Instagram is trying its best to keep its users happy and satisfied with its tools and services. That is why it has been one of the most used platforms by celebrities across the globe. Its features attract regular users, business profiles, and everyone else. It asks for your phone number to keep your account secure and safe. Your phone number can be used to send you codes to reset your password or to use it as 2FA. However, sometimes you may have to wait for hours to get these codes, and sometimes they do not even reach you.  Let’s try to explore the causes and fixes for the Instagram not sending SMS code error.

Why is Instagram Not Sending SMS Code?

It could be mainly due to one of the following reasons. You need to check which of them is true in your case, so you can fix the issue at once. However, if you don’t have any idea, you can try solving it by applying the fixes one by one. Here is the list of reasons behind the Instagram not sending SMS code problem.

  1. Instagram servers are overloaded or down.
  2. The Instagram servers do not have access to send you an SMS.
  3. Your IP address is blocked by Instagram officials.
  4. You are trying to reach the servers while you’re active in a poor coverage location, and your cellphone can complete signal bars.
  5. You may have entered an invalid phone number.
  6. The SIM card server is malfunctioning.
  7. You’ve made too many similar requests.
  8. You used a prohibited VPN while accessing Instagram.
  9. Your network provider’s servers have an issue.
  10. Your Instagram app is either outdated or malfunctioning. Read, also Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed? Try These 5 Easy Fixes

Fixes For Instagram Not Sending SMS Code Error

Instagram itself has recognized this issue. It happens for many reasons, and there is a fix for each reason. However, there are times when it is so stuck that no fix is possible. But don’t worry; I’ve got you completely covered regarding the Instagram not sending SMS code error. Here are some of the top fixes to get rid of the error.

1. Check Your Phone’s Network

It’s possible that your phone is unable to receive messages due to connection problems. In this scenario, the issue is with your mobile network, not with your Wi-Fi. Check that your phone has the necessary network bars. To restore network services on the phone, briefly enable and disable the flight mode. To know whether you are receiving text messages, try contacting your friend or asking anyone in your family to text you. It would be great if you text someone and ask them to reply. If you are not receiving an SMS, contact your SIM provider and tell them to fix the issue. Also, read How to Unmute Someone on Instagram: Top 4 Easy Methods

2. Check Your Internet

The very basic step is to ensure the security and speed of your internet connection. Your internet needs to be strong and stable. Many users who have experienced the Instagram not sending SMS code error have either insecure or weak internet connections. The Instagram app needs to have access to the proper internet connection in order to receive your command and send you the message. To fix this issue, try to figure out the speed of your connection. Access other apps and see if they are running properly. You can also restart your wifi or enable flight mode for a while if you are on mobile internet to enhance the connection strength. Restarting your wifi can be done in multiple methods, and the best and easiest is switching off the power connection for a while (15 to 30 seconds is enough). So, switch the power connection of your wifi device or modem off for a while. Sometimes, restarting your internet won’t work. You need to contact your service provider and ask them to fix your connection. You can also check if you have exhausted the data pack. If that is the problem, load your connection or try to subscribe to a booster pack or an extra gig of internet. Also, read What Does Active Today Mean on Instagram: Know Last Seen Status

3. Restart Your Phone

Sometimes it is neither the app nor the connection but your smartphone, which is creating the Instagram not sending SMS code issue. You need to give your phone a restart. When I say restart, I do not suggest giving your phone the restart command. I, however, prefer switching it off for a minute or two. So everything gets in its place. Once I feel the device is not hot anymore, I turn it on. This method is called cold booting. This works better than warm booting. Also, read How to Fix Instagram Says I Have Messages But I Don’t With 6 Fixes!

4. Disable or Enable VPN

It is not always VPN’s fault for causing you problems. VPNs also help you solve many issues. Here is an easy way to diagnose and know what should be done, whether to enable VPN or disable it. If you are on a VPN and you face the Instagram not sending SMS code issue, it could be due to your VPN then. In this case, close the app or try a different and stronger VPN server. You can switch to another VPN application as well. But keeping it off in this scenario is a better way to go with. If you encounter an Instagram not sending SMS code problem without having an active VPN, you can try to enable one and check whether it works or not. The key is you need to wait after every fix. Also, read How to Change Instagram Name? Try This Detailed Guide for iOS & Android (2022)

5. Restart the Instagram App

Quit the Instagram app for a while and then restart it. Quitting an app for a while cleans if it has created any bugs. To quit an app on your iPhone, you need to go to your home screen. Now press the multitasking button or swipe up. Now among the opened apps’ previews, hold the Instagram app and drag it toward the top of your phone screen until it vanishes. To quit the app on Andriod, I do not recommend doing it from floating windows screen (aka multi-tasking). It is better to go to your home screen and locate the Instagram app’s icon. Hold on to it for a while until you see the App Info icon appearing; tap on the icon and hit Force stop at the bottom left of the App info screen. Also, read Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story (Updated 2022)

6. Switch To Alternatives

You can also switch to alternatives. If you are trying to reset your code, you can switch to your email instead of SMS. To switch to this option, select email while trying to fetch the codes or the password reset link. If you are trying to access your Instagram account from a different device and it is asking for a 2FA code, you can pick WhatsApp, the Authenticator app, or you can even enter the Backup codes that you may have copied while setting up two-factor authentication. It will help you bypass the Instagram not sending SMS code issue. Also, read What does Navigation Mean on Instagram? Use This In-App Tool to Grow Your Account

7. Avoid Over Trying

You should not over-access the “Resend Code” option on Instagram. It will do nothing but make the Instagram not sending SMS code issue more complicated. It is better to wait for a while, try quitting the app, checking the internet connection and other fixes mentioned above or below, then click the “Resend Code” button. If you over-try, it will send a message to Instagram as if you are trying to break into someone else’s account. Instagram may block your IP, and it may also suspend or even disable your account for a day to a week. Also, read Can You Screen Record Instagram Stories (Updated 2022)

8. Update Instagram App

It should be among your must to do fixes for the Instagram not sending SMS code issue. An outdated app makes many things complicated. It causes other issues like Instagram not working, Instagram not opening, and more. To update your app go to the app store of your phone. For iPhone and iPad, visit App Store, and search “Instagram” in the given search bar. Now hit the result, and if it has any update, tap on the Update button and let the file download and install. On the Andriod smartphone or tab, open Google Play (aka Play Store). Search “Instagram” in the given search bar at the top of the screen. Now, click the result, and if it has an update, click the Update button to allow the file to be downloaded and installed. It is better to quit the app once it is updated, and if you restart the phone as well, it will work wonders. Also, read How To Make A Reel On Instagram With Photos In 5 Steps!

9. Try Instagram Web

As Instagram manages different features from its dedicated servers, it is possible the app is down sometimes, and the web mode is working fine. Try launching the Instagram web on your computer (I would not suggest a mobile browser if you are already facing Instagram not sending SMS code issue for a while). Check if you can receive the code. Also, read Can’t Post Multiple Photos on Instagram? Try These 9 Fixes Useful Fixes

10. Login From Facebook

Instagram lets you log in to your Instagram account with your linked Facebook account. However, it should have been added to your account in the Accounts Center. If you have done it, try logging in from your Facebook account and check if you get access to your account. If you have not linked or if you have unlinked your Facebook account, you should still give it a try. Believe me; I have recovered one of my accounts with an unlinked Facebook account.

11. Clear App Cache

Cache lets you load your app quickly and view your most visited sections within no time. However, an overloaded cache portion causes more troubles than its uses. To fix Instagram not sending SMS code issue, you should also try clearing its cache. To clear the cache, open your phone settings. You can easily access your Instagram app by searching it instead of going through options and tabs. Search “Instagram” and tap on the result. If you cannot find any, search for apps. Now open the Instagram app in the phone settings and hit the clear cache. You can access this from the app icon itself, hold on to it on your Android, and tap on App info. On the bottom, hit Clear Data and then Clear Cache. Also, read What Do The Symbols & Icons Mean on Instagram (Updated 2022)

12. Check If Instagram is Down

If you have attempted to retrieve your Instagram account many times but have not received the SMS message, the Instagram service may be unavailable. Inspect the Insta service status on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or preferably on Downdetector to determine whether the problem is really with Instagram instead of your app or phone. You may also use your web browser to search “is Instagram down?” If it is down, you must allow for the connection to be repaired before attempting again.

13. Disable DND

If you have enabled Do Not Disturb or Focus Mode, or Ultimate Battery Saver on your phone, you should disable all of them for a while. These modes block texts at times. You should always check your phone network and DND status before trying to receive an SMS from Instagram. Also, read How to Find Your Comment on Instagram With 3 Simple Ways

14. Contact Instagram

If nothing worked, contact Instagram as the final course of action. It takes time, and you should keep checking your email if Instagram has shared any links or any other details.

15. Patience

The first thing you should do if you aren’t getting SMS from Instagram is to wait. Simply wait a couple of hours and try again. SIM errors can sometimes cause SMS to be delayed due to server overload. Whatever the reason behind the Instagram not sending SMS code issue is, you should wait. If you try to receive the code and hit on the button continually, it will only strengthen the problem and nothing else. That is all about the fixes for the Instagram not sending SMS code issue; once you get back to your account, try this. Also, read How To Reset Instagram Explore Page | Decoding The Algorithm-101

How to Avoid Instagram Not Sending SMS Code Issue?

The Instagram not sending SMS code issue is weird and annoying; you can tell this yourself if you have ever faced it. To avoid encountering the issue, you should do the following:

1. Update Two Factor Authentication Methods

You should opt for all of the methods given in the Two Factor Authentication menu. Opt for WhatsApp as well as authenticator apps. If you face the problem of Instagram not sending SMS code again, you can try another method. You can even approve your login from your recognized devices, besides WhatsApp and the authenticator app. You should not turn off Two Factor Authentication, even if you know how to disable it. Opting for other alternatives is a better idea than disabling this strong security feature. Also, read How To Share Youtube Video On Instagram Story | Two Methods

2. Copy Backup Codes

Keep a copy of your backup codes recorded in your diary. Don’t rely on the virtual options you have got. Keep a hard copy of your codes secured. You can always generate new codes, once you use all or most of them. Backup codes can be accessed from Instagram app settings. Tap on settings > Security > Two Factor Authentication > Additional Methods > Back-Up Codes.

3. Update Email ID

Though you cannot use email for 2FA, you can use it for resetting passwords and other stuff. It is better to have your best email ID linked with your accounts. Update the email address whenever you change your previous ID or whenever you feel it is needed. Also, read How to Fix Instagram Followers Count Not Updating With 5 Easy Methods

4. Update the Phone Number

Many times we forget to change linked phone numbers on our account when we change or switch to another provider. It is important to keep your account email and phone number updated so that you can access it easily and avoid errors like Instagram not sending SMS code issue.

Wrapping Up

The Instagram not sending SMS code issue can be avoided beforehand if you keep your account updated and keep all possible alternatives enabled. So if one of them is down, the other would let you in. If you have found this article helpful, please share this article with your friends who may have the same issue with Instagram texts. And for more Instagram tips and tricks, keep surfing Path of EX.


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