be downloaded.  Easy Enough?  Wait!!! There’s more! You can also try the same on these Instagram story downloader online sites. These are as easy as they can be and will give you exactly what you’re looking for. So check out the sites, to download Instagram stories instantly. Note: These sites can only access stories of public accounts. Accessing stories of private Instagram accounts are not authorized by Instagram.  Do you want to learn How To Add Reels To Your Profile Grid In 2021 | Step-By-Step Guide Wrapping Up I am sure you’ll definitely use these Instagram Story Downloaders. Out of all these, I found InStore the best to use. It is easy and does everything for me. What about you? Use these apps and let us know about your reviews. Till then, share this article with your friends who are always stalking somebody on Instagram.  Have a Great Day! Featured Image Credits: Er Arpit Sharma


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