I have curated an updated article to provide them with all the information needed to solve their problem. The fixes mentioned are the best options you can get and would help you solve your problem. So, without wasting any more time read through the fixes, I am sure one of them would help you.

How to Fix Instagram Music Not Working?

When you are facing any problem with Instagram music, you should apply the fixes mentioned below. They are easy and can be used to fix the problem on Instagram. So, if you are facing the problem mentioned above, just go through the fixes, and I am sure you will find a solution. 

1. Check For The Music Sticker

Check whether the music sticker is available and working. Then you have to click on the plus sign at the top of the screen, go to the drop-down menu, and select story. Choose a photo or video and add it to your story.  Now you can click on the music icon, click on the stickers, and select the music sticker. You will find a list of the music option from the Instagram music library.  Also read, What is Precise Location on Instagram & How to Turn it On/Off on Instagram?

2. The Instagram App is Updated

Always keep the Instagram app updated as an updated app would help you to update all the required features available. It would also help you to get the music option as well. You may keep the app for automatic updation as it would keep itself updated as and when required. You can even choose to update it, as per your choice manually.  Also read, How to Fix Instagram Share to Facebook Stopped Working [Updated 2022]

3. Switch to Personal Account

Users have complained that they have lost the option for music while upgrading to a business account on Instagram. So, if you have a professional account, switch to a personal account, and your problem will get solved. You can again switch back to your professional account whenever you want. When you switch from a professional account to a personal one, getting the music option back on your account may take time. Also read, What Does Priority Mean on Instagram | Latest Feature Explained!

4. Log out of Instagram

You can try login out of your Instagram account and then logging back into your account. This fix comes in handy and may solve your problem. When you log out and back in, the feature also gets restored as it is in the app. Also read, New Buzz: Instagram to Test New Repost Feature For the Main Feed

5. Reinstall Instagram

You must uninstall and reinstall the app when the above fix does not work. When you do that, you remove the files installed with the app. Even the app’s cache is deleted, which might prevent the app from working correctly. Again when you install the app, then new files are installed with the app, and they are updated. None of the data you had earlier on the platform for your account is lost. Try this; you might get lucky!

6. Outages on Instagram

The service of Instagram may go offline, and it might restrict you from using some app features. You should also check the status page of Instagram in the down detector, and you get the status of the service available in real-time. Also read, Instagram Comments Not Loading | 4 Reasons and 6 Fixes

7. Instagram Customer Support

When any of the above options fail to work, you may take help from the Instagram support team. You have to mail them your problem. And they will get back to you in a few hours. Sometimes they may even not provide you with a reply for your problem may be faced by a considerable number of users, and their team works on the problem and solves it. Also read, How to Fix Instagram Challenge Required Error in 2022 (Solved)

Wrapping Up

You can now solve the glitch you have with Instagram music not working. The above fixes would help you in solving them. I am sure you would not be disappointed, and one of them would come in handy. I have also used some fixes when I ran into a problem, and they worked wonders for my app. So, you may also try the same. Till then, happy Instagramming!


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