Most of the users are facing this issue after the recent update on the platform. This is not a very serious issue, and you need not get anxious about how to solve them. I have done the hard work for you and curated the article to give you the best solution for the glitch in Instagram.

What is the Instagram Blurry Story Issue?

There are many reasons for the Instagram blurry story issue. Some of them are primary and common, and some are new. Most of the reasons are standard with all the problems which come with almost all the issues. Hence, I will talk about them below in brief.

  1. When you do not optimize your pictures on Instagram as per their standards, you face similar issues.
  2. While uploading stories, you may face similar issues when your internet connection is stable.
  3. While uploading images on Instagram, the platform compresses the image. Hence, it is better to upload high-quality HD images on Instagram.
  4. If the Instagram app you use is outdated, you may face problems with Instagram’s blurry story issue.
  5. Sometimes, a platform bug can bring issues to your Instagram story and make it blurry. Also read, Instagram Comments Not Loading | 4 Reasons and 6 Fixes

How to Fix Instagram Blurry Story Issue?

If you wish to fix your issue of Instagram blurry story issue, then you have to follow the fixes mentioned below. I am sure one of them would come to your rescue and solve the problem. So, let’s get to know the fixes in detail.

1. Wait for an Update from Instagram

Due to the recent update on Instagram, there is a bug in the platform. Hence, if you face any issues while using Instagram, you have to wait for some time for Instagram to release an update on the issue. If you find any such update, it is advisable to update your system soon. Your problem might get solved. Also read, How To Restrict A User On Instagram in 2022 (Solved)

2. Change the Quality of Uploads

Sometimes any issue which you face on Instagram may not be from the platform but from the data settings that you have on the device you are using Instagram. You need to fix the issue and change the quality of the upload. Hence, follow the steps below to change the data settings.

  1. Launch Instagram.
  2. Click on the Profile icon.
  3. Click on the Menu icon.
  4. Choose Settings.
  5. Hover over the Account option.
  6. Click on the Data usage.
  7. Click on the high-quality upload option. Aksi read, What’s the New Instagram Update Today (September 2022)

3. Switch to Mobile Data

When you modify the settings of your mobile data, then you can quickly fix Instagram’s blurry story issue. You only need to turn off the feature by consuming less mobile data.

4. Proper Image Ratio

When you upload any picture on your Instagram story, keep the image size at a ratio of 9:16. This helps you take up all the places on your screen, and Instagram does not compress it. Do not keep the image more than this, as Instagram would compress it. Also read, New Buzz: Instagram Launches New Features For Better User Control Over Suggested Posts

5. Uninstall and Reinstall the App

For any issues you face on the platform, uninstalling and reinstalling the application may help solve the problem. This helps to remove all the corrupted cache and cookies on the platform and load fresh files with the application. Then you need to login back into Instagram, and your problem may get solved.

6. Network Settings

Sometimes there are issues in the device’s network settings where you use Instagram. Once you change the network settings, you do not face any issues. Follow the steps below to change the network settings:

  1. Open Settings on your Device.
  2. Click on General management settings.
  3. Hover over the Need option.
  4. Select Reset Network Settings. Note:- Settings vary from device to device Also read, How to Fix Please Wait A Few Minutes Before You Try Again on Instagram

7. Use Instagram Camera

To upload images on Instagram, use the camera of Instagram rather than the phone. You can take pictures of the desired quality and size; when you upload them on the platform, they do not blur.

8. Contact Support Team

After you have tried all the above fixes and are still stuck in the same problem, you have the only option to your rescue: contacting the support team of Instagram. You have to write your problem to them, and they will get back ion your issue at the earliest. Also read, How to Share Instagram Reels on Facebook in 2022: A Detailed Guide

Wrapping Up

I hope the above fixes will help you in solving your problem and you will be able to use them all by yourself. They are straightforward, and I have also used some while facing similar issues in my Instagram account. Hence, I highly recommend those fixes as they will not disappoint you. Get back to us for new updates and hacks for your favorite social media platforms.


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