Instagram is a really amazing app that lets you grow your audience. It lets you interact with your friends. You can post your life updates in the form of photos and videos. Instagram’s reels feature makes it impossible to just watch one reel and put the phone down. But with all these features, Instagram does have its own glitches from time to time. Since last night many users have complained that Instagram is crashing on their phones. Users were confused as the app kept blocking users time and again. Let’s see why Instagram keeps crashing.

Instagram Keeps Crashing Every 30 Seconds [Update 31 Oct, 2022]

Users worldwide have been complaining about Instagram crashing after every 30 seconds. Many users have taken to Twitter to complain about this error. This is not the first time this social media platform has faced this problem. While for some, the problem arises after every 30 seconds, for others, the app is crashing just after opening it. According to DownDetector, users worldwide have been facing the issue of Instagram crashing every 30 seconds. While most users faced this problem on the night of 30th October, many still face it on the morning of 31st October. For many, the error has not been corrected yet. This problem, however, is only detected in the Instagram app and not the website. So, it seems to be a bug or error. Instagram has made no comments about this problem as of now. Also, read How to Fix Instagram Monetization Option Is Not Showing RN!

Why Instagram Keeps Crashing?

Instagram started crashing late last night. After Instagram users were blocked repeatedly from using the app, people took it to Twitter and other social apps to confirm they were not the only ones. Users have reported that Instagram keeps stopping. This issue is reported more from Android users than from iPhone users. Also, read 9 Most Commented Post on Instagram 2022 | Look Who Is The Secret Winner? Instagram has not officially made a statement as to why the app keeps crashing. Or how to fix this issue. Everyone’s savior when apps are glitching is the Down Detector. The official site of Down Detector has confirmed that Instagram is down. This is an issue that will have to be resolved by Instagram. So we will have to wait for Team Instagram to resolve this. Also, read Why Does Instagram Update Have a Black Background? Change Your IG Settings RN

Instagram Keeps Crashing for iPhone Users

Many people are taking out their frustration on Twitter as iPhone users complain Instagram keeps crashing and the application does not open on their devices. Although the application is working normally on Android devices, iPhone users are facing glitches/bugs in the app. Users complain that when they click on the application, it opens the launch screen and the application starts crashing. Instagram has not given any statement regarding the bug. Let’s wait for the Instagram team to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Wrapping Up

So if Instagram keeps crashing for you, you are not alone. Millions of users have reported that the app is having this glitch on their end as well. The issue can only be fixed by Instagram. The issue will be resolved in some time, for sure. Until that happens, all we can do is wait. We will get back to you with more tech and social media updates, keep visiting Path Of EX.


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