The “Instagram Feed not refreshing” error message might pop up and Instagram may occasionally stop to update your feed. In this case, you probably wouldn’t be able to see any fresh content from other users who are added to your account. In these kinds of circumstances, you could attempt to resolve this problem by implementing the solutions we’ve mentioned beneath. Therefore, walk with me through the article thoroughly to learn about Instagram Feed not refreshing, and also learn how to fix it permanently.

8 Ways to Fix Instagram Feed Not Refreshing Bug

I have come up with some 10 effective ways to learn how to fix Instagram feed not refreshing error. I recommend reading down them carefully to get rid of couldn’t refresh error.

1. Verify the Internet Connection

Like many social media platforms, Instagram can only be used on your smartphone while it is connected to the web. The web connection is the main factor to blame if users can’t refresh their Instagram feed. This connectivity might be compromised for a plethora of purposes, including a broken modem, weak signaling between the modem and the gadgets, or a system outage at the Internet service provider. Test to see if you (or your device) are inside just a few meters of your Wi-Fi connection when you are typically connected to a wifi connection. You would typically need to be near to a connection in the scenario of a 5GHz band because 2.4GHz spectrum modems typically get a greater range. Consider downloading additional apps and websites on your smartphone to verify that it is linked to the reliable web. To ensure it’s quick enough to use Instagram, you could also verify your connection speed by visiting speedtest on your webpage. It’s definitely better to change to a good internet package or choose a different service company if your internet speeds are slow and Instagram isn’t the only site that’s being impacted. You might enable your mobile internet package after joining a wifi network to check if the Instagram feed loads properly. By doing the following steps, you can easily activate your mobile data. Also, read How to Fix Instagram Camera Not Working | Easy 5 Step Guide to Use Instagram Camera On an Android Smartphone: To access Quick Configuration, slide down at the top and select the Network button. This should resolve the issue of Instagram Feed not refreshing. On an iPhone Device: Swipe down from the right-hand side of the top corner, and press on the 

2. Logout and Login from the Instagram Account

There might be a short-term problem with your Instagram profile preventing Instagram from loading your feed. These problems could arise as platform programmers keep making minor changes to the application, which could occasionally have a large negative impact on certain users. You may log out of your Instagram profile by launching the app, head to your User profile, selecting the Hamburger symbol, and then selecting Configuration to see if that is the issue and resolve it. Also, read How To Reset Instagram Explore Page | Decoding The Algorithm-101 Swipe down to the bottom of Preferences and hit the Log out button there. The login window would then appear once you check out your Instagram profile. In order to check if the feed has been updated and may be refreshed, you could now provide your login information and sign back into your profile. Also, read How to Fix: ‘Sorry There Was a Problem with Your Request’ On Instagram in 2022

3. Try to Update Instagram App

Update to the most recent release of the Instagram from the App Store or Google Play Store to address the issue with the application feed refresh if you use it on an iPhone or Android phone. I usually advise downloading the most recent release of the app because doing so shall fix any problem. In case you don’t find the options for updating the Instagram by above-given alternatives, then you can try to update it manually. Find the steps below to update the Instagram app manually: On an Android Device: launch the Google Play Store application, select your Profile Photo under Manage applications and devices, and, if necessary, upgrade the Instagram. Also, read How to View Instagram Without an Account in 2022 | Top 3 Methods On an iPhone: Navigate to your Profile Photo in the upper right side of the App Store application, then hit Update all.

4. Turn on Unlimited Data Use

All iPhone and Android devices are made to ensure that applications don’t consume an excessive amount of mobile data, helping you avoid having to pay a high monthly phone payment. Certain applications might not be able to fully open up as a result, though. The Instagram app might not have access to unconstrained data if it cannot load your feed even after you have enabled mobile data on your phone. You can fix this by allowing Instagram to access mobile or wireless internet without limitations. In doing so, you could use Instagram without completely disabling your phone’s data-saving features. The methods below must assist you in completing this task on your smartphone for both iOS and Android. Also, read How to Put Multiple Pictures on Instagram Story | Boost Your Followers on IG On an Android Device: Locate the Instagram app on your phone in the Application launcher, then long-press on the application’s logo. Choose the button or the Application details button when a menu pops up. Choose Mobile Data and Wi-Fi from the App details window. To enable the application to browse the internet without limitation, switch on the Unlimited data consumption option at the bottom of the main window. On an iPhone Device: The unlimited data usage option that is present on Android devices is absent from iPhones. When you haven’t previously, you can decide to allow Instagram to utilize your mobile data. Navigate to Instagram and use the Configuration application to do this. Also, read Why is Instagram Asking For Birthday & How to Fix it Switch on the option for Cellular Data on the main window. Now you can test to see if Instagram updates properly (Instagram Feed not refreshing).

5. Ensure that the Date and Time on the Phone is Selected Correctly

The Instagram application won’t be able to display your feed due to incompatible time and date settings when your device’s time and date aren’t adjusted properly or are set incorrectly. The application may be unable to display fresh updates from persons you like if the program’s records are messed up by inaccurate times. You may resolve this by enabling automatic time and date updates on your phone, which will help you stay clear of similar problems in the future. Read the directions below on your specific device to change the date and time in order to fix Instagram Feed not refreshing error. On an Android device: To fix Instagram Feed not refreshing error, you need to follow the given below steps on your Android device. Also, read How to Hide Follower List on Instagram | Choose Your Followers Now

  1. Navigate to the System in the configuration app.
  2. Choose the Date and Time from the Systems option.
  3. Select the Set time automatically button on the following screen.
  4. To ensure that your smartphone switches time zones in accordance with your present location, switch on the Set Time Zone Automatically. The time and date on your smartphone must now be accurate. You could now launch the Instagram app and verify that your feed displays correctly (Instagram Feed not refreshing). On an iPhone Device: To fix Instagram Feed not refreshing error, please follow the steps given below on your iOS device.
  5. Select the Settings option and choose General from the menu to correctly change the date and time on iOS.
  6. Choose Date & Time under the General option.
  7. Select the Set Automatically option on the following screen.
  8. Now reload your Instagram feed to see whether you could view it.

6. Turn On/Off The VPN Client

Your device’s Instagram app must generally have no trouble connecting to Instagram’s servers, and if you’re experiencing persistent feed refresh issues, you might try hooking up your smartphone to a VPN service to fix the issue. It might be possible to use a VPN to strengthen the link across your phone and Instagram’s servers, based on the caliber of your VPN provider. If you currently use a VPN service, you might try switching it on for your cellphone before opening the Instagram app to see if your feed displays as expected. If it still doesn’t solve the issue, you may try changing the VPN app’s server location to see if that helps. If you always use a VPN service, especially when accessing Instagram, you might want to consider turning it off to assure that your phone links to Instagram’s servers properly and without any external assistance. Whenever you activate a VPN app on your gadget, the majority of applications would be able to identify your IP address and VPN and stop functioning. Also, read Why is Instagram Stories Glitch Repeating My IG Stories | How to Fix It

7. Clear Instagram Cache

The cache of an application could be conveniently removed by Android phones, greatly freeing up storage space. Clearing Instagram’s temporary cache storage is one technique to solve the issue if the Instagram Feed not refreshing error occurs. Open the Instagram app in the Application launcher, then long-press on the app icon to start. Choose the I icon or the Application details option when a menu pops up. Choose Storage and cache from the Application details window. All of the temporary data generated by Instagram would be deleted as of a result. Now that Instagram is loaded, see if it displays correctly.

8. Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram

Users may attempt deleting the program and reinstalling again if none of the aforementioned fixes work to resolve your Instagram Feed not refreshing error. Instagram application removal from your gadget: On an Android Device: To resolve Instagram Feed not refreshing error, please follow the steps below on your Android device.

  1. Locate Instagram’s application in the Application-Launcher and long-press it to remove it from Mobile. Choose the I symbol or the Apps detail choice when a selection pops up.
  2. Hit on the Uninstall option from the App Information window.
  3. Hit on the OK option from the next screen. On an iPhone Device: Read down the steps given below to fix Instagram Feed not refreshing error on your iOS device.
  4. Find the Instagram app on your Homepage, Application Store, and Spotlight to remove it from your iPhone. Press and hold the application’s logo once you’ve located it. Choose Delete App from the overflow menu that displays.
  5. To uninstall the app from iOS, press Delete to verify your decision.
  6. After this, you can easily install the Instagram App again from either Google Play Store or App Store respectively. By following all the steps given above shall resolve easily the error Instagram Feed not refreshing. Also, read How to View Private Instagram Profiles | 15 Hacks to View Private IG

Wrapping Up

I hope this article (Instagram Feed not refreshing) will be of great help to you to learn about the Instagram feed, not refreshing, and how to fix this error. I have recommended some of the best and most effective ways to fix the error of Instagram feed not refreshing. In spite of the fact that this is a very common problem these days, we receive a lot of questions related to it. however, we can fix it permanently if you follow the steps listed above. To understand the steps well, you would probably need to scroll through the steps given above carefully and fix the issue completely (Instagram Feed not refreshing). If there is any other question related to the Instagram feed not refreshing, please write back to me in the comments section below.


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