Users of Instagram may share both photographs and videos on social networking sites. It may be utilized as a powerful marketing technique to advertise services and goods. With more than 1 billion active users, Instagram has recently risen to the top of the social media heap. Instagram gives businesses a means to connect with a lot of potential clients. Additionally, it enables companies to establish connections with their clients and foster a sense of community around their brand. Instagram may also be utilized to increase traffic to a business’s website or blog. There are a few different reasons why you might see the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error. I will talk about all those reasons, and I will show you how to fix the issue as well. Let’s begin.

Why Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed?

One of the Instagram community’s probably hardest issues is that Instagram Couldn’t refresh feed. It is unpleasant to frequently find yourself unable to watch the most recent stories and posts because this could happen unexpectedly and frequently. Let’s try to examine the potential reasons one at a time, and then in succession, we will try to learn fixes and troubleshooting for this problem shoulder to shoulder. Also, read How To Fix Instagram Removed My Link In Bio | Check 4 Fixes

01. Instagram Servers Are Down

Along with the error notification “Instagram couldn’t refresh feed,” you will face many other issues at a time when the servers of the platform are down. You will have issues like posts freezing on your Instagram Feed (homepage of Instagram), showing only older posts, receiving “Couldn’t refresh feed” every time you try to refresh the feed, and more. It will extend its shadows on the DM page and on your profile page as well. You may not find your posts — images, Stories, videos, or reels. Although this issue doesn’t arise frequently, it is usually promptly fixed when it does.

02. Internet Connection Is Not Working Properly

A lagging and unfitting internet connection is among the most frequent causes of Instagram’s inability to update your feed. Instagram cannot load the most recent pictures and videos when the connection is slow or not working. It could also occur if there is excessive traffic on the connection, such as on New Year’s Eve or while watching a proper release. Also, read Is Instagram Down, Know the Status, RN!!

03. Instagram App is not Updated

You will undoubtedly encounter some performance difficulties with Instagram if you’re running an outdated version of the app on your smartphone. Not just the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error; there will be many more errors and issues.

04. You Are Restricted by the Platform

There are several restrictions on what you may do on Instagram that, if violated, may limit your ability to use the service. The restriction or the ban for a time period makes you unable to like a post, comment on it, or interact with a post in any way. You will receive a pop-up alert reading “Action Blocked” if you are experiencing any restrictions. It doesn’t occur only when you violate a rule but when you employ a bot or any other third-party program to modify or exploit a service. Though it doesn’t generally affect the Instagram Feed, it is possible that Instagram couldn’t refresh feed for that reason. Also, read How to Fix: We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things On Instagram Error in 2022

05: Invalid System Date & Time

If you have not turned the network provided time on, or if the date and time entries are not accurate, you may also face Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error. Don’t think it is weird, but if your phone’s time and date aren’t set correctly, many apps on your smartphone might not function properly. The apps may run into conflicting values if their servers’ time and date entries do not match your chosen ones, which leads to issues. Though some apps accept up to a 30 days time difference, Instagram is not one of them.

06: Your Device is Not Working Properly

Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error is also caused when the device is not working properly. Your device may run out of memory or storage to handle the Instagram app. It may also have an overloaded cache drive or portion that will cause the issue. These are the main 6 reasons why Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error. It is not mandatory that you have all of the problems at once. But you should check them one by one. Wondering how? Be with me; I will let you know how to fix the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed issue in an easy method. Also, read Fix: Instagram App Not Loading & Logging In | Get The 8 Fixes Now

How to Fix Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Error

Below are the best possible methods to rectify the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error. Follow these instructions precisely, then see if the app has begun to operate. Avoid changing the sequence. The steps are documented in a format to save time and in-app data. It will take longer as you go down, and you may also lose the app data in the final methods.

01: Check Your Internet Connection to Fix Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed

Check if your internet is working properly, if the speed is okay and if other online applications work properly. Checking your internet connection should be your first course of action. Check the strength of the Wi-Fi signal if you’re utilising it. If you’re using cellular data, be sure you have a good signal and a fast enough connection. Regardless of whether you’re connected by Wi-Fi or a cellular network, use Speedtest to ascertain your internet speed. If you have an issue with it. Try switching to a different WiFi or get in touch with your phone carrier to resolve this problem. Also, read How to Fix Reels Video Save Option Not Showing on Instagram | 3 Easy Fixes

02: Seek Help from a Friend or a Search Engine

When the platform’s servers are down or are being upgraded, you will experience several other problems in addition to the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error. Although it doesn’t often happen, when it does, the problem is generally resolved right away. To check if it is the issue — Instagram servers are down — call a friend and see if they face the same issue. You can also take the help of a search engine instead of checking it with a friend. In the search field of your favorite search engine (such as Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, or another), type “is Instagram down” and head to the recent articles. If it is the issue, don’t worry, it will be restored in a while. Also, read How to Fix Instagram Followers Count Not Updating With 5 Easy Methods

03: Fix the Device Issues

There are many issues a device can cause, including the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error. You should fix them to get ahead. Here are some of the measures you should take under this remedial method.

Force Quit

Force close or Force Quit (name varies with devices) the Instagram app on your smartphone. Both in iPhone or Android, go to the app preview window (a multitasking window where you see all the opened apps). Hold the Instagram app preview and drag it toward the top on your iPhone or iPad until it gets invisible. If you’re on Android, drag the app preview left or right until it vanishes. Now restart the app and see if the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error is fixed.

Update App

Check if the app has got any updates. You should frequently update all your apps for optimal performance. Go to Google Play or the App Store, search “Instagram,” open the result and update if it has got any.

Set Time & Date to Automatic

If both time and date entries or one of them is not accurate on your device, change it. I recommend keeping it synced with Automatic Time Zone. Go to the settings of your smartphone and get it done in the Date & Time tab. Also, read Fix: Feedback Required On Instagram In 2022 | 5 Methods

Clear App Cache

Give your app a fresh start by clearing the app cache. Go to Settings > Apps > Instagram. Then, locate and choose the Clear Cache option to get rid of all the cache files that Instagram has kept on your smartphone. (It is more or less the same path across the devices to clear the cache).

Sign out And Sign in Back

Try signing out and signing in back into the Instagram app to test whether the Instagram Couldn’t refresh feed issue is fixed. To sign out of Instagram, click on your profile image and select Log Out from the Settings menu. Now Force Quit the app. Give your phone a minute or two. Now, re-open the app, and sign in back. Logging out of the app and then back in might help if you cannot refresh your Instagram feed.

Restart Your Smartphone

Restarting the phone compels the device to re-establish connectivity, which solves network and connectivity issues. Instagram and apps like Instagram, frequently keep running in the background, which can result in power loss, slow down, heat, and other issues. Restarting the phone can improve your smartphone’s speed by removing conflicts, memory, and applications. There are more fixes you need on your phone. I am skipping them here as they are advanced steps and it may cause you to lose your app data and in-app settings. I have mentioned them under the Advanced Troubleshoot section. Also, read Instagram Checkpoint Required Error | 5 Fixes Can Solve This Problem

04: Fix if Your Instagram Account is Restricted

If Instagram has restricted you and you receive an Action Blocked alert when you try to react or comment on a post or other activity. This will get fixed once its time expires. If you believe you have not violated any rule, follow these steps to raise an appeal: Step 1: On the Action Blocked pop-up alert, tap on Tell Us. Step 2: Follow online instructions. Step 3: Make a good, valid, and humble appeal to restore your account back to normal. Step 4: Submit and wait for their action. Be confident if it is by mistake, you will get the Action Blocked issue, and the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error solved before the set period of restriction.

05: Advanced Methods to Get the Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Error Fixed

If nothing helped you, here are the advanced steps to fix the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error. However, if it is because of Action Blocked or Instagram Ban, these steps won’t help you. Let’s get into the steps. Also, read How to Fix Unable To Use This Effect On Your Device on Instagram

Offload App or Clear App

Offload App is a feature known to iOS users. On the other hand, the same feature is called Clear App on the Android operating system. This feature helps you to remove user data and cache and lets you restore the app back to the original settings all at once. On Android devices, you need to hold on to the app icon and tap App Info to access the Clear App option. However, the feature is accessible on both iOS and Android devices in the Apps in the Settings app. You will lose all your app data, and you will start as if you have just downloaded the app. I personally suggest restarting once you offload the app.

Reinstall After Uninstalling

Though offloading an app does the same job, there are chances that the Instagram app needs a complete restart. Thus, the app should be deleted and reinstalled from Google Play for an Android device or the App Store for an iPhone or iPad. Yes, you will lose app data, and you have to re-login and forget if you have had any drafts saved on the app. Moreover, once you uninstall the Instagram app, give your smartphone a restart then download the app. It helps more. Also, read How to Fix Allow Instagram to Access Your Camera and Microphone in 2022

Wrapping Up

Though you rarely encounter the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error if you are not someone who keeps breaking the Instagram Community Guidelines, it is frustrating and hinders user experiences. I have however tried to get you the best possible fixes. Do follow them once and enjoy your Instagram Feed. For more fresh How-to content, keep surfing Path of EX.


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