In the article below, I have described the probable reasons for the links not working. It can help you to understand the problem. Moreover, Instagram has also laid down limitations on the links which can be used or posted on their platform. Hence, read the article and get to know about them in detail.

On Monday, many Instagram users complained that the Instagram links in the bio were not working. What do we do when our favorite platform shuts down? We move to Twitter! A few days back, many users took it to Twitter and said their accounts were being suspended for no reason. Instagram is having a hard time dealing with all these problems. As of now, it seems that the links in bio are not working. On the other hand, some people cannot add URLs to their Instagram profiles. In certain cases, if your link violates any guidelines, they are supposed to inform you. However, it seems that links are not working today, even if they are not violating any guidelines. I believe this is some kind of glitch that will be resolved soon. At the time of writing, Instagram hasn’t said anything about the issue yet. If anything comes up, I’ll update the article.

Some links are not allowed on Instagram. Hence, you may keep getting messages regarding the same. You must know that certain types of content and actions are not taken by Instagram correctly. It is restricted; hence, you get the “link not working/allowed” message on Instagram. Especially in the bio, several links are not allowed due to the number of spam accounts. Please refer to the list below to know if the Instagram links are not working on the platform.

  1. Websites linked with spammers in their websites are being blocked.
  2. Links to the website with explicit content are not allowed on the platform. Also read, How to Fix Please Wait A Few Minutes Before You Try Again on Instagram
  3. Links appearing on many websites in a short period are not allowed.
  4. Shortened links that are not clear are restricted on the platform.
  5. Funny and fake website names are blocked due to the use of fake URL.
  6. Domain names with the wrong spelling on Instagram are blocked.
  7. Sometimes the wifi does not work correctly, and you may experience such a problem. Some people feel the AI of Instagram may malfunction and cause such problems. External linking of the website is not allowed. Some users get restriction messages, while some do not get the message of Instagram Links not working. Hence, the scenario may vary from person to person. Also read, New Buzz: Instagram Launches New Features For Better User Control Over Suggested Posts

Wrapping Up

The Instagram Algorithm has been enhanced to add on and restrict content by its creators. The platform continuously upgrades itself to add more to the platform each day. Hence, you may come across messages on your account as Instagram links not working. These help to keep the platform away from unwanted and malicious content. So, the next time you see such a message on your account, always check the link you are posting.


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